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April 24, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

For remote work, identifying the perfect tools to stay connected and productive is the most essential thing. So, in this blog, we will give you tips and tricks to stay productive at work from home.

Indeed, even before the COVID-19 virus spread in the world, mostly remote work is followed by the various standard companies of many people’s workweek using different tools and techniques for work. For instance, nowadays, around 31% of employees work remotely and spend four or five days a week out of the company.


What are the advantages of a Work from Home?

One of the powerful advantages of incorporating remote employees into your work routine is all the research that points to major increases in productivity. Many companies are finding that their remote teams not only do more though they are willing to work overtime as well.

Recent research found that more than 50% of remote employees are willing to work overtime, than just 28% of employees in the company. Moreover, the same survey also found that approximately 45% of homeworkers said that they are able to work smartly. Get better done in a few time.

Work from home is wonderful, but it might be problematic if you did not manage well.

Now Let’s start with the tips and tools for best practices for working from home.


What are the important tools remote workers can use to connect?

Due to the enhancement of technology various tools are available in the market. Here, we listed many important tools for your remote team to make more efficient and productive work every day.


1. Remote Desktop

Remote desktop is a program or software that grants a user to connect to a laptop or desktop in another location, though it is local.


(A) Anydesk

AnyDesk ensures secure and reliable remote desktop connections for IT professionals as well as personal use also. It also supports multi-platform such as Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, and many others.


Simply download the file from and get going!

After downloading software, open AnyDesk, and the number you can see on the left is the personal ID. Users can use that number to access your devices for connection. If you want to connect to the remote device then search on the right and enter the Personal Id of the device and wait for the remote device to accept the connection.


(B) Teamviewer

TeamViewer software is available for Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. Moreover, it is free for use.

Team Viewer

File transfer and creating an easy setup are great options for remote workers who want desktop access. No port forwarding is needed for access. It includes two-step verification. You can easily install TimeViewer software.


2. Time Management


(A) Team Logger(TL)

Team Logger is the lightweight desktop application. Moreover, Team Logger records the employee’s screen activity by taking screenshots and logs time spent on each task.

Team Logger

Team Logger also keeps an eye on the frequency and pattern of the employee’s mouse and keyboard activity. This software is trusted by more than 7000 users and 1000 businesses.

Team Logger automatically creates the time-sheets of all work sessions of an employee.

Team Logger 2


(B) Timely

Timely is a powerful time tracking software that divides chunks of time to work on projects. Most time tracking systems, which only track time while you work, however, timely admit you to organize tasks as well as track the time that is spent on projects in real-time. It also tracks pay for hourly employees. It works using the calendar interface.


(C) Worksnaps

Worksnaps has been a great tool for you to keep track of the hours of your employees. It has many features such as, firstly, Track Time with Proof – You can record time as well as work status smoothly and visually. Employee time and computer activity are automatically reported to the server.

Secondly, Create for Remote Work- it is designed for remote work from the ground up. Worksnaps solve the trouble that traditional time tracking tools may not resolve. Lastly, See Work in Real-Time – not required to wait until the end of the day to know what your employees and teams have worked on. You analyze their live work as they are working in your office.


It is effective and easy to use the software.


(D) Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a simple and easy work time tracking software for growing businesses. Moreover, it is smoothly monitored with advanced reporting. It has features like time tracking, creating online timesheets, productivity monitoring, GPS tracking, and many others.


Track the time your employee works with lightweight Hubstaff desktop software and mobile applications. It creates accurate timesheets to smoothly invoice your clients and pay your employees.


3. Video Communication

The main complication for remote teams is efficient and smooth internal communication. If your team can not talk with each other perhaps there is a chance to decline productivity.


(A) Zoom

If you have big team meetings that include lots of remote workers then Zoom is a video chat application that is best. Moreover, combining video with progressively valuable features such as Screen sharing and local recording makes it a clear option for companies in need of an end-to-end conferencing solution.

