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Immersive user experience is of vital importance and the UI designers strive for it. In today’s mobile-driven world, when the user interface design trends keep on changing rapidly, the designers must get to know what is currently popular among the users.

By following the latest UI design trends, they can make their websites successful with higher web traffic and better user engagement.

Let’s quickly go through the impact the UI trends exert on the web design domain.

The UI design trends can take the user experience to the next level with high usability. The web designers can make the most of it for offering a pleasant user experience.

Here are three key reasons why every designer should keep up with the UI trends:

1. Impact on mood

It is not a hidden truth that colors do affect people’s moods. Different colors have different effects on the user’s mindset and behavior. For example, one color can make the user aggressive whereas the other makes them calm. The trends in UI design deal with the harmony of colors to generate the optimum impact on user engagement.

2. Impact on trust

The modern UI design trends can help the designers come up with sophisticated and aesthetically elegant web design. It further helps them gain the trust of the users. If the company focuses on the look and feel of the website and mobile app, people consider it customer-friendly and assume that the company’s products and services will be good also.

3. Impact on usability

Another major impact of the UI trends is on usability. Yes, a simple yet sophisticated design with a clean interface can attract more users by providing higher usability. Such design can reduce the manual efforts for saving time and make the web or application easy-to-understand and easy-to-use.

Every year new design trends develop to bring the radical change in the user experience for the coming years.

It is certain that the year 2021 will bring new challenges and opportunities for the UI design industry.

In the current age of machine learning, VR or VUI (Voice User Interface), and AR, we can expect the following trends to become more popular in 2021 and beyond.

A few of these trends are already in practice as the designers have started putting their efforts into making the user experience more lifelike and personalized since the year 2016. Pokémon Go is an epitome of such efforts.

All these trends indicate the fact that the lifeless experience will no longer prevail as the user passes through the paradigm shift from seeing to experiencing things.


Let us go through these top eight UI design trends 2021:

1. Long Form Content

We already know the importance of content in the online world. From SEO purposes to engaging users, the demand for content is increasing at a steady pace for various reasons.

However, ‘below the fold’ content has remained a big headache for the designers. Such an extended content can pose a great challenge in the way of offering interactive and pleasant user experience.

We can certainly predict that we would see the new trends to get rid of long-form content in 2018.

One of the ways for it is to include video. A full-screen video can convey the whole aspect more interestingly and interactively while occupying little space. An immersive video has an excellent capacity for storytelling. It is highly effective and one of the most engaging mediums in the online world.


immersive video


In the current AR and VR-driven age, the video can offer a completely immersive experience to the users.

Be it branding or spreading the message, a video in HD quality can work wonders. The year 2021 will see the dominance of HD and cinema-worthy videos.


2. Typography Prevails

Whether the webpage is filled with long-form content or has full-page images or videos, typography is all set to steal the show in 2021. The concept of minimalism would advance this year and we would see some fabulous examples of creative typography.


Typography Prevails

Image Source:

Also, as the UI designers tend to use the oversized headline on the web page, we can expect bigger writings, or say supersized typography.


bigger writings


Actually, the concept of big text is not new. It has grabbed the attention of the designers when the flat design was in trend. As the flat design needs minimal and simplistic typography, the only option is to increase the size of the text in the absence of any other style. Now, as the supersized typography is the in-thing, we would see the flat design to take a back seat gradually.

The bigger, and at times, larger-than-life type of text readily grabs the attention of the user and increases the reading time. After all, this is the ultimate goal of any UI design!


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3. Simplicity Rocks

There is no denial of the fact that simple is always attractive when it comes to the UI. Even big text and minimalistic design are also a part of the concept of simplicity. The year 2021 would witness a plethora of websites or apps with simple and easy UI to attract and retain the user.

Be it the color combination or usage of gradients and illustrations, the designers will keep simplicity in mind to tell the unique story effectively. We can expect the rise in the usage of sophisticated and simple illustrations to offer a pleasant experience to the website visitors.

One more advantage of a simple design is mobile-friendliness. As we see the surge in the number of smartphone users every year, time is now to make a website mobile-friendly.

