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July 1, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

In the digital era, there are a plethora of WordPress themes available in the market. So, choose a WordPress theme is undoubtedly important.

WordPress platform does not need a high level of coding knowledge to create as well as maintain a wonderful and functioning website. Moreover, WordPress has thousands of responsive themes. Each and every theme is unique in its own way. Many look to be perfect and some require customization.

Nowadays, WordPress powers approximately 32.9% of total websites on the World Wide Web, where 25 billion website pages are viewed every month. In addition to this, it is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) across the globe.

When you go online to choose a single theme for your website, it is clear that you will get confused in various ways. And, it would take the number of days for you to select a single theme out of many themes. In addition to this, it literally depends on whether you are creating a blog for travel, politics, food, education, and many others, we have wonderful WordPress themes available for you.

And when you want to create an awesome website, selecting the correct theme is really important. Furthermore, the correct theme means it must be responsive across all kinds of digital devices.

On the other hand, many times, it can become a headache for people to create a website with WordPress. And it can happen just when they don’t know, “how to select a WordPress theme?”

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So, in this article, we are going to demonstrate to you some common Do’s & Don’ts tips to select the best WordPress theme.

Do’s to Select The WordPress Theme Don’ts To Select The WordPress Theme
List Out The Features That You Want Don’t Select A Bloated WordPress Theme
Do Keep Color Impact In Mind Don’t Fail To Update Your Website Features
Simplicity Is The Key Don’t Use Too Many Google Fonts
Choose The Responsive Theme Don’t Use Too Many Of Widgets
Theme Must Support Various Plugins Don’t Ignore Website Security
Choose An SEO Optimized Theme
The Theme Should Provide Support
Do Test The Theme Thoroughly

Now let’s begin,


Do’s to Select The WordPress Theme

In this article, we will define some important things that you can consider when you are selecting a WordPress theme for your project and company.


1. List Out The Features That You Want

Before choosing a theme, it is really essential to decide what features are important and which you can live without.

The WordPress Feature Filter makes it really effortless to customize your search for the free themes depending on particular features you want in your project, like being translation ready and permitting for an adaptable header. Furthermore, it is valuable to have the theme design in your mind before making a choice. For example, you might be inclined to know if you want your website to get one or more than one column.


Whenever it comes to WordPress themes, then less is always more. Developing from the bottom up, the theme you select should have only the features which will help you achieve the goal of your website is really important.


2. Do Keep Color Impact In Mind

Generally, online marketing is depending on visual appearance. And importantly, color plays an essential role in website appearance. Moreover, a wonderful color theme establishes brand recognition in a more excellent manner interest

Furthermore, always stick to the neutral intersection and choose colors that the visitors like to see. Here, we would recommend you to go through your opponent’s color selection by visiting their websites.

color emotion

The most important thing is to never get bewildered between light and dark WordPress themes.

The statistics demonstrate that users prefer light-colored websites compared to the dark-colored Website. A light-colored website enhances website visibility, readability as well as makes your website design more conventional. However, if you want to go with dark color shades, then prefer a great responsive WordPress theme that will offer you a night mode selection.


3. Simplicity Is The Key

Nowadays, there are more than 6000 WordPress themes available in the market. Many of it comes with complex layouts, flashy animations, numerous colors, unimportant javascript, and various others. Sometimes, all of that restricts the website from doing what it would like to do.

Whenever you are selecting a theme, pick the one which can help you to fulfill your initial goal as well as the purpose of the website. A colorful website with a complex layout may look appealing to visitor’s eyes but it may distract your visitors from reading and getting the information that you want to share with them.

However, simple websites support more focus on content or information and enhance your typography. Normally, people love websites that put the user first.

Moreover, If you are wondering about the golden rule while selecting a WordPress theme, the answer is always the same. Just focus on your visitors.


4. Choose The Responsive Theme

Responsive design means making your website super easy to use, not only on a laptop but on various digital devices. It simply means compatible with smart devices and has appropriate menus and other widgets that navigate smoothly. In addition to it, look for features such as a fluid website grid and flexible images that can translate to any type of device. An example of a responsive theme would be one that can easily translate on a mobile device without any hurdle.

Kosmic WordPress Theme

A mobile-friendly website gives you a great scope for online business due to 50% of online traffic coming from mobile users. Thus, don’t forget to check whether the theme is responsive or not while choosing a WordPress theme.

