Top Free Magento 2 Themes and Extensions
November 17, 2016 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you think of a good web platform to develop your online store with ease and lots of features? It is necessary to offer a perfect user-friendly platform to users, any business owner or entrepreneur.

Whether online or offline, a customer is a king. So a business owner should ensure a faster, efficient and productive way for a successful business.

Thinking of such perfect web platform?

Magento is hottest used technology since last few years of the e-commerce market.

Freely available, Magento Community Edition should be your choice of e-commerce online store because of its flexibility. Install, edit or use this edition of Magento in any way you like.

This is the reason why Magento is so popular in the web market. Many well-known brands like Nike, Samsung and Nestle have successfully emerged in the web market using the Magento platform.


Magento is globally recognized and preferred e-commerce platform

Want to build an e-commerce web store of your choice?

Then you must opt to Magento as your platform for developing a high-quality and robust website. Being a CMS platform, Magento is also featured with various extensions and templates to build a feature-rich and search engine friendly e-commerce website.

A website selling anything should be looking great to attract visitors along with user-friendly features and facilities to make customer’s shopping experience easy and fun.

Recently, Magento rolled out Magento 2 version which is an enhanced platform for building e-commerce. Let’s check about all new Magento 2 features and enhancements.


Why should you go for Magento 2 instead of Magento 1.x?

Any technology has its own pros and cons and so with Magento 2. Listing here are some of the reasons and benefits of using Magento 2 over Magento 1.x

  • Staying with modern technologies
  • Easy customization facilities for developers
  • User-friendly concept
  • Component-oriented module structure
  • Absent, new and changed tables in Magento 2.0
  • Quality themes and extensions for Magento 2.0

Being in web development and design, we are aware of all the web requirements of a customer. We know the capability of Magento 2 and hence we are listing some great Magento 2 free themes and Extensions!

They are free to download, so why don’t you try it?


1. FreeGo – Magento 2 Theme

FreeGo Free Responsive Theme for Magento 2

FreeGo – Responsive Magento 2 Theme

The first name in this list of free themes is a FreeGo.

This Magento 2 theme offers a number of premium value features like Featured Product List, Off Canvas Menu, Child Theme Ready, Advanced Theme Options Panel, Gallery Image, One Step Checkout, Font Awesome, Inherited From Blank Theme, Off Canvas Menu, etc.

With so many useful features, this free theme is definitely your pick but if you want more options, you can extend this free premium value to more via adding supported Magento 2 extensions.


List of Magento 2 Extensions supported with FreeGo theme (Tried and tested by our team)

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2. Ves Kasitoo – Magento 2 Theme

VES KASITOO Ecommerce Theme

VES KASITOO Ecommerce Theme

Venus offers Kasitoo, a best free Magento 2 theme for an online shopping store website. The theme is best fit for Glasses, Shoes and Fashion Equipment and so on. Ves Kashi also appears with premium product-oriented attractive design to impress the customer to purchase from the website. The theme lets you showcase products from new to old categories, canvas navigation menu, fast checkout process, minimum page load time and many other exciting features.

Key Features of Kasitoo Theme:

  • Free Magento 2 Responsive Design & Retina Ready
  • Touch Optimized Deal products carousel
  • Product tabs carousel by rules
  • Off Canvas Menu
  • Inherited from magento 2.0 blank theme & use Magento 2.0 UI
  • Free Magento 2 Theme with Fast Checkout
  • Fast page load time
  • PSD included
  • Dedicated Customization Services
  • Compatible With Marketplace Extension

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3. Easy Contact Form Widget – Magento 2 Extension

Easy Contact Form Widget - Free Magento 2 Extension

Easy Contact Form Widget – Free Magento 2 Extension

Contact forms play important role in letting customers contact you for any suggestions or queries. If you want customer interaction with you, use this Magento 2 extension, contact/inquiry form.

Easy Contact Form Widget extension enables the visitor to submit their details of inquiry/feedback in the provided form to the store. You can easily enable/disable Google reCaptcha within the contact form to avoid spams.

Build a good customer relationship with a nice contact form. Easy to add this widget on any static page, it also offers the facility to set custom email template for contact inquiry.

