What Are The Benefits of WordPress Plugins
November 3, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya


WordPress powers more than 33.8% of websites, making it one of the most popular content management systems in the web development world. Currently, it has more than 60% of the market share.

What makes WordPress so popular?
WordPress is a cheap tool that is easy to use and helps you create your website even if you do not know programming or web design. All you have to pay for is hosting and a domain name.

WordPress plugins have revolutionized the way people used to build their websites. Logins have also empowered non-coders in achieving the exact features and functionality that they require for their website. These functionalities can be added easily too, at a relatively low cost. For businesses that operate in a fast-changing business environment, the type of flexibility that these plugins offer is invaluable.


Why choose WordPress plugins for website development?

Another thing that increases the popularity of WordPress is the variety of plugins it offers. They are fantastic plugins for extending functionality, optimizing it to be more user-friendly, and adding new features to your website. So what are the benefits of using WordPress and its various logins?


There is a plugin for almost all needs

Did you know that you can add the desired functionality to your website using the best suitable plugins?

One of the primary reasons for choosing WordPress as your CMS is that a massive community of talented developers supports it. As a result, there is now an incredible range of top WordPress plugins that website owners can choose. The official directory of WordPress has almost 54,000+ plugins listed.

Due to this, there is invariably a plugin to meet any need. With the help of WordPress plugins, you can optimize your content for SEO, add contact forms, integrate automated email marketing, create membership areas, regularly schedule backups of your website, and add live chat.

These are very few of the possibilities that WordPress plugins have on offer. With most other options, your website is built with limited logins. Generally, you will have the functionality which has been built into the website. If you desire to go beyond this functionality, then you will have to hire a developer to provide that additional functionality.

For instance, adding secure and safe online payments to a website may be highly costly. The security implications of handling financial data mean that you need to be very careful with the solution you opt for. This is not the same with plugins. WordPress eCommerceWordPressto create login solutions like WooCommerce allow you to offer secure and safe online shopping to your users on your website.


Saves time

Saving time on your work is exceptionally important nowadays. People look for anything that can help to save their time, even a few minutes. The various downloaded apps that help them perform everyday tasks using only a smartphone, such as air projector, toggl, and faxburner.

These plugins allow business owners to do almost every job they need with just a few clicks. You need not spend days creating all of your online assets and documents from scratches. The plugin functions include adding complex features like multi-language functionality to smaller increments like producing a video Gallery.


Highly dependable

More and more business owners worry about the flawless level of their business dependability since every crash will make them lose a potential profit. Companies like Solwin Infotech provide security for businesses in case of various disruptions and emergencies. With the help of WordPress plugins, you can do the same for your website. Some of them provide excellent efficiency levels. Different website owners keep themselves updated frequently to repair bugs and improve their security. It is a matter of your own will if you prefer to use a free version or the premium version that includes advanced features.



Most of the add-ons offer you the flexibility to customize your blog posts and site features that you like the most. Almost all plugins allow some settings to be turned off and on and styles such as colors or fonts to be changed at every moment. The WordPress themes are easy to customize so that you can do it so easily in no time. You can make your website according to your target audience or your test.



Since the web development process is very costly and not all newcomers can afford to spend hundreds or thousands of money on their blogging platform, WordPress is an excellent solution for them. With the help of WordPress plugins, there is almost always a free version of a plugin that you can use.

Even if you need to buy a premium WordPress plugin, the costs of updating and building a plugin are distributed among all the plugin buyers. The cost of a plugin is almost always under $90, which is way less than you may have to pay for web developers.


Easy to use

Even a newcomer can use WordPress for creating a website. When you add plugins to your website, all of them are placed in a database. You can access all plugins and teams from an admin panel. In this way, you can easily choose if you want to use them further or deactivate the selected logins when they are of no need.

It is straightforward to add plugins to your WordPress. You only have to search for them in the WordPress dashboard and click on “add new.” The next step is to download it and install it. Another way is to download the plugin directly from the directory of WordPress or the seller’s website. You can download the zip file and upload it to your page and then activate it.


Open information about the plugin

When you hire a developer to expand the functionality of your site, it can become more challenging to predict the results. Evaluating finished logins seems to be much easier because of the large amounts of information available to you. A plugin that has thousands of downloads seems to be safer than one with fewer installations.

You can also see when the last time the plugin was updated and revised was. As a general rule, a plugin that is updated often shall work better than the one which has not received any update for years.



You can update the WordPress website the way you want as it is a fabulous choice for marketing. You can easily modify your blog with the help of WordPress to make reading, indexing, and ranking the site’s content easier for search engines. Another work is excellent social media integration which helps you promote your blog posts all over the internet. You need not log in separately to your social media accounts. A plugin is available that allows you to inform your followers and subscribers about a new post that you upload automatically. You can add WordPress among the most helpful marketing tools for beginners on the internet.



The protective plugins created for WordPress are generally developed by trustworthy companies that ensure the highest satisfaction and offer protection from security failures. You can use plugins like protection ninja because of their improved and reliable protection features. In this way, you can satisfy the customers with the knowledge that their data is safe and secure.


How to avoid plugin bloat

Even though the plugins have a vast number of plus points, You need to use the plugins wisely. The quality of plugins varies and hence it is essential to monitor whether a newly installed plugin is hurting your site’s performance. If you ignore that the loading speed of your website has decreased following adding a new plugin, you may need to test deactivating it to check if this was what has contributed to the lack in performance.

Since it is effortless to add plugins, this can lead to some website owners adding unnecessary plugins to their websites. This leads to a scenario known as the plugin below. The most effective way of avoiding this is to select logins from well-recognized developers and consider carefully if a new plugin is essential to achieve your desired functionality or not. Mainly you need to avoid adding more than one plugin which accomplishes the same level of functionality.



Even though WordPress initially started as a simple blogging site, it has evolved into an effective tool for creating and updating websites for beginners and expert users without hiring developers. It offers unique features, which make it the most popular content management system today on the internet. With the help of these logins, you can build more users’ trust in your company and you.

All the credit goes to its open-source software, which helps WordPress improve based on the daily user data. So making some intelligent choices, you need not worry about your side’s efficiency and security. We hope that the information above shall help you choose the right plugins and make your website the best page it can be. To know more about the word-press and its plugins, reach out to our experts.

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