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December 16, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you know why React Native is so popular? What are the characteristics of React Native that distinguish it from other frameworks?

React Native tends to offer several incredible benefits, including, strong community support, open-source, cost-effectiveness, use of JavaScript, and so on. Read on to this blog post to know about the key features of React Native in detail.


Top Features Of React Native

Apps created using React Native are of exceptional quality. Many people favor React Native because of its faster approach specifically towards mobile application development. Also, it is flexible whenever it comes to code sharing.

Due to its scalability as well as ease of use, most application development firms are focusing to switch to React Native.

Now, let’s have a close look at the key features of React Native:


1. Writing Once Will Allow You To Use Anywhere

For a wide variety of reasons, React Native is considered to be a developer-friendly framework. One of the primary reasons is that the React Native framework allows you to write code once and use it across every platform, including iOS, Windows, or Android.

In this case, you do not require to separately write code be it Java for Android, C for Windows, or Swift for iOS.

Due to all of these reasons, React Native is known to be a native framework.

Any code written in this particular framework can be used on a variety of mediums. That’s why using React Native for hybrid applications is considered to be an effective choice.


2. UI Focused

Designing the User Interface or UI of the application is one of the most challenging aspects of mobile app development. React Native is a popular choice since it focuses on designing the UI of the app.

Again, React Native is a responsive framework with excellent rendering capabilities. This is why the global development community always gives preference to this particular framework.


3. Programming Language

The programming language, as well as its flexibility, are the most important factors in deciding whether or not to hire professional React Native developers.

In case a web development framework makes use of a recognized programming language that is widely utilized, the developers are already inclined towards that.

JavaScript is the programming language that is widely utilized for React Native. Apart from CSS as well as HTML, JavaScript is the 3rd most utilized programming language on the internet.

It is one of the fundamental programming languages, and so, any developer, whether a novice or an experienced one, is well versed with it.

As a result, using as well as learning React Native in practice is not at all a difficult task.


4. Strong Community

In terms of cross-platform mobile application development, React Native can open doors to strong community support. This framework was released in 2015 by Facebook. It quickly became a favorite among developers all around the world.

In just a few years, the popularity of this framework has reached greater heights.

The robust presence of community support makes sure that any queries related to mobile application development will be answered by the community.


5. Tried And Tested

React Native is a popular mobile app development framework that is trusted by a huge developer base. It is also because of the Facebook factor that is associated with this particular framework.

The brand image of Facebook plays a major role in this aspect. It has helped the framework to become a trustworthy name in the app development industry.

React Native has been used in the development of all Facebook mobile applications. This framework has also been used by other well-known brands such as Tesla, Wal-Mart, and AirBnB.

All of these tend to increase the developers’ trust.


6. Support For Third-Party Libraries

React Native provides you with easy access to third-party libraries. It means that any of the react native developers can make use of 3rd party support to accomplish the project with much ease.

It is because of this the React Native framework has been able to establish itself in the market in such a short period.


7. NPM For Installation

The installation process is tedious which almost every developer will agree with. You may, however, prevent this problem by making use of React Native.

The usage of NPM or Node Package Manager contributes to effectively speeding up the React Native installation process.

Again, in case you have a basic understanding of NPM commands, you would be able to make use of this particular framework without having any prior experience with React Native.

NPM offers you Node.js Packages, and so, it can help you in React Native as well.


8. Mobile Environment Performance

React Native stands out whenever it comes to performance in a mobile environment. It possesses components, features, as well as libraries that can help the developer improve the app’s performance.

There are also a few tips and tactics for improving the performance of a react native application.


9. Live Reload

While you are using React Native, you can see two separate screens at the same time.

The first screen allows you to modify codes, while the second one allows you to see what specific changes you have made.

In case you’re an Android application developer, you’re already aware of how valuable this functionality can be.


10. Development Time

React Native takes substantially less amount of time for developing a mobile application when compared to the other frameworks. So, it is considered to be a fantastic option for developing hybrid apps. It will assist you in saving both time and money.


11. Cost-Effective

The most important benefit of React Native is that you don’t have to write code for diverse platforms. In this case, you get the option to reuse the codes. So, the codes written for a particular platform will work flawlessly on another.

This is the main reason why React Native is so cost-effective. You can save up to 40% of total application development costs because of this.


12. Reusable Components

Reusability is another great advantage associated with React Native. Some of the components which work as the key building blocks of this framework are utilized more than once.

As a result, if you want to make a native application, it is a great option to use the React Native components. Utilizing the React Native Component Library can also be useful.

You can get cross-platform accessibility, better functionality, consistency, as well as a higher speed with React Native. This framework can make a native mobile app usable from all possible technological facets.


13. Hot Reload

React Native’s hot reload feature is linked with HMR or Hot Module Replacement. After the reload option was launched, the HMR facility came into the picture first.

This hot reload function has the advantage of effectively providing you with the same set of features as well as actions as were provided before.


14. Simple User Interface

One of the most important determining factors for mobile app developers is the user interface. Users of mobile apps frequently make decisions about whether or not to utilize a certain app depending on its user interface. React Native is a well-known framework for creating simple UIs.

With the implementation of React Native UI, all of the tasks required to create a simple app UI can be easily organized.

The performance of React Native apps is also significantly faster than that of ordinary Android apps produced with any other JavaScript framework.

So, if you make use of React Native, you can conveniently develop an app UI that is more responsive as well as has less load time.



Finally, we hope it’s clear why React Native is so popular among app developers all over the world. What’s interesting is that each release of React Native introduces new as well as exciting capabilities, making app developers’ jobs much easier.

In case you want to create a mobile app that works across all platforms, has a robust brand image, and fastens the app development speed, React Native is the way to go.

If you are looking forward to opting for react native development services, then Solwin Infotech is one of the best companies that you can choose.

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