Furthermore, the host can generate meetings and every employee can click the meeting link to join it using their smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Zoom can strengthen collaboration during meetings. Zoom offers more ways for employees to share their ideas than most video platforms on the market.

You have to download the Zoom software.


(B) Skype for Business

Skype for Business gives you an additional channel to communicate that does not get in the way of phone and email. You can install it on your laptop or smart devices. The more you have to do, the more productive you are with Skype for Business.

It is a much faster interaction compared to email. You can see who is available and get the response you need right away. In addition to this, you can easily share files on the tip of your figures.


4. For developers


(A) Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal tracker makes your work together with your technical team by logging bug reports, to-do lists as well as feature requests in one interface. It provides a top-down view of what your team is working on.

Pivotal Tracker

Also, permit you to set task priorities, and make your weekly schedule.

If your developers are working from home, then Pivotal Tracker is a smoother way to be cohesive from home.


(B) Github

Using Github developers can share their code. Moreover, you can ask for feedback and comment on other’s code, that makes work collaboratively on projects.


In addition to this, by use of Github’s Slack integration the code reviews and pair programming are becoming easier.

All and all, the above tools are really important to increase productivity for your company or business especially when your employers are doing work from home.


5. Project Management

Project management is the method of initiating, planning, executing, controlling as well as closing the work of a team or group to full fill the defined goals. Also, meet particular success criteria at the stated time.


(A) Trello

Trello is simple and amazing as it comes to project management. It is a fabulous organizational and task management power tool. Trello is creating over the approach of bulletin boards. For instance, every board can represent a project. Moreover, within each board, teams build the lists, which they populate with cards. Then, the cards may be assigned to particular team members, stamped, labeled with a deadline, as well as reviewed with comments and attachments.

The hierarchical nature of the system makes it flexible though it still maintains a baseline simplicity.


(B) Asana

Asana is amazing workflow management software, still, it does a great job with task management also. In addition to this, it has a new timeline feature that makes it more strong in the camp of Project Management tools, as disputed to being more firmly a task management as well as a collaboration tool.

Asana permits various teams to track projects and appoint tasks and sub-tasks. Managers can set up Asana fairly but they want, utilizing it as a task assignment tool, for instance, a project map and a current log of company activities.

The advantage is the flexibility of software. The flexibility approaches with a learning curve, and it means someone is required to take points on setting the system in the correct way from the start.


(C) Jira

Jira Software is created for every member of your software team to track, plan as well as release great software. Plan means to create user plan sprints, stories, issues, and allocate various tasks among your software team. Track means to prioritize and explain your team’s work in full context with great visibility.

Track and manage projects in real-time from any device with Jira mobile.


(D) Basecamp

There is no doubt that Basecamp is a wonderful software, considered an industry leader, and has millions of satisfied users. Everything will be organized in one place, your team will be working together remotely as well.

It provides all in one toolkit for working remotely.


7. Communication

Communication software is used to bring remote access to systems and transfer files audio and video formats and many other things among many computers or laptops.


(A) Slack


Slack software is clear and smooth in real-time team chat. The basic argument is that Slack spares email inboxes as well as decrease the number of clunky ccs you required to manage. Teams can be grouped into different departments, projects. You can do really anything you require.

Slack accommodates both Google Docs and DropBox. It has enabled IT pros, a robust API to tailor Slack apps for the particular team requires. Messages are sent to teams over the transom, and you can DM smaller groups and individuals.


(B) Google drive

Many people believe Google Drive as cloud storage as well as sync service, however, it also encompasses a suite of online office apps that are similar to Microsoft Office. Google Sheets, Google Docs, and Google Slides will import, export, and edit Microsoft Office files, and you can use them to work together with employees on a document, spreadsheet or presentation, in real-time if you require.

