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October 17, 2013 Sanjay Dabhoya

A beautiful and eye-catchy website can help your business reach new heights. If you are looking for a new website design from scratch or want to revamp the existing website, you need to find the right web design company.

There are several web design companies having different skill sets and expertise. But you need to be selective in finding the right web design company that understands your requirements and is capable of delivering the best solutions within your budget.

Here are some tips on how to choose a web design company for your project:


1. Look at their website

While searching for the right web development company, start by evaluating the websites of the companies you are considering for hire. If the company website looks good, has modern elements, and loads faster, like in 8 seconds, they are good enough to shortlist.

Look for a call to action, check the navigation on the website, and how do you rank the website when competing with the other people in the competition.

Also, while reviewing the website, don’t forget about the website’s performance. It is necessary for the app to behave with more than 50 percent of the website is used or searched on mobile devices; it is essential for a website to be responsive. Check out the website experience on various browsers.


2. Clear about your Requirements

It is a good idea to send your project requirements to a few web design firms and request a proposal from them. This gives you a chance to compare the deliverable and skillsets. You’re an expert in your industry and you know what you’re selling. So, that does make sense that you will be much familiar with what actually and how you want. If a web design company doesn’t understand then probably you should not work with them.


3. Expertise

If you are building a website for the first time, you might want to know about some of the technologies and the development concepts. You can use this information while interviewing professionals. This useful information would also help you understand the ins and outs of what you are looking for. If you cannot hire somebody, then ask a friend who has the knowledge to assist you. You can also ask for referrals from the people that have done this drill.

Once you have the needed knowledge, you should start by choosing a specific technology or methodology. Like what programming language would be good for your website, how much proficiency you need, and what level of expertise you require, etc. The technical knowledge would empower you to ask the right questions.


4. They must have a Portfolio

Have a close look at their portfolio. You can ask for relevant samples of work. For example: If you are looking for an E-commerce website, you should ask them for E-commerce websites they have developed in the past. Evaluate the portfolio and make the right decision.

Bonus advice:

Don’t believe in the screenshot of home pages. Ask them to show you the website they’ve made in action. And actually, visit the site they’ve designed. If you don’t like anything from there, then they’re not going to be a good option.


5. They have Other Services

Try finding an all-in-one company. Look for a web design company that offers all the services ranging from graphics design to SEO. This will make you and the company get a more visible idea of your business and your requirements.


6. Experience

To evaluate the company, you must start by looking for the companies they have already worked with, the website they have built, and what type of work they have done. It would allow you to know the challenges found in the project and how they have overcome them.

Talk to them about their involvement in the different projects that are similar to your project. Ask questions such as if they designed and developed the website or did they just do one or the other thing. Also, know about their support and maintenance services.

If you were working with an experienced company, they would tell you about their workflow, development practices, methodologies, and processes.


7. The Design as Per CMS

For a website, you just need a Content Management System (CMS) for your website. Any web design company worth anything at all is one of the most familiar and best CMS. If your designer recommends you a static HTML website, tell him to find a time machine so that he can go back a decade.

It is very important to do your homework before choosing the right web design firm for your project. You can have a look at the reviews and recommendations. Read the testimonials from the clients so that you would get an idea about their expertise and services.


8. Read up on Case Studies

Companies that have the knowledge and experience would always go the extra mile to present the case studies of their work and potential clients. Because of their experience, they would take out examples of some of the complex projects they have worked on and how they have worked on them. It would demonstrate they have the required knowledge and expertise to work on the project.

The case study would have the details such as a brief mention of the challenges, technologies they used, why they used them, and how the project came out. Case studies would help you in evaluating a web development company at best.


9. Do your Homework: Check out the Reviews

It is essential to do your homework before finalizing the right web design company for your company or project. Check out the reviews and recommendations that are probably on their website, or directly ask them about any other recommendations. Also, you can have a gentle conversation with the company’s previous clients and ask for their feedback. How was their support? Have they delivered the project on time? Are they client-friendly? And other questions can lead you to the conclusion.



10. Compatibility

It is essential to find a company with a good web developer and all the necessary tools to develop a website. But it is important to find people that are compatible to work with. People must have the right attitude. This will make your long-term partnership with the web company fruitful. If you cannot get along easily, then your development work with them can easily go south.