Apart from this, if you want to give an amazing experience to the visitors at different devices, then you have to also take care of the browsers. Your WordPress theme must be accessible to all browsers because your visitor can come from any browser.

Moreover, on the internet, you can find the number of tools that will help you to find if the theme is browser-friendly or not.


5. Theme Must Support Various Plugins

Over here when we talk on plugins, we merely suggest WordPress plugins. Moreover, in the online market, there are a plethora of WordPress plugins available. Most importantly, a plugin has to add extra features to your WordPress websites and make it a fully functional Website.

Thus, it is essential for you to select the theme that would be compatible with nearly all WordPress plugins.

Here, we recommend some wonderful free WordPress Plugins just to you!


6. Choose An SEO Optimized Theme

Your website is worthless if visitors will not find it on the World Wide Web. So, you have to make sure that your website is smoothly searchable. WordPress provides various SEO optimized themes for your website.

By the use of this type of theme, you can boost SEO functionalities as well as make your website more accessible to the Search Engine Results Page. Furthermore, the WordPress development agency always searches for these types of WordPress themes to build great quality websites.

In Solwin Infotech company, we have all the SEO Optimized and responsive themes.


7. The Theme Should Provide Support

Generally, the WordPress Themes that provide support are premium themes. These themes promise you assistance in any conditions where it can fail.

We recommend you to choose a premium theme that is a great investment. Because it gives you wonderful support, robust security as well as advanced features.

Here, we would like to suggest some premium themes such as Kosmic, Biznetic, RealEstaty, MyAppix, and various others.


8. Do Test WordPress Theme Thoroughly

A great way to start when testing a WordPress theme’s efficiency is to install the Theme Check plugin that checks if your theme supports all current WordPress standards or not.

Theme Check Plugin

Whenever you are done with all the adjustments and have uploaded all of your content, then check your website before launching it on the Internet.

Furthermore, reread all of your Website content, check out your website on smart devices as well, and make sure all of your images load perfectly.

All and all, these above points that you have to take in mind whenever you are selecting a theme for your website.

Now it’s time to determine what things you are not doing when you choose a WordPress theme.


Don’ts To Select The WordPress Theme


1. Don’t Select A Bloated WordPress Theme

A theme offers a number of wonderful features that may look appealing, but it may sometimes compromise the security and divert the attention of the visitors. Furthermore, bloated themes can make a website slow at the end.

That is the reason, try to increase your budgets and go with the premium theme which supports regular fixes, better coding, enhances security, and updates.


2. Don’t Fail To Update Your Website Features

We all know that WordPress offers a simple business model, so it doesn’t mean that you can sit and relax. If your Website is on WordPress then you must have a study to add new features to your WordPress website.

Due to the competition increases in online business, rather than just remaining to the old features is not always enough. Moreover, adding new is essential because new features will help you to boost more business advantages.

Also, this would keep the visitors and audience interest in your website for a long time. And as a result, you will always get a high visitor engagement ratio.

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3. Don’t Use Too Many Google Fonts

Some WordPress themes provide limited options when it comes to customization whilst other themes enable users to modify their font with the use of CSS(Cascading Style Sheet). It will be great to keep the one that provides various customization options.

Don’t use too many Google fonts on your website.


4. Don’t Use Too Many Of Widgets

All the WordPress themes come with some default widgets which will help you to perform basic functions of texts, videos, images, and many more. But, not every widget is applied fully.

Moreover, if you add a higher number of widgets to your website, then things become cluttered. So, get away with unneeded widgets.

You can easily register and unregister the widget as per your demand.


5. Don’t Ignore Website Security

Due to the enhancement of the technological world, the security of the website is really essential for all companies and organizations. Online websites are always open to hackers and cyber attackers. Hackers can break into any type of website and impact it very badly.


Attackers can steal information, and exploit users directly. However, it may be difficult for you to understand your website security importance, but a WordPress theme can help you in various ways. In addition to this, all the themes at WordPress are secure and guaranteed to keep passwords encrypted.


Wrap Up

Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas for the WordPress theme selection process that best suits you. Take your time to select the correct theme for your WordPress website. Invest money for proper WordPress development service which will focus on earning and making your business a brand with WordPress. You can also hire WordPress experts for developing an amazing online website according to your requirements.

We are always open to your comments, as well as feedback 24×7.

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