Google Drive

Using a Google Account, people get free use of Docs, Sheets, and Slides, and 15GB of free Google Drive storage. Those who require extra storage can upgrade to a Google One plan starting from $2 per month.


(C) Dropbox

Dropbox carrying files together in one place by building a particular folder on the user’s computer. The contents of these folders are synchronized to Dropbox’s servers and to other devices and computers where you have installed Dropbox, managing the same files latest on every device.


Dropbox uses a freemium business model when users are provided a free account with a set storage size, and with the paid subscriptions available that provides more capacity with additional features.

Dropbox provides 2 gigabytes of free storage space.


(D) Flock

Using Flock software all employees get access to your company with customizable channels and a team directory. Manage all your productivity tools, conversations, and apps in one place. Moreover, it is not just the message, but it is how you work together that is important.


All and all, the above tools are really important to increase productivity for your company or business especially when your employers are doing work from home.

Now, let’s start with the tips.

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Top 9+ Tips and best practices when working from home

Work From Home
Using these tips you can do your work smoothly in an appropriate manner.


1. Build a Permanent place for Work

First of all, for work from home allocate an area of your house for making work done.
It might be an empty room that you can convert to a home office. Moreover, you can set a table for your laptop and the other equipment.

You have to make sure that your workspace is calm thus you can focus on your work.


2. Set Real Work Hours

After finding a work area set up, it is time to get down to the company. If you are going to make working from home a daily commitment, then set specific work hours.

For instance, in our company, Solwin Infotech our working hours are from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

You can impose a limit at the end of the day and maintain time effectively. Little bit distance yourself from work, so you don’t work nonstop.


3. Update Your To-Do List Every Mornings

It can be a little bit challenging to maintain track of what you have to do for the whole day. It is easy to lose tasks as well as deadlines.

At the beginning of your day refer to your todo list to make efficient work. AS well as, When you create your task list, stick to it. Assign time limits for each task and mark the tasks that you completed.


4. Use a calendar or planner

For making to-do lists, habit to use a calendar or planner to write down and keep track of deadlines, appointments, and meetings.

No matter you are working in the office or remotely, just use a planner to log every task and activity.


5. Do Exercise & Yoga Daily

Yoga helps you to boost concentration on your work and exercise increases Metabolism power. As well as enhance happiness, and interest levels, which are essential for productivity. We suggest exercising in the morning when you have fewer difficulties and a longer payoff on the whole day.

You can also join the gym and yoga classes.


6. Take Short Breaks

Taking breaks might seem ineffective, however, research has proved that taking short breaks can enhance your productivity and creativity levels.

You do not have a balanced work-life, perhaps you did not work too long at home.


7. Listen to Music

Listening to music in the day at a low volume to give you the focus you want. You can also listen to Meditation music to get the highest productivity when you are working from home.

You make sure the volume is not too loud or distracting. Also quickly mute it when you take a business call.


8. Avoid Family, Friends on business hour

It can be difficult, especially if you have kids at home, then they want your attention. If you are home all day, then family and friends might bother you without knowing.

It is good to make clear boundaries with your family while you are working. So, as a result, you can do a better performance at your work.


9. Schedule meetings with all Company Members

The meetings are best actively involved with all coworkers to share their ideas. They can also share work updates, and discuss developments of their personal and professional life. Make sure you have to fix the time for every day’s meetings.

Make sure remote employees feel valued through live conference calls and video meetings on a daily basis.


10. Use Professional Communication Tools

In the market plethora of communication tools are available. You can also use free tools to contact your team.

Choose the appropriate communication tools for helping your team towards their work.

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To Sum up

It is a little bit hard to do, but not impossible, to instill a company culture in virtual surroundings and fellow appropriate tips for enhancing the company’s productivity. Moreover, working remotely especially, creating team meetings is really beneficial to understand each other’s work and share their doubts and get a solution in a day.

In the end, start these tips into consideration and practice in your routine regularly and increase productivity.

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