Landing Page Optimization Best Practices
February 14, 2018 Sanjay Dabhoya

Gone are the days, when your visitors used to dig the internet world and they land on your website. There was not much competition in those days so goal conversions were quite straight. But now, in this neck-to-neck competitive internet savvy world, it is extremely difficult to convince your customers to dive into your website. Here comes the landing page concept. Landing page optimization best practices to improve your conversions rate.

Almost, every website marketer now uses landing pages. It is a fundamental lead generation technique. The homepage may lead to confusion, where visitors have to guess what to do next.

I had been approached by some restaurant owners, who used some kind of automated landing page creator for their campaigns. The client was not satisfied with the results, even after spending so much on campaigns.

Hence, I thought to share some landing page optimization best practices, you should, know when you plan for the next campaign.

It is not important to have a number of landing pages. You may develop a few, but those few should be rock-solid performing.

How? That is what I am going to explain to you in this post.

I have made sections to make it easier for you to understand, even if you are not a technical person. Check out these 41 awesome tips for landing page optimization that really convert your visitor into a customer.


Some In General Landing Page Optimization Tips:

Whenever you want to implement a high converting landing page strategy on your website, just remember some of these common rules:

1. You are not bound to any number of pages but remember to create a landing page for every campaign. If you are running discounts, create a landing page for it. Like suppose, you are giving Magento 2 extensions on 50% discount price, include all the details of discounts. This will sort your visitor. A visitor who will land on this page will be definitely looking for “discounts on Magento 2 extensions”, that’s why they landed here.

2. Now, you may ask what should be the size of the landing pages? Generally speaking, there is no specific size. You may try using longer as well as shorter versions. Shorter pages generate a number of leads but indefinite quality. Longer pages generate fewer leads but they are of high quality.

3. One thing I must mention is that It is not necessary that all these points aggregately work for you well. Try to implement all these tips step by step and gradually you would come to know the exact things working right for you. Optimization is an ongoing process, the more you experiment, the more you will know better.

What Should You Know Before Designing Landing Pages?

4. What campaign are you running? Which are the goals are you trying to achieve? Note down why you need a landing page? What exact product or service you are trying to sell? Before making a landing page, you should have a clear objective in your mind.

5. Measure your audience. Understand your audience requirements, spending capacity, demographics, and geography. Once you are clear about these things, you will be designing in a perfect way.

6. You should be very clear about your visitor’s end action. What do you want from your customers? You want them to sign up for a particular member or buy a discounted product or anything else. Keep the end goal in your mind.

sign up form

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7. Decide your visitor’s entry. Whether Google ads, Email marketing, banner ads, or any social media post, ensure that your landing page design is aligned with these ads. If they are not conveying the same message, your visitors will go away and never click on your website in search results. They will think that they have landed on the wrong page. So keep in mind that your landing page goals and entry-level ad goals are the same.

8. Competitor analysis is important in any campaign. Monitor your closest competitors, what they are doing. You can go two ways, get inspired and follow the same pattern or bring in some unique ideas and differentiate your product range.


Designing Rules That Works:

9. White space is a secret weapon to conquer the landing page optimization game. Use white space to emphasize your call to action by giving your visitors what to focus on. Clear clutter on your page to make it aesthetically pleasing. You can use important buttons instead of messing with a lot of elements on that page or include just an important customer.

10. A landing page is not about giving the same website experience. Remove the navigation because it is the “one page, one goal” concept. Do not let your customers be distracted by giving them navigational links. Since the goal is one purpose, then why we should provide links to them for navigation. Whether a menu link or any other sidebar, keep this away from your landing pages.

11. Use contrast colors when designing your main call to action buttons. This serves as an encouragement to fill up a form and hit that poppy submit button. Keeping all your call to action buttons a center of attraction will lead the customer to fill up the form.

CTA Buttons

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Some Unknown Design Rules

12. You should never miss highlighting your brand. Keep your logo on top so that customers know that they are still on your website. This is particularly for those external visitors who landed on your page through social media posts or banner ads. Again remember that it should not be too much focused to give them a webpage feel, but it should be aligned with your design.

13. Avoid bigger heavy font styles. Yes, you can highlight the value of your discounts in big fonts that guides your visitor to understand the page.

14. Ensure that your landing page looks great on any mobile, tablet, laptop, or any other screen. Today, there are more mobile users than desktop users. Google recommends mobile responsive web pages for a long now.

