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April 22, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Nowadays in the vast world of the internet, great designed and user-friendly websites get more traffic and keep visitors engaged. The target of every e-commerce website is to convert visitors into customers but it is only possible if your website design and structure are proper with the latest features.

On the other hand, if your website is not living up to the mark then it may hurt you. When was the last time you had redesigned your website? If you can not answer this question so this is the time to start thinking about it.

It is important to know that websites are changeable. WordPress website is always involved in fulfilling the requirements of your audience and your business as well.


Why you should redesign your website? Here is the reason.

Before purchasing a product, subscribe to any channel, or visit a website for buying things people do Google your business or company. Indeed, approximately 87% of buyers do their product analysis before they purchase things.

Visitors will leave your website in a few seconds. If Your website does not demonstrate the services or products you offer, they are not able to find what they want as well as the website is taking a long time to load.

Your online existence is really essential to your company or business for growth. In addition to this, your WordPress website always has three things. Firstly, you can find it easily. Secondly, navigate smoothly. Lastly, eye-catching.

There are various other things you must consider for your website.

Below we list out the important points that help you to answer the question of when you have to redesign your website?


1. Visually Outdated Website

Your first impressions really matter to your website visitors. Your visually outdated website demonstrates that you are not aware of current trends. It also shows that you do not care about it. Moreover, it is a fact that, if visitors find your website visibly unattractive, then they do not click all over your site and stop scrolling.

If your website was designed in the ’90s and even today it looks like this, then it is time to redesign your website using WordPress themes and plugins.

Perhaps, you are most probably losing customers due to they are bewildered and have no idea what product your company offers. So, you have to update your website in the same way the seller updates their homepage with new offers to increase sales.

If your website still lacks proper navigation menus and has an older look so it is time to redesign your website using WordPress themes and plugins.


2. Low Conversions and High Bounce Rate

When users visit your site and are not completing the activity that you want them to finish, so it is due to low conversion.

If you run an eCommerce website then your goal is to get more customers and make them purchase your products or services. However, you are operating an informational site where your goal is to get users to sign up to receive your unique content. If visitors are not doing this because your website needs to be redesigned using WordPress.


If more visitors are spending more time on your website that is a sign that they are interested in what you are offering. The long time they spend on your website, so there is a chance that they are to convert or come back the next day.

But, a visitor does not convert it does not mean it is our loss. However, it is true that they have spent time on your site and have increased your brand or product awareness. After all, it can not be achieved by an old-fashion website.


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3. Take More Than 3 Seconds to Load

To see how quickly your website loads, run your website through a speed tester tools such as gtmetrix.com and pingdom.com.

low speed issue

If your website takes more than three seconds to load then you must update your website.
The one research study found that approximately half of the visitors leave websites that will take three seconds or more to load, whilst an independent study demonstrates that each extra second load time to a website resulted in 7% fewer conversions.


4. Website is Text Heavy

Containing a text-heavy website feels like an outdated website. If you have many things to say you decide to give it in a separate section. Let me give you an example, in our Solwin Infotech website we have a separate blog section.

Nowadays, we live in a visual world. If your site has more words compared to pictures, icons, and graphics, then it is time to redesign your website. You can also use the Blog Designer plugin on your WordPress website.

Generally, people have a common concentration measure of 8 seconds, you need to use visitor’s first 8 seconds very carefully on your website.


5. The website does not have Fresh Content

Without having fresh or latest content, it will be hard to attract and hold visitors. However, fresh content increases website publicity in the search results boosts the quality of your website, and visitors will come back to your website.

A study found that businesses that build 16 fresh pages per month attracted more than three times the amount of traffic compared to businesses that create 0 to 4 fresh pages in a month.


On your website, particular web pages are always found easily. For instance, what your company does – About Us, what your company offers -Products or Services and how to contact – Contact Us.

If visitors are unable to easily find the content within a few clicks of mouse or taps on smart devices then on a serious note you need to update your website by improving the navigation.


7. Not Mobile Responsive

mobile friendly website

Nowadays, mobile responsive is a requirement on any kind of website. Though, even in the year 2020 still, some websites are not mobile responsive and show improperly on all smart devices.
The user experience of such a website will be short and going to bounce in a few seconds.

According to an AdWeek survey, people spend approximately five hours a day on their smartphones. In addition to this, approximately 70% of web traffic occurs on smartphone devices. Generally, individuals want information on the tip of their fingers while they are working.


8. Not Secured With HTTPS


Source: comodosslstore.com

Privacy is really important for every individual when they are online. An increase in the online privacy gap has led internet users to select and use websites more tentatively compared to the past.

If a visitor does not trust your website is secure, then they immediately leave your site.
So, you have to make your visitors feel safe, by using Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure means HTTPS for your website. The HTTPS protocol prevents unauthorized users from reading data from your website.


Contain dead links also known as broken links. The dead links redirect visitors to a 404 error page, which usually results in leaving the website by visitors.

404 error

However, you do not have to manually click each link on your website to see if it works or not. you need to just enter your website’s URL on brokenlinkcheck.com, and it will display whether your website contains dead links or not.

If you find dead links, then remove it or modify it with a proper URL.


If your website has low search engine rankings, then it is time to redesign your website. Around 95% of individuals who do Google searches do not click past pages. It means that they find what they want immediately or can not bother to search more.

Google favors meaningful content that is relevant to user’s search queries. If your URL form is broken then less likely to show up in the top search results.


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11. Cannot Update Content Easily

If you are facing trouble with your backend system each time when you add a new page and insert images, then it is the time to redesign your website with the latest features.

Whenever you want you should always be able to do quick changes into your website. Either it will be rewriting an existing blog post content, adding or removing products and you need to update any pages on your website.

In the year 2020, the website modification becomes a smooth and easy process. You have to build a new site on a content management system (CMS) because it is user-friendly and permits an unskilled person to publish a new post or upload new images.

Moreover, using CMS you can also look for opportunities to redesign your website to enhance user experience.


12. Does Not Reflect Company’s Mission or Marketing Goals

If your company’s mission, marketing goals, and services offered have modified so that must be reflected on your website. If your website does not reflect it, then it is time to redesign your website.

Visitors to your website are always able to understand easily what you offer. Whenever you have a new offer, perhaps you need to add new pages with a proper description of products or services especially the home page to attract new customers.


13. Uses an Ineffective CTA

Your website has a CTA call to action that tells visitors the later step they will engage with your business, and you should observe the performance of this CTA to find out whether you need to adjust. Altering the shape, color, text, or placement of a CTA can affect its performance of your website.

The website is a powerful marketing tool that can enhance the connection with your customers, however, you have to regularly update it.


14. Excessive Technical Troubleshooting

The biggest trouble is when instead of giving good customer support you have to spend time on troubleshooting and serving as technical support. On your website you spend more time fixing technical features then it is time to look for new hosting options and the whole framework and navigation of your website.

If your website does not have the capability to build with pages and content then fewer chances of boost sales and profits of your company or business.


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To Sum up

Study your website and find out the biggest problematic points of it. Like, what you can improve? What are the major points missing in it? and many others. You do not have all the answers, then take the above points into consideration and give proper time for evaluation of your website. You get any kind of issue on your website, then redesign it using WordPress.

Still, you are unsure when you need to redesign your website? Contact us, we are always here to help you out!

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