Common WordPress Errors
November 30, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

As a WordPress website owner, you are always excited to manage your website. Right! However, some common errors might make you frustrated, especially when you do not know how to fix it. Several WordPress issues can be terrifying at first look and some errors are comparatively simple and easy to deal with. Once you comprehend the problem source, you may troubleshoot some of the basic problems.

Keep reading to know about the 10 common WordPress errors that you may find as a website owner and get some tips to resolve them. Importantly, before trying to resolve WordPress errors, take a website backup without fail.

Let’s take a look at common WordPress errors!


Top 10 Common WordPress Website Errors


1. Error 404

Error 404 is the most common issue, so it may be familiar to most website owners. The error depicts that your WordPress website is unable to find the requested web page. In addition to this, the error is normally associated with a broken link, inappropriate set of permalinks, and changed the URL web page link.

404 error

To resolve this kind of error replace the permalink structure and clear the cache data. Apart from this, you can check the .htaccess file because it controls the hyperlink structure of the website. You can also use this redirection plugin to redirect 404 pages on your site.


2. Error In Connection Timed Out

The connection timed out error occurs when your website is not loaded after a long time or the server is unable to load your website. The connection timed out error can also generate if your website is creating a lot of strain on the webserver. So, we recommend that you optimize your website and speed up your website that loads within 2 seconds or less than that. You can also disable all the unrequired plugins from your WordPress website.


3. Establishing a Database Connection Error

The database connection error occurs when your WordPress website is not able to connect with the database such as SQL or MySQL Server. The database is where all the website data such as your website posts, pages, and visitor’s or customer’s information is stored. Ultimately, if you can not access your website database, then your website is unable to function.

Sometimes, the database connection error happens because of incorrect database login info (username and password). The error can be solved by just analyzing the WordPress database login credentials in the wp-config.php file, which will be located in the root folder. And, if you find incorrect credential data then correct it in the file.


4. Error In Internal Server

The Internal Server Error is also known as 500 Internal Server Error. This error occurs when there is something wrong and an unknown issue happens on the server. It is also a complicated error due to sometimes the system can not identify the root cause of the error on your website.


To resolve this issue you can take help from the web host and increase the PHP memory limit for your website. Also, you can review or test the .htaccess file on your website. If this file is containing any Internal Server Error, then disable it. Conceivably, this may resolve this internal server problem.

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5. Unable to Insert Images

The unable insert image issue happens due to improper file permission. There are several different ways images may crack on the WordPress website. It may showcase incorrectly after you upload it, or you may not be able to upload it on your website.

This can appear if a particular plugin has unintentionally rewritten your website permissions. It is really easy to fix. You can also access your WordPress website’s files, and open the root directory, called the public_html. Then, open the wp-content folder. This is where the “Uploads folder” is located. This folder contains additional folders that store your media files on which you can upload images to your website. Over there right-click and select the File permission option and change the numeric value in that.


6. Error In Missed Scheduled Post

WordPress has a useful feature that helps you to schedule posts ahead of time. You can schedule your posts in advance, and content automatically published on your WordPress website at the times you set. But, sometimes the system fails to upload your post, and you will get a “missed schedule post error”.

This problem is happening because of “cron jobs” which are tasks that WordPress uses to automate particular processes on the website. A great way to avoid this type of error is to use a WordPress plugin. You can use the Scheduled Post Trigger WordPress plugin.

scheduled post trigger


The slider display error occurs when your slider moved from its original position to below the original or main content on your website. Generally, this error is resulting in a problem with your HTML or CSS code of the WordPress theme. As such type of error is because of the latest changes made in your WordPress website theme. It also appears when your website theme files are corrupted.

If you have edited anything on your website theme files recently, then try to revert it to previous states. And, it might help you to resolve the problem.


8. RSS Feed Error

The WordPress RSS feed error shows because of poor formatting on your website. This type of poor formatting can be produced by a blank space after closing a PHP tag in a plugin or the WordPress theme functions of your website. In most cases, these types of errors may differ and rely on the web browser. The RSS feed error is also viewed when browsing their feed in the web browser.

The WordPress platform uses XML to develop the RSS feeds on the website, and if an extra line break or any single space may occur then, the RSS feed error.


9. WordPress Stop Auto-Update

The website keeps updated with the latest version is important for your online business. If you have a WordPress hosting plan like Site Ground for your website then they will be applied to the latest WordPress updates. But, sometimes automated updates will fail to apply due to the error in the server connection with your WordPress website files, an unreliable internet connection, or inappropriate file permissions on your website.

To fix this type of problem, you will be required to manually update WordPress and install the latest version of the software on your website using SFTP from your website admin dashboard.



10. Stuck in Maintenance Mode

The maintenance mode automatically disables your website on the World Wide Web for a short period when it is being updated. Normally, the website update process is so fast. But, if your website update had to cancel before it was complete totally, then you may find your site is stuck in maintenance mode.

It is easy to fix this type of trouble on your website. All you require is to access the root folder of the WordPress website and remove the file called “.maintenance”. Deleting this file will revert your website to normal. Most importantly, you need to retry the failed update.


Concluding Lines

Finally, we are hoping that the article helps you to detect and resolve your WordPress error that occurred on your website. Fixing some of the bugs is easier which might appear horrible in the first glimpse.

If any doubts occur in your mind, then, contact us. We have a team of expert WordPress developers that help you to resolve your issues.

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