15. Keep an eye on design trends. The old-fashioned drop shadows are outdated. This is the time of simple, flat pages which can be termed as minimalist.

16. Keep your page as short as possible. If your page is longer, divide it into sections.

17. Placing the form and CTA buttons appropriately is a key factor in lead generation. Earlier, people used to put the form above the fold. But now, the visitor is more cautious about giving their data as soon as they land. You can add some content and then add a form so that they know why they are filling a form.


Form Strategies:

18. Short forms are good. Avoid lengthy forms and remove unnecessary fields. Keep the minimum required fields so that customers can fill the form quickly. Today, visitors don’t have much time to fill all those long long forms. They expect quick clicks and are done!

19. Try out bigger buttons with contrast color. These catchy buttons will instantly hit the customer’s mind to perform the action. Effectively designed CTA buttons will scream loud.

Bigger CTA

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20. Ensure that your form labels and text boxes are easy to understand. Label and text box alignment must be eye appealing.

21. Add a privacy note so that customers have no doubt in filling a form. Use a creative short line that you care about their privacy and you will never misuse their data.Privacy Note

22. Provide extra information to customers and encourage them to fill forms. Give them a reason why they should fill that form. What are the benefits of filling that form? It should not be a long list of benefits but few bullet points can be added.


SEO Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page:

23. If you are adding a headline, make sure it is in the H1 tag and that it includes your important keyword. A heading is the first thing a user sees when they land on a page. H1 tag emphasizes the text. You should consider paying attention to the H1 tag, as it is still a valuable SEO factor for Google.

24. An optimized URL is the next most important SEO factor. It communicates with search engines and helps in ranking the page. If possible, try to put a synonym keyword in the URL.

25. Keep in mind that landing pages are stand-alone pages, so they often don’t get benefits from backlinks. Hence add some relevant SEO-friendly content that serves users as well as search engines.

26. Images are an obviously powerful medium of expression. Using high definition relevant photos will invoke emotions. An image can help you gain a natural response to high converting landing pages.

Relevant Images

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Build Trust With Certifications or Achievements

27. Promote achievements or endorsements if you have any. If a reputed celebrity is promoting the brand, it will help you build credibility.

28. If you have to build up a great customer relationship, list one of the best testimonial you have received. Currently, video testimonials are trending high. If you do not have testimonials, go and start collecting it today.

29. Show your contact details like a phone number or company email and official address.

30. You can also use some facts like the XYZ number of people subscribed to this page.


Testing and Experimenting:

31. If you have more than 1 idea for your landing page campaign, don’t stop, try out all of them. Suppose if you have 3 ideas for the same offer, make 3 landing pages and see which one is working for you. Hold an A/B testing session with your co-workers or team, you might get a good suggestion from the person beside you.


Social Sharing:

32. Suppose your landing page is some kind of poll, ask your visitors to share it within their network. This way your web page will gain more attention.



33. If you intend to target visitors from all over the world. Consider adding a language converter option. This gives a better user experience.


Say Thank You:

34. If you are asking your visitors to fill up form or vote for a poll, add one thank you page or message to it. This way you are giving extra value to their efforts in filling the form or performing any other action on the page.
Thank You page


What Not To Do With Your Landing Pages?

35. Do not use popups. Popups really don’t make sense on a landing page.

36. Do not repeat a mistake. Measure and compare your landing page campaigns to check which one is working well. So that you can avoid mistakes in the next campaigns.

37. Do not just read this article. Take a printout and attach it to your desk so that next time you are planning to create a landing page, you will not miss any point.

38. Never go beyond a line. Promise only what you can deliver. See your visitors and customers like friends.


Tracking Performance:

39. Always use Google Analytics to track results inefficiently.

40. Create multiple landing pages to differentiate traffic from multiple sources. This way you can narrow down the funnel of lead generation.


Opt-Out Facility:

41. Always remember to put an opt-out option. Assure the visitor that they can unsubscribe anytime. No questions asked.


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So, with this, I am wrapping up for now. Do you find this article helpful? Please leave your comments below. I love reading your feedback.

What other strategies you are using? If you have any other landing page optimization strategies, let us know.

Spending so much on Google advertising campaigns and other paid ads, but not using a good landing page, every ad effort is a waste.

At Solwin Infotech, our experts can help you improve goal conversions. We know what really drives the audience to get in. We are ready to take your business to the next level. Are you?

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