A company’s attitude with you can tell a lot of things about how they would be reacting to the endless changes that are going to come in the process. The effectiveness of the company website will only be rendered if you have people who value the work and know its importance.


11. They are familiar with Design Trends

A web designer needs to keep up with the latest design trends everyone is using modern technology. Customers are much likely to trust a website or organization that looks modern. A web designer must be familiar with flat design, parallax, scrolling, and other various styles and elements. However, there should be a balance between the modern and the established. A website just to look unique and fresh in its own way.


12. Development methodology

There are various development methodologies used in the web development process. Here are the three most popular ones:

a. Agile
The agile development methodology is one of the most popularly used development practices. It allows a developer to adapt and evolve, and the development process goes on. The approach will help you to continuously improve the project at any stage of the development process. It is not very much compatible with large-scale projects with multiple parties as it is necessary to invest time and get full control of things. This approach is very good for small projects that are in the initial phase of development.

b. Waterfall
The method is traditional, and it is used by the developer that is working on big projects. The project moves forward in set steps, and modifying anything in between is going to be difficult. You will have to design a process, roadmap, and define project goals. Big organizations with large teams may choose to go with the waterfall development methodology.

c. Hybrid
The hybrid development methodology is a combination of agile and waterfall models. It has a feedback loop attached to it, and it helps the company and the team to constantly get involved in the development process and change the elements as required while keeping on proceeding on the fixed timeline built as per their mutual goals.


13. Determine your compatibility

When you are hiring a development company, hire the one that believes in long-term relationships. It is necessary for you to find people that would be happy to serve you anytime. Technology is changing at a fast pace, and you would not want to be left behind. You need people that can give you the first access to the features and technology anytime you find something useful for your business website. So, look for people with the zeal to work with you for a long time.


14. Analyze how they Communicate

Communication is the key to good website design. You should be able to explain your requirements and expectations to the web designers. And, do they understand your requirements or not. What is the response, How is the response? If they look a bit confusing about your project, try to explain the again, if still continues, shut the idea of giving the project.


15. Determine the level of support you need

Support is very important; a company that provides post-development support is the one you must go for. Anything can go wrong after the website is live, and you would need people with technical knowledge to maintain the product and avoid any downtimes.

A good development company would provide you the necessary tools and keys to add and update the content. They would make it easy for you to add content such as blogs, make new pages on the website, and do minor changes or updates. For any new features, you can go back to the same company as they are known with the project and the challenges that come along.


16. They know Responsive Design

A responsive website is not a trend, it is just the best way to design a website these days. If a web design company isn’t well knowledgeable in responsive design or suggests that a separate mobile website would be a better option, they are incorrect. Okay, separate mobile sites might have some advantages, but responsive design is usually a preferred solution.


17. Hosting

Most companies charge you for hosting a website. And the charges vary as per the kind of hosting you go with. Consult their tech experts about what type of hosting would be more beneficial for you. If you can work out things in shared hosting the charges would be less, but if not, you should talk to the development team to suggest some good offers. Also, hosting is not something where you see the money. Of course, you must find an affordable plan, but if it is not right for your business, we suggest you choose what’s best without looking much towards the money.


18. They have their Own Ideas

While it’s important for your designer to understand you, it is also important that he/she must not be a Yes-man. If a web design agency does nothing but nods their heads and claim Yes and Done, and produces the exact replica of your words, there is a big no to this kind of web design company.


19. On-going Support

There are some companies that include a certain level of support plan in their hosting plan, but some will charge on a time and material basis. It is necessary for you to understand what works best for the website and what it is going to cost you.


20. They’re not Cheap

Your website is going to be the most influential piece of your business. This is where you can not afford to save time and money. If a web design company is telling you that they will make your website for around 20-30,000 INR, they are only going to drag and drop your log and content into a $99 theme that is available online with 15K+ other online users. You need a website that works great for your business, you need to invest in it.

If you are a small company looking for the best web design company, you should look for a web design firm that can offer affordable web design solutions as per your business requirements. You may get better services from small web design companies at cheap rates. It is very important that you get the maximum value for the money you spend.

Whether you require a website design from scratch or want to redesign an existing one, you should look for expert professionals who understand your ideas and convert them into reality!

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