July 31, 2021 khushbu padalia

Best WordPress Plugins For Ecommerce Websites (2021)

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

Around the globe, 12-24 million eCommerce sites are live, and still, these numbers continue expanding. Numerous individuals are moving their offline operations to online to get more success. As building eCommerce sites are less complicated these days with WordPress, WordPress with the WooCommerce plugin is an eminent mixture for developing an online site. Do you

July 19, 2021 khushbu padalia

Why You Should Opt for WordPress Migration Services (8 Major Reasons)

Why Opt For WordPress Migration Services

WordPress has remained a preferred choice of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. WordPress powers approximately 64 million websites, and over 400 million people visit WordPress sites every month globally. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to migrate your existing website to the WordPress platform. Transferring or moving any website from one web host to another

July 9, 2021 khushbu padalia

Guide To WordPress Redirects (Steps To Follow)

How To Do Redirects In WordPress

You will observe that many of your URLs have been changed whenever you redesign your website. This is also applicable whenever you made certain changes to its permalink structure. Ultimately, it creates a big issue for users as well as search engines. Here, comes the role of WordPress redirects which contributes to providing a simple

June 8, 2021 khushbu padalia

How to Customize WordPress Plugins? (4 Easy Ways To Do)

How to Customize WordPress Plugins

WordPress needs no introduction. It has been in the world for quite a long time. And up till now, it has given a tough fight to leading web development technology. The main reason behind its remarkable success is, it is highly customizable and also SEO-friendly. Other benefits include open-source technology, security, user-friendliness, and the thousands

May 24, 2021 khushbu padalia

How to Find the Best WordPress Developers for Your Next Project?

How To Find WordPress Developers

Are you searching for experienced WordPress developers to create a future-ready website? Every business needs a user-friendly website that showcases the service offerings and products online. WordPress is a popular CMS platform that is preferred by thousands of developers and users across the globe. You need to hire the best WordPress developers for building a

May 21, 2021 khushbu padalia

How to Embed YouTube Video in WordPress

How To Embed YouTube Video In WordPress

Everyone knows that video is now becoming an essential tool for digital marketing strategy. According to the statistics, over 500 million hours are watched on YouTube every day. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Embedding a video on WordPress helps to enhance the SEO too. Embedding YouTube Videos is a fantastic

April 6, 2021 khushbu padalia

Best File and Document Management Plugins For WordPress

Best File and Document Management Plugins For WordPress

Media files or documents are an important asset of a website. It drives visual appearance from visitors to your website. To manage a large number of files you can do it manually or with the help of suitable document management WordPress plugins. In this article, we have gathered the topmost WordPress document management plugins. The