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Adding a blog to your WooCommerce store is the icing on the cake to boost customer satisfaction. A dedicated blog can make a big difference to the online store’s visibility and assist you to increase brand awareness. Also, as WooCommerce is based on WordPress, the most popular blogging platform, you can easily add a blog to the store.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 7 benefits of having a blog along with giving the necessary checklist. These days, the eCommerce sector is growing quite rapidly, but it brings a lot of challenges for new players and even small and mid-sized store owners. Intensifying competition in this sector makes it difficult for eCommerce website owners to attract and retain customers.

Here, a WooCommerce website with a blog section can assist you to make your customers’ journey more fulfilling. Blogs can give people both information and entertainment. Your customers can remain updated with new products and discount offers that can help them make decisions about shopping and purchases from your eCommerce website.

Having A Blog On Your WooCommerce Store

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Here are the top reasons why your WooCommerce-powered online store should have a blog.


Top Reasons to Consider for Having a Blog on Your WooCommerce Store


1. Increases Ranking on SERPs

Blogs can target relevant keywords easily and assist your website to get the right kind of traffic. Once you can reach your target audience effectively, chances are high that you will get a better conversion rate. The blog section is useful for increasing the rank of your WooCommerce website on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) for relevant keywords and topics.

Blogs can also help with both internal and external link building. Blogs can play a vital role in strengthening SEO efforts and boosting organic campaigns for your eCommerce website.


2. Engages Your Customers

Customers can make or break your eCommerce business. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you cater to their needs and expectations. In this digital age, technology-savvy customers demand more information online.

Here, the blog section can lend a helping hand. You can keep your customers engaged with interesting blogs and they can spend more time on your website. You can also keep them updated with the latest trends or products and share announcements related to discounts and promotional offers.

What’s more, blogs enable you to get the customer’s feedback in the form of comments and you can make better business decisions.


3. Establishes Authority Online

Blogging is useful for branding and establishing authority online. All you need to use the blog section strategically to propagate your business model to the people with ease. You can leverage the benefits of content marketing and online publicity with the help of blogging. You can also share insights on social media by sharing blogs and showing your domain expertise.

Altogether, blogs can assist you to drive engagement and spread awareness for your products or services effectively.


4. Boosts Store’s Visibility

Blogging can offer a range of benefits to eCommerce websites. One of them is from the SEO perspective. The search engine giant Google loves original content with regular updates. Websites that follow these norms can gain high visibility on Google pages over the period.

The blog section on the WooCommerce site enables you to write on different topics based on the latest market trends and customer interests. What’s more, you can easily react to any relevant news and changes through blogs. This can ultimately lead to higher ranking and more visibility with increased traffic online.


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5. Enhances Conversion Rates

On one hand, a WooCommerce blog can drive more traffic to your website, and on the other hand, it has an impact on your prospective customers’ shopping decisions. A unique and informative blog with appealing language can work wonders in attracting people and increasing conversion rates. You can easily announce new updates and offers using the blog and build trust in new customers while retaining the existing ones.


6. Gains Loyal Customers

Repeat sales are based on brand loyalty. This holds true for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. When you own an online-only store, it is necessary for you to build and improve brand loyalty. With a blog, you can easily achieve this objective. When your posts are balanced with elements of fun and information, they can increase brand loyalty significantly.

You can communicate with your prospective and new customers through blogs effectively to get a loyal customer base. In a way, a WooCommerce blog can take your online business to a new level.


7. Opens up Viral Marketing

Blogs can have buttons that enable users to share content on various social media networks or through sending emails. When you post a blog with an engaging story or photo, it is fairly possible that people will share it with their friends and relatives online. Even if your post does not reach thousands of millions of shares, it can assist you to open the doors of viral marketing eventually.

You can build a community consisting of loyal customers with the help of a blog section. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that the blog on the WooCommerce website acts as a free marketing tool.

After going through the key benefits of the blog section on your eCommerce website, let’s look at the checklist for blogging on your WooCommerce store.


Blogging Checklist for Your WooCommerce Store

Now that we’ve discussed all the benefits of a blog section in the WooCommerce site, here is your checklist to make the most of this section. All you need to find the answer to the following questions


  • Do I understand enough about SEO strategies related to blogging?
  • Does the content I post on social media get enough traction as per my expectation?
  • Do I know the way to make blog posts in a way that keeps my audience engaged?
  • If I was the customer, which type of blogs or content would I prefer?
  • Can I maintain a steady flow of blogs and keep them updated regularly?

If any one of these questions’ answer is ‘No’, then you need to consult a reputed WordPress web development company. As WooCommerce is an eCommerce extension of WordPress, you can get the assistance of a WordPress development company to make the most of the blogging section and your WooCommerce store.

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Bottom line

In a nutshell, blogs can offer many benefits to your WooCommerce store. Though the effect of regular blog posting may not be immediate, you can start leveraging the benefits of it over the period.

It can give your online business an edge over competitors in a cost-effective way. Hope this checklist will help you start the blog section in your WooCommerce website.

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