Benefits Of AngularJS
March 15, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

AngularJS is a popular open-source Javascript framework from Google. It helps to simplify the development and testing processes of feature-rich web applications. It helps the developers overcome the challenges of web development processes. AngularJS can be clubbed with HTML and CSS to improve the functionality of the web application. AngularJS is widely used for creating rich internet applications that are truly responsive and dynamic.

Do you want to build a great web app to help you achieve your business objectives? Do you want to provide a seamless experience to the users? Gone are the days when static web pages were used. Nowadays, there is a growing need for interactive and dynamic pages and that’s where AngularJS comes into the picture. If you are looking for the right JS framework, AngularJS development can be the right choice. Although, this framework is widely used to add interactive components to a website. It is a popular choice for building modern web applications.

Google has developed the AngularJs tool for making the frontend development process easier. As it has a large community of experienced and expert developers, it helps the programmers and users get help and assistance easily. Business owners can save a lot of costs and time when they opt for AngularJS development.

What are the major benefits of AngularJS Development?


1. MVC

AngularJS is built on MVC architecture, which is widely used for developing rich internet applications. AngularJS developers can easily manage the UI of the applications and the database with the help of the MVC pattern. MVC pattern is an added advantage of this powerful framework. It also helps to make the applications easy to use, versatile, and dynamic. AngularJS moves closer to the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture, building a strong foundation for application development.


2. Great Flexibility

Greater Flexibility

It allows the addition and deletion of features according to the requests of the users. Being an open-source framework, it is a highly flexible and scalable solution for creating easy to extend web apps. The filters allow the developers to get greater flexibility for the apps built. As AngularJS is a client-side framework, it provides a lot of options to use the best supplemental libraries and make use of its functionalities. Moreover, one can implement external libraries by using some coding and conducting a security review.


3. Two-Way Binding

Two-way binding is one of the major advantages of using AngularJS. This framework allows instant synchronization between the model and view. Therefore, it becomes easy for the developers to make changes during development. If any data is updated, it would reflect in the view. Two-way binding simplifies the programming and provides a hassle-free testability controller. AngularJS developers can create several applications with ease and greater convenience.


4. Simple Architecture

AngularJS has simple architecture and design as compared to other JS frameworks. It becomes easy to manage and build heavy web applications with AngularJS effectively. Even if you require web apps with complex components, AngularJS makes it easier to maintain such applications. It helps the developers to find the right code in such a way that it makes web development easier.

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5. Dependency Injection

One of the major benefits of AngularJS is that it has a built-in dependency injection. It is bound with MVC architecture, which simplifies the process of unit testing. This unique functionality helps the developers to ask for the dependencies and avoid wasting time searching for them. When the developers want to get access to the core AngularJS services, they would need service as a prerequisite. AngularJS offers such services to the programmers immediately.


6. Lesser Coding

Attention to the Coding

Still, confused about using AngularJS for your next project? AngularJS development is easy and requires less coding. This popular framework reduces the coding time for building applications. Due to its filters, two-way binding, and decisive UI, the programmers have to code less and can achieve greater efficiency for web applications. AngularJS promotes code reusability and helps to build web applications with lesser coding.


7. Supported by Google

As stated above, Google manages AngularJS. Hence, you can expect great support from the community members. Google’s experienced team of engineers works hard on the new improvements and advancements to this framework. Google’s backing with this language is an added benefit of AngularJS.


8. Real-time Testing

One can test the web applications easily because of the unique testing features of AngularJS such as dependency injection. AngularJS developers can check their applications and test them for errors during the development process.


9. Security

A lot of business owners worry about the security of their enterprise web applications. Data breach is a major concern for businesses. With AngularJS web app development, RESTFUL APIs can be used to interact with the servers. This would protect your web application from harmful threats. So, you’ll be able to get complete peace of mind with AngularJS development.

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10. Faster deployment

AngularJS speeds up the web app development process and helps to build solutions faster. One needs lesser time and effort for creating AngularJS development. This tool manages and alleviates the complexities of app development and ensures faster time to market.


11. Awesome user experience

Believe it or not, AngularJS improves the overall look and feel of web applications and renders the best user experience. You can expect visually appealing apps with this framework.

There’s no doubt that AngularJS is an amazing framework for building top-quality web apps. One can get feature-rich applications in a short span of time. The programmers don’t need to depend on any third-party software for creating feature-rich apps. If you are looking for faster development of web applications, you can choose AngularJS. Popular apps such as YouTube and LinkedIn use AngularJS.

Once you’ve made up your mind about creating web apps, you should start looking for the best AngularJS development company to help you transform your vision into a reality. High-performance, robust, and scalable web and mobile applications can be built using AngularJS. When you hire expert AngularJS developers, you’ll be able to stay ahead in the race.

Solwin Infotech has a team of experienced AngularJS developers for hire. We have worked on a lot of AngularJS web development for clients across the globe. You can contact us with your requirements and our experts would suggest you the best solution for web app development.

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