Key Features of Easy Contact Form Widget Extension:

  • Magento 2 ready widget
  • Google reCaptha supported
  • Ready to add form to any CMS page
  • Contact form can be added to sidebar
  • Custom email template for contact inquiry
  • Dynamic form title and message
  • 100% open source
  • Easy to install and manage

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4. Scroll to Top – Magento 2 Extension

Scroll To Top - Magento 2 Extension

Scroll To Top – Magento 2 Extension

So your store has too many things or items to show on a single page. It is very frustrating to scroll manually when you arrived at the bottom of the page. Offer your customers, a back to top button with this free Magento 2 Extension Scroll to Top.

Scroll To Top extension will help you to put a nice button which will allow customers to scroll up the page from bottom to top with one simple click. Don’t worry, the button is not going to mess with your web page design as it appears only, when the page is scrolled down. This extension requires no code modification in Magento 2 core files.

Easily set image for the scroll to top link from admin settings. Give your visitors a smooth scrolling from bottom to top with this free extension.

Key Features of Scroll to Top Extension:

  • One Click – Easy move to top
  • Various scrolling effects
  • Position selection – Left or Right
  • Set text option as flexibility
  • Custom options like text and BG color
  • Custom image instead of text

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5. Featured Products – Magento 2 Extension

Featured Products - Magento 2 Extension

Featured Products – Magento 2 Extension

Do you want to offer some of the best products to be displayed in a particular section? Now it is easy to showcase your special products with Magento 2 Featured Products extension.

This extension will offer featured products of the store in an eye-catching and attractive way. Featuring your handpicked best items to highlight them for customers is a great way to achieve sales.

Use this extension and display a specified number of products in a grid layout with thumbnails of your products. With admin panel, it is easy to set any product as a featured product. Choose “Yes” in the “Featured” attribute, and it will show in featured section on the front side.

Key Features of Featured Products Extension:

  • Fully customizable interface
  • Rich configurable options
  • 100% open source
  • Show in sidebar
  • Show in CMS pages
  • Use as a widget in any block section
  • Support directly add to cart
  • Increase store sales
  • Eye cooling featured layout and functionality

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6. Sold Out Label – Magento 2 Extension

Sold Out Label - Magento 2 Extension

Sold Out Label – Magento 2 Extension

Well, this is another very useful Magento 2 extension.

Our Magento 2 Sold Out Label Extension is a smart extension which automatically displays sold out label over the default image for products with quantity reach zero.

This creates a positive impact on visitors that the website is up-to-date in terms of stock. It is your choice whether you want to show label as an image or a text.

Moreover, you can also define the position of the label like Top Left, Top Center, Top Right, Middle Left, Middle Center, Bottom Left, etc.

In addition, this extension also provides options to set width and height of the label so it will fit perfectly on product images. It is advisable not to remove or delete the product and show ‘404 not found’ page to customers. It is bad practice for SEO and customers. This extension comes to the rescue when you are in that Out Of Stock situation.

Key Features of Sold Out Label Extension:

  • Easy installation
  • Shows automatically when quantity is zero
  • Allow select image as sold out label
  • Facility to set width and height for label
  • Provide options to set text or image
  • Allow set position for label
  • Support multi-store

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7. Magento 2 Image Clean Extension

Magento 2 Image Clean Extension

Magento 2 Image Clean Extension

Magento 2 Image Clean lets you remove all the unused product images from your Magento 2 store database and save your storage space in an efficient manner. The Extension is best compatible with CE 2.x.x and EE 2.x.x versions. If your store is overwhelmed with lots of images which are not at all in use, these images can be easily removed without data loss. These images are being stored in the server where it was stored.

Key Features of Magento 2 Image Clean Extension:

  • Single click to update image list those are not in use but available in media folder.
  • Manually deletion of single image by selecting individually.
  • Provision to select all together to perform a mass deletion.

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8. Product Slider – Extension For Magento 2

Product Slider Extension for Magento 2

Product Slider Extension for Magento 2

This plugin is the best option to highlight the best product of the business and to attract the customer to these best selling or more in demand products. The Plugin offers beautiful slider functionality.

