How PWA Technology Benefits Your Magento Website
February 18, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

The concept of Progressive Web App (PWA) has got a nod from the software giant Apple in its iOS 11.3 update. The blog shows its benefits for the Magento shop. There are significant PWA Technology Benefits and we are going to show you 6 reasons why Progressive Web Apps may be better for your website.

Magento has remained a preferred platform for online retailers and web developers alike. The platform has added another feather in its cap by introducing PWA Studio in the year 2018.

The PWA Studio is specially designed to build Progressive Web Apps for Magento-based websites. Now, those who do not have an idea of Progressive Web Apps, such apps can take the users to the website.

Simply put, progressive web apps is an app form of the company website to leverage the benefits of a thriving mobile platform.

Both Magento and PWA can bring a plethora of benefits to the eCommerce website. If you have an online business, you can readily convert the Magento website into a mobile app using PWA Studio.

Here we go through some noteworthy benefits of PWA technology and Magento combination.


1. Avail M-Commerce at Affordable Rates

People prefer mobile devices for searching and shopping. This trend is likely to stay in the coming years as well. Research has revealed that over 27% of users buying items using a mobile device instead of a desktop. As smartphone users keep on increasing in the world, this percentage is also going to increase.

People’s preference for mobile devices for shopping has given rise to M-Commerce.

In other words, M-Commerce has started gaining ground and your online business needs a mobile app to leverage the benefits of M-Commerce.

Mobile Optimization


But then, the mobile app development cost is high and it can disturb your early budget especially if you own a startup or small and mid-size retail business.

Magento 2 website to PWA conversion can offer you a solution to make the most from M-Commerce.

Yes, it offers a cost-effective option to get a mobile app for your eCommerce website and save big bucks on app maintenance and other costs.

Also, you will have a single code base for both mobile and web platforms to make modifications with ease in the future. The web developers can write the code once and run anywhere.


2. Get Rid of Device Restriction

The progressive web app is written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It means that it has a web connection and the users can access the PWA with the help of web browsers. All the major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari support PWAs.

Another benefit of a PWA is it can save the user’s time on installing the app in their devices. Unlike native and cross-platform apps, the PWA can be readily placed on the home screen with just a few taps. The PWA occupies less space as compared to the native apps and it can be seen in the app directory.

Get Rid Of Device Restriction

In brief, PWAs can help you get rid of a device restriction as your customers can access your website through smart devices with ease through PWAs. The PWA enables you to load and share your Magento website on any device across the major OS.


3. Offer Offline Mode and Reduced PLT

The Google Data has suggested that even a one second of delay in web page loading can cause the conversion rate to decrease by 20%. Ideally, your eCommerce website should take a maximum of two seconds to load to attract and retain online shoppers.

page load time


Reduced PLT (Page Load Time) can help your website stay ahead of the curve. Now, PWA focuses on loading speed.

If we look at the process of PWA, we can find that when the first page loads, a very small app shell is shown.

The app shell contains key resources and other necessary components. It has both UI and core architecture of your app. Now, when the first page loads, all these components are stored in the user’s device.

So, every subsequent launch of PWA needs only new data. The entire process can reduce load time significantly.

PWA also decreases the network traffic and provides secure connections over HTTPS. It can protect data and run in offline mode also.


4. Enhance the SEO-friendliness of Website

It is of utmost importance for your eCommerce website to secure its place on the top three SERPs.

You can achieve this goal by converting the existing Magento 2 website into a PWA. It is because PWA can give your customers an app-like immersive experience while acting as an indexable web page.

In other words, the PWA serves the purposes of both an app and a website. It can be readily optimized for mobile and takes less time to load. In a way, PWA can help your website get a better ranking. A higher ranking can ultimately enhance the visibility of your business website.

The PWA also increases the discoverability of your website by taking advantage of a thriving mobile platform. It can also assist you to get rid of data duplication and manage the website effectively.

Additional SEO-related Tips:

1. Never use the hashtag in the site URL because Google tends to ignore anything written after the hashtag.
2. Use canonical for multiple URLs

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5. Send Push Notifications for Improving Engagement

No marketer can deny the importance of push notifications. As a powerful and personalized marketing tool, push notifications can readily increase the engagement rate.

When the visitors of your website or customers give their consent to get notifications, the ‘Push Manager’ feature starts sending push notification through an EventListener.

push note

App notifications can engage the users by providing real-time updates on receiving orders, shipping status, promotional offers, and new arrivals.

A rightly done notification process can assist you to retain customers and increase the brand value. Talking about the PWA notifications, they can act similar to app notifications.


6. Need Fewer Resources

As mentioned in the second advantage of PWA, they require a little space in the internal storage. This characteristic saves PWAs from deletion when there is a problem of low space occurs in the user’s smart devices.

What’s more, when PWAs need to be updated with new features, a few app developers can serve the purpose with ease. In a way, PWAs can save both time and money by demanding fewer resources.

In a nutshell, PWAs are a more feasible and result-oriented approach to get the most of the mobile app domain.

It can act as a supplement to an eCommerce website. While offering the benefits of a customized app, PWAs can promote the website in a unique and more effective way.


Wrapping Up

How about converting your Magento eCommerce store into a Progressive Web App?

Well, a reliable and reputed Magento website developer can do this for increasing your online business. What’s more, you can save a lot of time and big bucks on app development while improving the user experience across the devices.

We have developed advanced Magento and Magento 2 extensions as well as excellent Magento 2 themes for ensuring the seamless functionality of your Magento store. Over 56 thousand clients use our WordPress and Magento-based products worldwide.

At Solwin Infotech, our endeavor is to build the best-in-class websites and web apps using the technological advancements of a robust Magento platform.

Just send us an mail at and take the first step toward offering a pleasant experience to your existing and prospective customers.

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