Best File and Document Management Plugins For WordPress
March 19, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Media files or documents are an important asset of a website. It drives visual appearance from visitors to your website. To manage a large number of files you can do it manually or with the help of suitable document management WordPress plugins.

In this article, we have gathered the topmost WordPress document management plugins. The listed below plugins have some unique features to manage the files & folders effectively, reduce your time, and helps to make your site backend effective.

Let’s explore!


1. WPFileo Pro

WPFileo Pro plugin provides a user-friendly backend. With this plugin, a user can easily organize the files such as text, image, and video with just one click.

While maintaining an online site in the years, the backend of the website becoming unorganized because of thousands of images, files, and so on. For that, WPFileo Pro is an optimum solution that leads to managing media libraries very effectively in folders and sub-folders. It supports plenty of the most useful website plugins & builders.


Using this plugin, a user can easily create unlimited folders, sub-folders, etc. Moreover, it supports the Gutenberg editor. The plugin also supports a 1+7 rainbow color scheme to personalize the look & feel of your website dashboard. It contains lots of other features such as drag & drop, rename or delete folder, sorting & search functionality, count files, etc. A fantastic plugin to manage the documents.

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2. Download Manager

WP Download Manager Pro is the popular WordPress plugin to manage the files & documents as well as an optimum solution for selling digital products. It is a complete solution for managing, tracking, controlling file downloads, etc get it in one pack. The plugin includes various core features such as access control, password protection, Bandwidth control, and so on.

Download Manager

Moreover, the plugin has full features shopping cart with the Paypal integration to sell the digital products easily. It is a simple yet must-have plugin.

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3. WP File Download

WP File Download is another most favorite plugin to manage media files. It contains lots of professional features such as create file categories, drag ‘n’ drop, full-text search engines, etc. Moreover, it also helps a user to sell digital products easily.

WP File Download WordPress plugin is a powerful and easy-to-use plugin. To move or remove duplicate images becomes easier with drag and drop or a user can use the buttons like a copy, paste, and cut one or several files. Also, this plugin gives functionality to select the user roles that are visible to certain users only. A great & effective plugin!

WP File Download

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4. Group File Access

For document management, a user just needs to specify the user roles. So, the Group File Access WordPress plugin gives access to a group of people for downloading the authorized folders. And, only premium or registered users can download the files or folders.

Group File Access

This plugin is useful for those who want to give access to certain data or files for a particular member or group members. Moreover, shortcodes are allowed to posts or pages to render the link to files.

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5. Download Monitor

Download Monitor is a free plugin and available in the WordPress repository. Currently, 100000+ active users use this WordPress plugin to manage the documents on the website. This plugin provides a user-friendly interface for managing and uploading downloadable files. It is 100% Gutenberg compatible and also added a new download block.

Download Monitor

This plugin also allows to track the download counts and can display the download links on the frontend using shortcodes. A good free plugin!

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6. Embed Any Document

Embed Any Document free WordPress plugin lets you add any documents on your online website. It supports maximum all the types such as Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, text files, adobe illustrator, scalable vector graphics, and so on. To view the uploaded file on the website it shows two options to open Google docs viewer and Microsoft office online.

Embed Any Document

It is a compatible plugin and easy to use on the WordPress website. This free version has already 70000+ active installs. A great tool to embed the documents.

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7. SP Project & Document Manager

As its name suggests, SP Project and Document Manager WordPress plugin lead to manage various things like remotely manage the documents and files, unlimited nesting of folders, secure the documents, SSL support, embed YouTube and other media as a file, and so on.


Moreover, a user can create unlimited folders & subfolders to share and organize the documents online easily using this plugin. It is also available in the premium version with the enhanced functionality to manage the online process easier.

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8. File Manager

The file Manager name itself suggests that the plugin is used to organize the file and folders easily. It is a powerful plugin and has a great user-friendly backend interface. This plugin contains lots of advanced features such as an image editor, multiple themes, useful shortcodes, user & group access, and many more.

File Manager

Although, a user will be able to customize the look and feel of the files and folders the way you want. Moreover, a user can also allow viewing the frontend by just adding the shortcodes. Using the drag n drop feature, the work becomes smoother. A good document file management plugin!

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9. Fivo Docs

Fivo Docs is another plugin for managing the documents and files of WordPress websites. Using its awesome features it transforms the media library into complete documents library sections. It organized the documents into various media categories. The plugin provides two types of layouts which are boxed and list.

Fivo Docs

It has a retina-ready design and allows to showcase of several documents in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and many more. It is an SEO-Optimized and beginner-friendly plugin.

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10. Document Library Pro

Most file and document management plugins help you to organize the WordPress Media Library in the back end. Document Library Pro is different because as well as keeping things organized behind the scenes, it creates a front-end document library for your users. This is useful if you want people who don’t normally have access to the WordPress admin to be able to find and download your documents.

Document Library Pro adds a dedicated ‘Documents’ section to the WordPress admin, where you can add documents and all the data that you want to display about them. You can also upload documents directly using drag and drop or by selecting them from the WordPress Media Library.

WordPress Document Library Plugin Barn2

Once added, this document management plugin displays your documents in a searchable table on the front end. Users can use the search box and filters to quickly find documents and then download them to their computer. The plugin supports any type of document including PDFs, images, videos, audio, or documents hosted on external websites such as Dropbox.

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Final Words!

With the perfect document plugin, you can make your work easier to manage the thousands of media files and documents. Pick the suitable plugin that matches your requirement and automate the document management process.

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