Key Features of Product Slider Extension:

  • Maximum number of products to display the slider.
  • Choice of slideshow speed.
  • Manage the product details.
  • Display price, add to cart, add to wish-list, compare and review buttons.
  • Manage product categories.
  • Cross-browser compatibility.

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9. Wishlist Notification – Extension For Magento 2

Wishlist Plugin for Magento 2

Wishlist Plugin for Magento 2

This Magento 2 extension helps e-commerce sellers to identify customer choices and activities. The extension helps you to know customer wishlist details by email.

Key Features of Wishlist Notification Extension:

  • Updates of client wishlist
  • Email notification
  • Email template configuration
  • Easy smallest changes
  • Enable/Disable extension from Admin Panel

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10. Lazy Load Images – Extension For Magento 2

Lazy Load Images Extension

Lazy Load Images Extension

Lazy Load Images Extension is used to make your website’s performance better in terms of loading product for the products on demand. It saves web server resources and loads your images as soon as you scroll down and offers a smooth performance of your product page.

Key Features of Lazy Load Extension:

  • Load Image on your demand.
  • Improve performance of product listing pages.
  • Saves web server resources.
  • Set custom loading image from the admin.
  • Easy to install and admin can disable the extension from back-end.

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11. Instagram Widget – Magento 2 Extension

Instagram widget magento 2 extension

Instagram Widget Magento 2 extension

Instagram Widget Magento 2 extension is the best way to integrate your Instagram account with your Magento website. Nowadays, Instagram became one excellent social media platform for eCommerce companies. When you integrate Instagram account with the Magento website that drives more traffic. This widget helps to showcase Instagram images to your Magento website. It is the best widget extension that grabs the customer attention easily.

Key Features Of Instagram Widget Extension:

  • Allow To Choose Photos
  • Allow Limit For Photos
  • Set Title For Post
  • Easy To Install & Manage
  • User-Friendly

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12. Flickr Widget – Magento 2 Extension

Flickr Widget Magento 2 extension

Flickr Widget Magento 2 extension

Flickr Widget is free Magento 2 extension that easily integrates with Flickr gallery. It is a fully customizable tool with backend and displays images in an organized way. This extension can be set at any CMS pages or blocks. It displays the latest image of Flickr on the website. When the customer clicks the image it directly redirects to the image on the Flickr website. Flickr API is used to get detailed information and data.

Key Features Of Flickr Widget Extension:

  • Easily Manageable
  • Allow Limit For Photos
  • Set Title For Post
  • Allow To Choose Photos
  • User-Friendly

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13. Security – Magento 2 Extension

Security - Magento 2 Extension

Security – Magento 2 Extension

Security is eternally a major issue for every online store owner. To solve the problem of security Mageplaza has released security extension for Magento website. It offers to detect IP addresses who trying to harm the website and timely prevent this issue while blocking that IP and also send warning emails to the Website owner. This plugin also helps to record all user’s log details with that store owner easily can track all the user details.

Key Features Of Security Extension:

  • Ability To Send Warning Emails
  • Action Log Details
  • Enable/Disable Security Module
  • Blacklist(S) IP To Block IP Address(Es)
  • Whitelist(S) IP To Allow IP Address(Es)

Useful Reading: Magento Security Issues & Fixes For Ecommerce Stores (7 Things To Consider)

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14. Facebook Live Chat – Magento 2 Extension

Facebook Live Chat - Magento 2 Extension

Facebook Live Chat – Magento 2 Extension

Facebook Live Chat Magento 2 extension is integrated with Facebook Messenger accounts that easily interact or chat with customers. This extension helps you to enhance the communication with the customers and easily solves the customer query. It helps to add a Facebook link or button to your Live chat box that tends to increase valuable traffic to your Magento store. It also helps to customize the chat box color as per your choice.

Key Features Of Facebook Live Chat Extension:

  • Multiple And RTL Languages Support
  • Unlimited History Chat
  • Familiar Facebook Interface
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Easy To Manage And Monitor The Chat System

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15. Google reCaptcha – Magento 2 Extension

Google Recaptcha - Magento 2 extension

Google Recaptcha – Magento 2 extension

Google reCaptcha is an excellent solution for Magento website. It helps to protect your website from spam and bots. It automatically activates when user tries to log in to your website. It will be displayed on the right bottom or on the left bottom of the page. The user passes through a protective shield without any interference, and that invisible reCaptcha functionality enhances user experience. You can add endless reCaptcha to the number of forms and Frontend.

