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June 1, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

If you are using a WordPress website, then there are thousands of plugins available for your website. Moreover, not everyone has time to go through all the plugins as well as try out it to examine how good it works. That is the reason we bring together some of the best social media feed plugins for your WordPress website with amazing features and in detailed information.

Furthermore, If you are thinking of adding your social networks to your website using magnificent social media feeds then you have various excellent social media plugin options. The social media feed plugin that we reviewed is supporting social media feeds that coordinate Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and many others.

Let’s begin with the social media feed WordPress plugin.

Before starting the discussion on the social stream plugin, we will like to share some basic information on various kinds of social media feeds.


1. Facebook Feed

In today’s world, more than 2 billion people are using a Facebook website each month. Many people like to search for some company websites on Facebook, so it is an amazing thing to develop a bridge between your digital leads and social followers.

In addition to this, from posts to feeds as well as suggestions, you can make known users to your social side without leaving out from your website. Rather than other social media websites, Facebook provides a page plugin generator by embedding your profile on your or business company website.



2. Instagram Feed

Instagram does not support consumers with a plugin generator just like Facebook. But, It serves some instructions for users on embedding a single post. Moreover, If you want to embed a full Instagram profile or feed then you need to work with a third-party solution.

If you use the WordPress platform for your website development then you can use the Instagram Feed Plugin by Smash Balloon that links your website and Instagram straight forward.

vSmash Balloon Social Photo Feed

Most importantly, Instagram was developed to share visual images or photos and that is the reason to make sure your Instagram profile performs as best as it can.


3) Twitter Feed

Embedding a Twitter feed includes creating a widget on the profile of your company. Moreover, there is no generator available, you just need to go into settings and create a widget then copy and paste the code.

The whole process is like– Click your profile picture in the top right > Settings and Privacy > Widgets > Create New.

After that, Twitter will ask you that if you want to create a widget that embeds a profile, collection, likes, and search list.

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4) Pinterest feed

Pinterest supports the consumers with a widget builder, that is why you can follow the website’s instructions to get code for your company’s website. You have the option to build a save or follow button, board, pin as well as profile.

Whenever you input your Pinterest board URL and adjust the appropriate size and then the code will be ready to implement on your website.

Now let’s begin with our social media plugin.


Social Stream Designer – WordPress Plugin

social stream designer

Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin is an amazing WordPress plugin that grants you to merge your social media feed on your website from the number of platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, and others.

It allows you a superb responsive wall on your WordPress website or blog in just a minute. Moreover, It supports 13 growing social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, RSS, WordPress, Dribbble, Foursquare, SoundCloud and many more with the latest launched. The responsive layout is optimized for any device and a user-friendly admin panel for setting up your social media feed without any difficulty.

Social stream plugin provides the most popular 6 layout styles like Grid, List, Masonry, Horizontal Slider, Vertical Slider and Timeline to create an appealing social media feed on your website.


Also, the plugin supports different customization options for designs and styles. More than 40 options ready for use to customize your website.

You can integrate all your social network feeds and display them in one social network feed with varied designs or in a single network stream. You can also go through the documentation for this plugin.


Features of Plugin that Covered To Grow Your Business


1) Supports 13 Growing Social Networks

Supports 13 increasing social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, Flickr, RSS, Instagram, Vimeo, WordPress, SoundCloud, Foursquare, and Dribbble.

13 social media


2) Unlimited Social Streams

You can insert unlimited Social Streams with various designs and layout on your website.


3) Layouts Settings Options

In layout settings, more than 40 options are available that create your social stream feeds more engaging.

Social Stream Designer - Media-Settings


4) Different Pagination Types

A plugin appears with 3 different types of pagination such as Standard pagination, Load more, and Autoload.


5) Fully Responsive

A Plugin is fully responsive which means it is compatible with all kinds of devices.


6) No Expert Required

A plugin is user-friendly, so we do not need the experts. Moreover, basic WordPress users can also use it smoothly.


7) Duplicate Layout

The Plugin provides the functionality to effortlessly duplicate the layout.


8) Live Preview

Using the Social Stream Designer plugin, a user can be viewing all layouts at the time of development and alteration.


9) Translation Ready

You can translate your plugin to another language on just one click, create a .po file to integrated .pot file.


10) Properly Documented

This plugin is detailed and documented by providing each and every type of configuration and setting.


11) Multiple Social Streams In Single Feed

Demonstrate multiple social streams in a single feed. For instance, display Twitter, Facebook, and many other social feeds on a single wall.


12) Fancybox Interaction

By using Fancybox your social stream feeds become more wonderful. It permits the user to display Social feed data in a fancy box.


13) Social Sharing Buttons

You can share your social feed on various social networks. Let me give you an example, you can share your Twitter feed on Facebook.

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14) Manage Animations

It allows you to animate the content of the social feed as well as manage the animation of it.


15) Cross-Browser Compatibility

This plugin is running with all the most popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer and many others.


16) Support Shortcodes

This plugin provides the support of a shortcode. If you use the shortcode integration, then you can customize your page smoothly.


17) Custom CSS

This plugin gives the support of custom CSS. You can write your own CSS in the Custom CSS box to alter the feel and look of the layout.


18) Premium Support

Using Premium support simply develops a support ticket for queries such as pre-sales, customization, and issues.


19) Compatible With Bootstrap, FontAwesome

Social Stream Designer plugin has been created using recent web technology on the globe. By applying your icon, make the website eye-catching to your visitor.

After going through the amazing features of our Social Stream Designer – WordPress Plugin, and, if you want to see the demo of it then just Click Here. Now, follow the given below steps to install the wonderful WordPress plugin into your Website.

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How to Install this Plugin?

1) Go to Plugins > Add New.
2) Click on Upload Plugin then Search and select after that click on Install Now.
3) Using an alternative way, upload a social-stream-designer folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.
4) Then activate Social Stream Designer, click on Activate link.
5) After plugin activation then moves on the Social Stream Designer page.


Final Thought!

In the market, you have the various choice for WordPress social media feed plugins to choose from, but Social Stream Designer plugin is the great choice when it comes to features, support the social networks as well as social feed customization.

Let’s use social media feed plugins like Social Stream Designer on your website and promote through social media.

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