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January 7, 2015 Sanjay Dabhoya

Distinct modifications in the development of your website can really turn out to be effective for your business growth as well as for audience’s entry towards your site. When you’ve implemented your new, fresh ideas, techniques and design trends in your site, you can easily reach to the huge number of visitors in an excellent way. Listed below are the popular web development trends in 2015.

1. Website with Single Page : When you have limited amount of web contents, you need to worry as you can fit them in a single page website effortlessly. You can very well handle single page designed content. If you want to keep your content subject short, you can reflect upon the single page site development.

2. Scrolling : Most of the people are nowadays using websites on their mobile devices. So the scrolling of web pages should be extremely fast. Even if a web page has lengthy, creatively designed content, quick scrolling can be hugely beneficial in engaging the readers.

3. Large Type Font : With the high growth of screen resolutions, you require to elevate the standard font size of the paragraph so that the audience can read it clearly. The heading should be bigger in size that will help the readers to read the further content.

4. Flat UI : Nowadays the flat user-interface technique is used in the website development that offers a vital design with minimal engrossing elements. The flat UI approaches with a less image-demanding design.

5. Parallax Scrolling : If you want to bring liveliness to your website, then you can turn towards scrolling techniques identified as Parallax Scrolling. While you are scrolling, the foreground and background images and text are superbly animated via this technique.

6. HTML5/JavaScript/Silverlight/Flash and CSS 3 Animations : In today’s world, Microsoft’s Silverlight plugin is widely utilized. But nowadays web developers are mostly applying HTML5, JavaScript and CSS 3, than Silverlight and Flash.

7. Responsive Web Design : You can apply the existing content in responsive web design which counters to the resolution of appliance that you’re utilizing. Simply it can be said that the desktop, tablet and mobile users can view that same content with distinct layout that can be created except for their screen device as well as size.

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Comments  (3)

  1. Michel Jo says:

    Nice post. All points mentioned above very well described. Thanks for share.

  2. Ovais Mirza says:

    Hi Blogger,

    You have mentioned here really nice trends that are expecting in 2015. Responsive web designing i believe is the key of all the points as today most of the websites being opened in smartphones only.

    Ovais Mirza

  3. Priyanka says:

    Really nice article, i think your experience have covered all trends of website design according to these days , i think apart from these nothing is remaining. especially responsive web design is important for every business with current competition . nice work and information, thank you.

    Priyanka – Web designer

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