Key Features Of Google reCaptcha Extension:

  • Add invisible/visible reCaptcha
  • Enable/Disable reCaptcha on the Backend
  • Multi-language reCaptcha
  • Add reCaptcha to any forms
  • Ability to configure sizes of reCaptcha

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16. Infinite Scroll – Extension For Magento 2

Infinite scroll Magento 2 Extension

Infinite scroll Magento 2 Extension

Infinite scrolling makes the online shopping experience easy and more enjoyable. It easily loads the product without any interruption and automatically loads more option while scrolling. It improves the speed of loading page significantly. This plugin improves user experience because it becomes easy to show more protrudes in less time with that purchasing becomes easy. Website owner easily customizes the loading text, loading image or button, etc. This extension mostly used in category and search page.

Key Features Of Infinite Scroll Extension:

  • Show “Loading” Button
  • Ajax Scroll Without Interruption
  • View Product Details Without Losing Your Current Position
  • Increase The Conversion Rate At Your Store
  • Automatically Loading

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17. Image Optimizer – Extension For Magento 2

Image Optimizer for Magento

Image Optimizer for Magento

Image Optimizer Magento 2 extension helps to reduce image size without losing image quality and helps to speed up the website. Anyone can easily optimize the images by using this extension with clicking the button in the admin side. It also allows you to set GIF optimization utility. A store owner can easily enable or disable optimization with Corn Job. Lots of images optimize in bulk with the single link. Try it now to your eCommerce website.

Key Features Of Image Optimizer Extension:

  • Allow Optimizing The Images On The Site
  • Flexible Admin Panel
  • Fully Compatible With Any Extensions
  • Easy To Enable/Disable

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18. Mega Menu – Extension For Magento 2

Mega Menu - Magento 2 Extension

Mega Menu – Magento 2 Extension

Mega Menu extension brings a better menu section for Magento website. Using this extension, admin can design the menu with customers that can easily navigate to the products. It provides category listing and various content types to help the website owner to create an attractive menu with rich content. Mega menu extension shows all the information on one panel using different icons and with that, it avoids multiple clicks to reach the cumbersome process.

Key Features:

  • Provide 3 Sub-Menu Levels
  • Allow To Add, Delete And Edit Menu Items
  • Freely Insert Static Blocks Into Menu
  • Freely Customize Menu
  • Link To A Category Link Or Custom Link

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19. Checkout Suite – Magento 2 Extension

Checkout Suite - Magento 2 extension

Checkout Suite – Magento 2 extension

Checkout Suite Extension optimizes checkout process for Magento website. It is a modern solution for the checkout process. It reduces the steps so that customer can easily and quickly place the order on a single responsive page. This extension also fixes guest checkout feature. This extension is integrated with PayPal and Amazon pay because of that conversion rate will quickly increase. It is the most needed extension for Magento website to improve Checkout page.

Key Features:

  • Google Maps address auto-complete
  • Responsive One Page Checkout design
  • Restrict Payment Methods Per Customer Group
  • Checkout Page A/B Testing
  • Shipper HQ Compatibility

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20. Google Tag Manager – Magento 2 Extension

Google tag manager - Magento 2 Extension

Google tag manager – Magento 2 Extension

Google Tag Manager extension allows you to get fully enhanced eCommerce tracking and helps to gather valuable data. It tracks product impression and clicks by position in the various page. It has preview functionality so with that store owner can easily troubleshoot your GTM setup regardless of your expertise level. This is the most useful extension to measure traffic analysis and marketing optimization. Worth to try this!

Key Features:

  • Persistent Data Management
  • Track Magento User ID
  • Multi Store Ready
  • Varnish Cache Ready
  • Support for Display Advertising Features

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So, you know these many benefits of Magento 2 free themes and extensions. In order to get most out of all the opportunities offered by e-commerce store, Magento and its awesome feature-rich extensions is a right decision.

At Solwin Infotech, our team can help you with the Magento web development and customization.
Feel free to contact us to know more about how we can create a solid e-commerce web store using Magento.

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