As a result, most of the UI design trends revolve around making the website as simple as possible. Instead of using flashy UI elements, the UI designers will bank on interactive animations or chatbots in the future.

Babbit and NeoTokio have used illustrations quite impressively and innovatively. Check how they have made all things simple:






We can expect the arrival of many websites with simple and user-friendly design in 2021 onward.


4. Goodbye Grid

It’s time to bid the grid all adieus. However, the grid will not go anywhere instantly; we can certainly expect that gradually, the grid will go off. As the trend of borderless design emerges as one of the most important UI trends, the fluid storytelling concept has started replacing chunky borders. iPhone X has introduced us to this trend.

The sleek and borderless design will remain on the center stage this year, and as a result, we may not see the use of grid much in designing.

Traditionally, the grid-based systems enable designers to create consistent and logical blueprints, but, the newfound concept of “edgeless” screens has minimized the importance of the grid-based system.

Adventurous UI designers will explore beyond the grid throughout 2021 with whole new thinking.

Fluid and borderless design will give new heights to exceptional and interactive UI. We can expect the complete elimination of rigid lines in favor of fluid designs.


fluid designs



5. Cards will Rule

One of the most significant trends of the previous years, cards, is expected to remain a highly popular user interface design trend in 2021.

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of cards is they are awesome for small screens. They occupy a little space and can share a lot of details effectively.

What’s more, designers can readily integrate cards in the mobile version or a responsive version. Even the search engine giant Google has included cards in its material design, so we can certainly say that cards are here to stay.

Cards are miniature or condensed web pages that include basic information like title, a username, a picture, and a brief product description.

Another good thing about Cards is they can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes depending on the requirements or the choice of site owners.

Let’s see the example of the card-dominated web page. You will probably recognize instantly that this is a Pinterest page.




Yes, one of the most successful examples of card-based web design is Pinterest. Many websites have imitated this style after Pinterest.

Websites related to news, real estate, and weather can get the most from card-based design. Even social networking sites and eCommerce sites can also leverage the benefits of cards.

It is not that the concept of cards is a new one, but in the mobile-driven era, the importance of cards has grown significantly.


6. Color Overlays

‘An image speaks a thousand words’- the saying becomes more relevant in the age of technology. The right composition of high-quality image shots on your website can make you won the half battle!

In other words, such images assure at least 50 percent that the appearance of your website will look appealing. Color overlays can enable you to come up with impressive images that can enable you to make a good website.


Color Overlay



7. Illustrations, Illustrations

When it comes to creating a visual language that suits the brand’s identity, customized illustrations beat traditional photography. Illustrations provide personality to any product or brand that translates into authenticity and improves trust among users and customers.

In a way, illustrations can enable companies to create a meaningful and long-lasting connection with their customers.




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8. Gradients are Here to Stay

News, eCommerce, media, and music-related websites will integrate gradients in the coming years. It is fair to mention that gradient colors have gained ground for a long time now, and we will witness a smooth transition from one to another gradient in the year 2021 and beyond. See how the Symmod website contains gradients.





That’s not all! Do you know that even a less visible UI may come in the future?

Remember we mentioned VUI (Voice User Interface) in the second paragraph as an evolving tech concept. Now, we cannot rule out one possibility: the increasing use of VUI will probably reduce UI relevance.

Now, let us have a glimpse of some other minor but very likely UI trends for 2021:


1. Animation

Today, browsers can handle animations very well, and therefore, subtle animations with less flashy elements will dominate in the future to offer a better UX.





2. SVG

As a high quality, scalable graphics, SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) will gain more popularity as compared to traditional PNGs, JPGs, and GIFs in 2018 onward.





3. Geometric Shapes

Lines, circles, and other geometric patterns can fit well with the flat design. We can expect the trend of adding geometric shapes in the web design, which has started back in 2016, will become more popular in 2018 onwards.


Geometric Shapes


Also, the year 2021 and coming years will increase the need for collaboration between the designers and other professionals. For example, long-form content needs talented writers, whereas typography requires the services of web developers.


