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May 13, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

In this era, the competition will be increased in Food industries as well. So, the only offline business is hard to grow especially for restaurants and hotels. So, today in this blog, I will tell you how to create a restaurant website in WordPress and expand your business on the World Wide Web.


To start with, commonly asked questions.


Why WordPress?

There is a number of reasons to choose WordPress. To begin with, nowadays, 25% of WordPress Websites run on the Internet so it is an amazing choice for you. It also has thousands of companies around the globe who build free themes, plugins and offer online support with the zero penny charges.

Moreover, WordPress is a free platform so you can alter or download your site and store it in your local device. Using WordPress plugins and themes, everything you can control on the tip of your fingers.


What things to consider for a wonderful restaurant website?

A great restaurant website includes usable and informative things. Many numbers of websites too much focus on their design, is not actually a bad thing. But, you also have to put the same kind of effort into your content.

Generally, when someone visits your restaurant website, they are wishing to know your establishment better. For instance, People are wondering about what kind of food you provide, your opening times, and how clean your restaurant is. You must include all the above elements on your website.

Whilst, your website must be visually attractive as well as bring relevant content. These include a number of elements, like

1) It should load quickly.
2) Your site should be smooth and easy for visitors who are looking for information.
3) It also provides more functionality where required, like an online menu and seat reservation, will help you to boost your restaurant business.


How to make a restaurant site?

Creating a website may sound difficult, especially for those who do not have any experience in the field. However, just follow a few steps to create your site and it will not require to write any kind of code.

Let’s begin.


1. Purchase a domain name

The domain name is the website address where people can view your website. For instance, the domain name of this site is

Now with the domain name for your website can be difficult, but what really makes it complicated is how competitive the market is. It can be terribly challenging to search for a name you like. However, using a domain buying guide the process became smoother.


2. Purchase hosting and Install WordPress

Your website stored on a server that will hand over the files to visitors when they visit your domain. Most people pay to companies for web hosting service, instead of controlling their own servers due to it is easier and reasonable.

After completing this, you will need to install WordPress. WordPress is always a really easy task to install, however, every host has an auto-installer to make it effortless.


3. Find the perfect Restaurant WordPress Theme

On top of giving you a special design for your website, as well as allow you to set up complex pages with flexibility in some cases. You can implement the latest features.

There are a plethora of WordPress themes to choose from, however your search simple, we recommend you FoodFork theme that especially focusing on restaurants.

Niche themes are inclined to have the unique concern of the field of business in mind. In contrast, it tends to be painless to deal with compare to multi-purpose options.

We earlier viewed at a few of the best restaurant themes available online. The perfect theme for you is FoodFork.

If you are budget constrains then click for free theme options especially for you. Whilst, you will often get a better experience by obtaining a premium theme.

FoodFork is the finest premium WordPress restaurant theme.

FoodFork WordPress Theme

Firstly, you need to install a theme and set it up perfectly. Remember to pick wisely, because, changing themes can bother most of the time.

It looks amazing using various styles as well as amazingly customizable themes. Moreover, It contains all kinds of practical features like complete food menus.

FoodFork - Our Menu

It also showcases the services that your restaurant provides.

FoodFork - Our Services

Furthermore, It also provides information about the Latest Recipes of Restaurant.

FoodFork - Latest Recipes

Our happy customer.

FoodFork - Our Happy Customers

Click here to see more about the demo of FoodFork.


4. Add a reservation plugin

A reservation is one of the most powerful features of a WordPress restaurant website. It also allows you to book your seat at any time on just one click, without having someone answering phones or emails all time.

All in One Reservation - Premium WordPress Plugin

All in One Reservation – Premium WordPress Plugin

Moreover, “All In One Reservation – WordPress Plugin” includes useful and time-saving functionality, like the ability to send reminders to customers. Means one who makes a reservation will get a sensible reminder before the date, so they remember their booking.


5. Launch

These tools give you plenty of choices for creating your Restaurant website. But, before going live check this Website Launch Checklist. With a fantastic launch strategy, It definitely becomes a powerful marketing asset for your restaurant Website.


To Sum up

Developing a classy restaurant website is not an easy task, but it becomes effortless if you follow the given steps carefully.

We have presented five steps to develop a WordPress restaurant website. Let’s quickly summarize it.

1) Purchase a domain name
2) Purchase hosting and Install WordPress
3) Find the perfect Restaurant WordPress Theme
4) Add a reservation plugin
5) Launch

Contact us or let us know if you require a help to create a restaurant website! We have a team of WordPress Professionals with hands of experience in theme development & customization.

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