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May 22, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Due to the enhancement of technology more and more people like to use Social Media in their everyday life. In addition to this, social media is an amazing platform for online marketing that changed everyone’s lives. Furthermore, online businesses also get benefit from it to reach their targeted audience quickly. Here we have created a list of top most Social Media WordPress plugins that make your efforts easier.

If you want your website visitors to reach your social media accounts or vice versa, then, these various social media plugins let you do it in just a few clicks. Moreover, these plugins not just help you to integrate the social media buttons but there are many other aspects such as display social media feed on your website, social sharing buttons, post-auto-scheduling, etc.

Most importantly, if you have the website in 2020, then you must require the social media platforms to advertise your website all over the globe. Therefore, in this article we demonstrate various great plugins, so you will get the benefits as early as you can.

Without waiting, let’s explore the plugins and get more social as early as possible.


1. Easy Social Share Buttons for WordPress

Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons recognizes as a popular and featured packed WordPress plugin. It is the most flexible social sharing plugin on the market. This plugin supports multiple social networks that lead you to add the buttons on your website. It includes 52 templates and more than 27 design positions that you can use to make your social button more attractive. Moreover, there are many built-in button templates available that you can use directly.

Using this plugin, you can do many things such as custom sharing messages, automatic updates, social sharing statistics, custom post type compatibility, etc. It is a popular plugin and 29000+ codecanyon sales. Check it now.

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2. Social Auto Poster

social auto poster

Want to do auto-posting your website content, then Social Auto Poster WordPress plugin is a helpful tool for you. Using this plugin, you can quickly share your content with popular social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. For automatic posts, you just need to perform 3 easy steps. The first is to configure your social media account, the second is to write a quality post, and the last one takes some breath. Your post will automatically share on your account.

You can schedule the auto-post as well. Just need to set posting order by post title & date. It comes with great features. If you looking for an auto-posting tool, then worth using it.

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3. Social Stream Designer

Social-stream-designer-wordpress-plugin - 1200X630

Social Stream means stream your social accounts on your site hassle-free with Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin. It is a trendy solution for the owners who are looking for a way to add social accounts feed on the site. This plugin leads you to create an astounding wall for all the social feeds. Moreover, you can design the layout as well. It has 40+ layout options that help you to display your feed in an eye-catchy layout.

It contains 5+ popular layout styles such as Grid, Masonry, sliders, timeline, and many more. There are several settings available to customize the various options as well. It supports 13 growing social networks.

Here, we have mentioned some details that you can embed post on your site from a particular social media account.

  • Facebook: posts of page and album
  • Twitter: home timeline, user feed, search feeds by * (any keywrod) including hashtags, user lists, likes
  • Instagram: public photos by username and hashtag
  • Youtube: user feed, channel, playlist, and search
  • Rss: RSS feeds by XML channel URL

It is a fully-featured pack plugin. Buy it now!

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4. Easy Select And Share

Easy Select And Share

Easy Select And Share Pro WordPress plugin allows sharing the selected sentence from the article on popular social media networks.

Often, sharing specific content from the article creates curiosity in the reader’s mind to reading further. For that, select and sharing plugins very helpful. It allows visitors to share the content whichever they want. This plugin comes with a 20+ preset layout and supports 14 social networks. It has 4 types of position options like beside content such as In popup, after content, before content available to share selected text on social media. A good social-sharing WordPress plugin.

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5. FS Poster

FS Poster

FS Poster is another plugin that gives you a great opportunity to auto-publish your WordPress website posts on social media accounts automatically. This plugin also provides the schedule option and re-publish the old posts as well. You can save your time while adding this functionality to your site because you no longer require sharing your post manually on each account.

You can share the post to 12 social networks at the same time and configured unlimited social accounts or groups to automate the post. One of the great things, that you can now filter the posts by category. Many more features & functionalities available to know just go for it.

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6. Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share & Locker Pro

Social Share and Locker Pro is the plugin that offers 44+ share buttons & 100+ social network supports. There are 10+ themes available for social buttons and 5+ custom locker themes that you can customize as you want. Using this plugin, you can hide or unhide the locked based on user status. There are plenty of other features available like content display, initial counts, email share, popup display, multiple custom post types, etc.