4. Fullscreen smartphones

The expression can be changed to navigational buttons that can leave more space for real and relevant content. Most smartphones have lost their borders and rounded edges. Make little bit changes on their user interface. But it will be a little bit challenging for web designers to use sharp-edged elements in their application design and mobile UI.


Furthermore, nowadays, iPhones do not have home buttons and android phones also do not have the on-screen buttons to save more space for the content presentation. Applications that are running on the most recent OS of these fullscreen smartphones are developing the Dark mode.

It is a great thing to make users study the latest navigation styles. And by adding visual hints or having an onboarding is important to help them learn the navigation process.


5. Sound (Google Pay, Paytm)

The User Interface created in 2021 will also see sound layers. It also refers to numerous number sounds which will be included with UI design due to that visitors will be able to hear it whenever they are visiting a website and mobile application.

In addition to this, using sound in UI design can add a more enjoyable and pleasant user experience and can make their journey on the website or mobile application. Moreover, this kind of trending UI design, but it is presently limited to desktop applications, as it can be quite confusing, however it is quite prominent on mobile interfaces.


6. Augmented Reality

In the last years, we have seen a lot of advancement, excitement, and enhancement of AR. The world’s top eminent technical industries are investing millions into AR advancement, that is the reason we should hope to extend and grow in technology in the year 2021.


Though Apple has presented its own AR toolkit name as ARKIT 3 to help designers and developers create AR-based products or services. AR UI can have different approaches such as,

  1. Object-related means in the real world objects that have fasten the interactions.
  2. Fixed to screen space in which the user has to position the camera in a particular way.
  3. Real-world related that means which uses the surrounding in the physical world.

Moreover, there are countless opportunities to introduce and build the latest and amazing experiences in the AR space. And the UI design for AR can be one of the important trends in 2021, so as web designers we should be prepared and ambitious to learn about new technology, tools, principles that develop AR experiences.


7. Virtual Reality

In the year 2019 has made progress for Virtual reality and we can call it the internet of experiences due to the effect that it has on customers. However, for now, the gaming audience is excited to bring the VR headsets, VR experts call that since the Oculus Quest launched, many opportunities have opened for various companies. For example, it can be a good possible way for healthcare to help cure as well as in education to boost interaction.


Web designers are also prepared and find out for the opportunity of developing virtual spaces for teamwork.


8. Unique Microinteractions

Microinteractions are an important element of any great digital product design. Still, they are unnoticed by various user interaction designers and shareholders. Microinteractions can uplift a design from extraordinary function.




Microinteractions bring new observations and feedback to users. Moreover, they can contain things such as interaction animations, haptic feedback in mobile apps as well as color changes to display various states.


9 Voice Interactions

Smartphones and mobile applications transformed that, making voice interaction not just available but it is the main thing. Moreover, it allows people to interact with applications using voice commands that open up a world of capabilities for interaction with a product or service.

Voice Search

For instance, whenever a customer gives voice commands, then they can use an application in situations where touch interfaces are not safe or useful like when we are driving vehicles.

Google declared important upgrades into the Google Assistant feature at I/O 2019 which some speculate will be the beginning of voice interactions replacing touch interactions completely.

Finally, voice interactions may beat various other types of interactions contained on the websites as well.


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10. 3D Graphics in web and Mobile UI

Nowadays, 3D graphics are present everywhere like in movies, video games, adverts on the streets. Moreover, 3D graphics have launched before a few decades and from then has improved and expanded considerably.

Due to the enhancement of technology, web and mobile technology is growing speedily. The latest web browser efficiency has increased for 3D graphics and permitting us as web designers to build and develop great 3D graphics into present-day web and mobile interfaces.

Using 3D graphics you can display the product or services in an interactive and engaging way. Let me give you an example, 3D graphic renders could be seen in 360-degree presentations enhancing the overall UX of the product or service.

360 view

In the year 2021 more and more businesses will use 3D render models to represent the product or services in order to follow suit the real-world shopping experience.


