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April 28, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

PHP is one of the most trusted technologies for web application development. It has several frameworks that can fit your needs. If you, too, are looking for PHP development, it is very likely that you would stumble around the Laravel framework as it is one of the most powerful frameworks of PHP of all time.

Laravel PHP framework is the most popular rapid web application development and gives major security to the applications. It is the reason that 70,000 web applications today are developed on it as the need for speedy development increases.

This framework is robust and user-friendly, and developers love it. It makes web development easy for them with the tools that make authentication, sessions, caching, and routing straightforward.

13 amazing ways Laravel Framework can benefit your business


1. High Security

Security is one of the biggest concerns of 2021. In 2020, we saw some big names getting dragged into security warfare, and as an enterprise, it is highly required that you make sure security is top-notch on your web application.

Security Monitoring

Choosing technology that keeps security at its core is going to help you the most. One of the biggest benefits of Laravel for web app development is it provides unbeatable security features. However, it not only stops the malware activities or security threats to enter the web application, but the entire web app development code is safe and unbreachable. If you choose Laravel, you can avoid getting affected by the hidden SQL injections intended to make your website unsafe.


2. Enhanced Performance

Another strong reason to choose Laravel is that it enhances app capabilities. In other words, it helps you develop high-performing applications, even in the time when certain features and functionalities affect app performance.

You can integrate tools such as Memcached and Redis within the framework and develop the web applications easily; they help in enhancing the performance of the app also. It is even voted as the no.1 high-performing web application development framework of all times.


3. Powerful Authentication

It is a developer-friendly web application development technology; it was developed to allow developers to make web app functionalities much faster and even better. For example, Laravel makes authentication easy. Laravel makes it easy for developers to create logic for authorizing access to the users.


4. Open Source and Powerful Community

Open-source technologies are always good to go with as they have a free license to create amazing applications without having to pay anything for the technology. However, it gives them an amazing experience to the developers and also to the technology itself over other paid technologies.

Furthermore, having a powerful community means the support you get during the development and designing of applications. Community support helps when you stumble across a big problem during development and gain support to make it more flexible and scalable.

In case you have some complex functionality in your web application, you would want a dependable community where you can seek answers to your problems. Laravel is one such technology that has community support making you unstoppable even when you have a complex problem in front of you.


5. Blade Templating

Blade templating is a remarkable feature in Laravel, of which’s benefits are uncountable. It is a powerful engine that allows web developers to simply use pre-defined code templates. It makes the development of web applications fast and also doesn’t restrict the developers from writing their own codes. This framework is simple, plain, and remarkable. The engine is lightweight and doesn’t affect the performance of the application.


6. Database Migration

Another benefit of the Laravel framework is the Migration of the database. It makes Migration easy for the developers, and you can undo the changes made to the database.

Developers can easily share the databases with other developers and make working more cohesive, smooth, and easy. It facilitates Laravel developers everything they need to make development much easier and promote co-working.

The pairing of Migration also ensures easy maintenance of the database without having to re-create them again. This saves a lot of time in web app development.


7. MVC Architecture

Laravel follows a Model-View-Controller architecture; it increases the efficiency of the framework to ten folds. Laravel comes with built-in functionalities for developers to make applications much better.

The MVC architecture also improves documentation when compared to other frameworks. Using MVC architecture improves the performance of web applications, giving you every reason to choose Laravel.


8. Object-oriented libraries

Laravel offers pre-installed object-oriented libraries. These object-oriented libraries have an authentication library that is full of excellent features – easy to use and implement for a developer.

The framework is also further divided into modules that allow developers to make apps more responsive, modular and even offer ready-made apps.


9. Easy Unit Testing

Testing capabilities of a framework is of utmost importance, as they help the developers ensure a better experience on your app. Additionally, Laravel being an advanced framework offers easy unit testing, which makes testing of each module and component easy.

Unit testing helps you find anything in the entire application that is broken, it ensures a bug-free experience in your web application, and you can develop a top-notch experience on your application.


10. Future-ready apps

The game of the web is all about keeping on evolving every day. Only a few years ago, a generic website with no functionality was seen as something unbelievable, but not anymore. People are looking for a high-performing, immersive web app experience, and that is only possible if you use every trend to your benefit.

As a developer, it is a huge challenge but it becomes easy with the Laravel framework. They can now develop applications with unparalleled functionalities and stay on top of the competition.


11. Developer friendly code

Laravel framework offers libraries, tools, and even templates that can make the lives of developers easy for web application development.

When the developers enjoy developing web applications, they can try to make fully functional, high-performing web applications in no time.

Friendly Code


12. Multi-lingual Applications

Multi-lingual applications are a necessity; while there are many other benefits of choosing Laravel, it is one of the best reasons to go for it.

It makes Laravel development easy and helps you expand your business to a global level. Moreover, multi-lingual functionalities make you more global-ready, and Laravel is thus the right option to go with.


13. Faster turnaround time

It is no surprise that the more time is taken by developers to build an app, the more would be the money you have to pay. In addition, since the world is fast adopting to digital-ways, you cannot imagine being years late in adapting to the trends.

Choosing the right framework would help you build web applications faster and deploying them easily. As compared to PHP’s other frameworks, Laravel is one of the best frameworks that not only delivers performance and functionality but also makes it look like an easy job.


Wrapping Up

Are you looking for a sure-shot way to develop high-functionality, high-performing secure web applications? Go with Laravel. It is one of the best PHP frameworks that allow faster development. It is cost-effective and efficient; Laravel is what you are looking for with best Laravel developers for hire.

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