It is a very easy-to-use and customizable plugin. Just explore now.

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7. Social Counter

Social Counter

Social Counter plugin helps you to showcase the latest counts of your social media account followers, and that encourages your website visitors to follow you on social media. You can easily do it via widgets and shortcodes. There are 5+ different designs to showcase the social media button with follower statistics. This plugin has a drag & drop functionality to sort the icons the way you desire on your site. It has 35+ counters and supports various social networks.

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8. Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal

Instagram Journal is a versatile Instagram plugin that lets you embed posts of your Instagram account. It displays everything from your photos, the photos you have liked, photos of the location, etc. This plugin is ready to give you a robust Instagram experience on your website with premium gallery designs. Moreover, it comes with a responsive and elegant theme. So with this plugin, you can create a simply amazing showcase in just a few clicks. It has 100+ customizable options & video tutorials to make things better. Check out now.

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9. Social Snap

Social Snap

Social snap is another great tool that helps you to add the social media buttons, floating sidebar, inline, and many more. While social sharing, you can simply increase traffic and engagement by giving options to visitors to share your post on social media. It is built with simple to use that even a beginner can use it without any hassle. It develops with the latest standard & performance in the mind. This one plugin includes the power of social plugins, boost old posts, and auto-scheduling content to share.
So much in one plugin, right? Let’s view the demo now.

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10. Revive Old Post

Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Post is a simple but very important plugin that keeps your old content live & attracts visitors easily. This plugin gives full control over the social share, what you want to share with the world that you can easily customize. It automatically adds relevant hashtags by fetching them the post’s assigned blog categories & tags. Tracking the details that help you to how popular your post so, with this you can easily do it.

Now, don’t share the post once only. Share your old content as well easily with this plugin and post multiple times on different social media platforms.

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11. Blog2Social


Blog2Social is a plugin specially designed for WordPress websites to manage, schedule, share, and crosspost content to social media. Post from your website, blog, or any other source right from your WP dashboard across more than 16 of the most popular social networks.

Blog2Social is a freemium plugin with many advanced social media automation options for free or premium users. Autopost, schedule and automatically share your blog posts to your social networks. Blog2Social automatically creates social media posts from your content and posts at the best times for each network.

Get started today and join more than 60,000 happy users.

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12. Jetpack Publicize


Jetpack is a well-known plugin in the WordPress community. In addition, Jetpack Publicize makes it easy to share your website posts on various social media accounts automatically when you publish the new post. You can quickly connect your site to any social network profiles by following some easy steps. Using a premium plan, you can also schedule the post to re-share for specific dates and times in the future. After crafting the message or post, you can preview it, how it will display on your social network.

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13. NextScripts:


Last but not the least; NextScripts is a freemium plugin that also helps you to share the post automatically and save your time. You just need to link up with various social networks & posts that will publish at the time whichever you’ve mentioned in it. With this plugin, you can also share the post on your Facebook groups. This plugin supports 30+ social networks and configures unlimited social accounts for each network. There are some additional filters available like custom fields, custom taxonomies, searches, etc. You can also use a proxy for your selected profiles to secure your site from the blocking.

It has many more features like URL shorteners, post types, auto-import comments, quick posts, etc. Try Now.

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Why you should consider WordPress Social Media Plugins?

  • Social media plugins make the details more visually impressive & speedy.
  • Helps to raise your community & community interaction
  • Allows your visitors to share the content to several social media networks
  • Increase the user experience
  • Showcase your popular social media posts on website & increase the user engagement
  • Helps to drive traffic on your website through social media posts



We all know that social media is an unavoidable option when it comes to increasing the traffic on your wonderful website. As we are expecting that you have gone through the most popular and useful social media WordPress plugins, that might found suitable for your website.

If you required to add social icons on your site, then Easy Social Share is an optimum solution. And, if you love to create an amazing wall on your site with various social posts, then Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin is a great choice.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding these plugins, feel free to drop a comment or let us know. We are happy to help you!

Social media is more than just marketing so, make sure that you also take benefit from it. If you enjoyed this article, then do not forget to share it.

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