11. Neumorphism

Normally, Skeuomorphic design invokes the design elements that are built in a realistic style to match the real-world objects. The enhancement of VR and AR technology and current design trends demonstrated in the most recent design platforms might make skeuomorphic design improvement in the year 2021. However, this time with numerous modern fashion and a little modified name called Neumorphism.


Neumorphism has inspired a various number of web designers from all over the globe and there is a great chance that Neumorphism will be the biggest UI design trend in the year 2021.


12. Skeuomorphic design

In user interface design Skeuomorphism refers to elements that are designed in a realistic way that is the reason they replicate a real-life object in a possible way.

When it is correctly done then it really looks amazing, though we have to believe that we live in a fast and ever-changing globe. That is the reason, we have to consider the exorbitant amount of work it consumes both to design and develop the skeuomorphic design.


Yet, we will be curious to know what kind of changes this approach brings in the forthcoming years.


13. Asymmetrical Layouts

We have seen a great growth of asymmetrical layouts in digital product design. Traditional template-based layouts are clearly going away.

In the year 2021 will not be any kind of distinctive as this trend will continue. Moreover, appropriate usage of asymmetrical layouts involve a number of character, dynamic, and personality to our designs, that is why they are not template-based anymore.



Source: Bully Entertainment


There is a plethora of room for creativity as the various number of opportunities and options when building asymmetrical layouts are countless. On the other side, developing successful asymmetrical layouts needs some practice and time.


14. Story Telling

Typography does not just make a great tool to build your brand image. But it associates with a great copy to create a story users can become deeply involved in.

Stories present a really crucial role in overall UX in the digital product design. You may see them quite often on the landing pages as representing the new product, brand as well as service.

Storytelling helps to build positive emotions and relationships with your brand and visitors. In addition to this, storytelling is all about bringing information to the users in a great creative and possible way. This might be gained by copyrighting combined with a strong and balanced visual hierarchy such as illustrations, graphs, bold colors, high-quality photos, animations, and other amazing elements.


As well as storytelling makes your brand more catchy and perhaps users feel like they are part of your products or services. Moreover, storytelling is also an amazing and powerful marketing tool that can largely boost the sales of your products and services.

Storytelling is a wonderful tool that will continue and enhance in the year 2021.


15. Artificial Intelligence

AI will be integrated into almost each and every possible product in the year 2021, without any surprise. Perhaps, it will be easy and beneficial to your work. Moreover, It could absolutely lead to a boost conversion rate. The designers are saving lots of time as well.




Products can research more and more about the visitors based on their behavior, which will help with building a great user experience.


16. Oversized, bold typography

In 2021 bold typography will hold its place and might rise even higher. Moreover, it does not just appear amazing, however, this spectacular solution may inspire the visitors of your website, and that will make them spend more time.

On the other hand, with the UI, seeing the user experience aspect, a large text which does not bring the appropriate results. Definitely, the visitors will be interested and probably scroll through the web page to know what happens next, though they might not convert.



Source: Internet Devels

Without a strong reason that provides a solution to the user’s requirements and a call to action that attracts them to get the next step towards conversion, otherwise, the website is at risk to be a waste of time as well as money on both design and development.


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17. Dark Themes

Dark user interface themes will continue to expand in 2021. The most significant advantages of the themes are beyond the visual appeal that dark themes with appropriate contrast will help eye strain to many people.


One of the most recent apps to get the dark theme is Gmail, that initiated rolling out the option back in September. Presently, all three major tech giants like Apple, Google, and even Facebook’s mobile application have jumped on the dark theme bandwagon, and the trend is unlikely to disappear in forthcoming days.


Concluding lines:

In brief, we can state that we will see more experiments in the UI design in 2021. UI designers will tend to break the rules, take risks, and do experiments to offer immersive, interactive, and pleasant user experience on every device.

We can consider these seventeen major trends as the tip of the iceberg. There is much more to come in the web design arena. It is interesting to see what the year 2021 brings for us.

At Solwin Infotech, our experienced web developers and designers always stay in touch with the UI trends to provide an excellent user experience. Experience how our designers use the trends and cutting-edge tools to develop futuristic and user-friendly websites.

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