Significant Principles Followed by Web Designer
July 4, 2014 Sanjay Dabhoya

Your website should appear classy and impressive at the very first look of the audiences. Then only they would like to continue visiting your website often. An excellent web designer should always be on toes and be updated with new trendy design ideas that can attract more number of clients and customers. If your website seems dull and uninteresting, then there’s a tendency of regular visitors leaving the site. After some time or never turning up to your website.

Thus, your website should be perfectly designed. which is a combination of ingenuity and high-quality functioning. An experienced web designer or a fresher should be aware of the vital principles of web designing in order to generate a creative web design for your website. Mentioned below are some of the significant principles the web designer should follow to come up with effective web designs.

1. Apply Imaginative Designs:

When you’re selecting designs for your website, they have to be extremely engaging and appealing, so that the audience can be glued by those designs. Those graphic designs should complement your website completely and should give it a vibrant look altogether.

2. Utilize Images and Icons:

Visitors are not at all interested to peep into a plain website with not much text or visuals provided. The first things they react towards the attractive images that are compulsory for your website. The web designer should stick with universal icons such as a house for the homepage, magnifying glass for search, etc.

3. Font Selection:

The contents presented on the website should be included in stylish fonts that can be read clearly. You can apply those fonts that increase the superiority of your content. Your headline should be used with bold fonts like Sans-Serif or Serif putting effects on it, and the main body should have opted with Sans-Sarif or Calibri fonts. You can even highlight a few important words of the content with any fashionable font.

4. Apply Colors to Increase the Experience:

Color plays a key function in web designing. Your colors should sustain the images as well as contents. They should craft a balancing effect on your website to look alluring. Thus the designer should choose the right color that will establish more web traffic and boost user communication.

5. Page Titles to be simple, expressive and exceptional:

When the page title is strong and brilliant, this itself reflects upon the effective content written underneath for the visitors to read ahead. Thus, the page title should actually fascinate the people tremendously for them to know more about the article.

6. The homepage should demonstrate top priorities:

You should keep in mind that your homepage should emphasize the top priorities and fresh information. It should possess an apparent hierarchy. Visitors can quickly understand the most important point referred to your website. At the same time, they should get varieties to know about your services.

7. Give Reliable Navigation: You should provide reliable navigation for your visitors who should know where to move next to your website. You should also offer highly noticeable sub-navigation as well as the page title. When people coming to your website at that time they should not confused.

Therefore, web designers should implement the above principles to capture the eyes of their visitors.

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