How To Embed YouTube Video In WordPress
May 20, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Everyone knows that video is now becoming an essential tool for digital marketing strategy. According to the statistics, over 500 million hours are watched on YouTube every day. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world. Embedding a video on WordPress helps to enhance the SEO too.

Embedding YouTube Videos is a fantastic way to increase the engagement of website visitors. Adding a video on WordPress has several ways. This blog will explain the most effective and easiest methods to embed YouTube videos on your WordPress website.

Various methods to embed YouTube videos on the WordPress website


1. Using the oEmbed Method

It is the easiest method to embed the videos, texts, and many more by entering just the source URL of it that you want to embed.

Here are some basic steps to embed the YouTube video:

A) Open a YouTube & Find the Video that you want to add to your website.
B) Copy Video URL.
C) Now, Just Go to WordPress Visual Editor and Paste the URL.
D) After that WordPress embed the video automatically.

Oembed Method

Note: Make sure that you mentioned the video or playlist URL. Do not insert the URL of any YouTube channel.


2. Using an Iframe Method

Iframe Method is mostly used when a user wants more flexibility while embedding a video on the WordPress website. It requires some technical knowledge, but not difficult.

The oEmbed method doesn’t allow any customizations nor you can disable the video’s player controls. For that, the Iframe method is used. It gives many options of customization such as autoplay, captions, privacy settings, full screen, player controls, and so on.

iFrame Method

You can embed the video in the succeeding ways:
A) Click the Share button.
B) From the popup box, click on the Embed.
C) Here, you’ll get the various options to customize the video like from where you start your video, player controls, privacy enabled mode, etc.
D) After customizing, just copy the code & go to the visual editor.
E) Change Visual Editor to Text Editor and paste the code to add the video.

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3. Adding YouTube Videos To WordPress pages & posts

The above-mentioned methods are quite common for every online website. Adding YouTube Videos on WordPress pages or posts is quite easy on the WordPress block editor.

WordPress comes with the auto-embed feature. You just need to copy the URL and edit the page and paste the URL where you want to showcase it. Moreover, WordPress comes with certain media settings such as alignment, full-width, aspect ratio, captions, and many other things. But WordPress supports certain white-listed platforms which are YouTube, Vimeo, Giphy, Twitter, and so on. You can get a detailed list of white-listed platforms here.


4. Embedding Videos With Classic Editor

If you use a classic editor for a WordPress website, then embedding the video is just the same as a block editor. Just paste the URL and you’ll get the video on your page or post. But, the point is classic editor doesn’t support the additional setting options that you get on the block editor.


After the WordPress 4.8 version, there’s a new video widget that makes it easier to embed the video in the sidebar.

  • To add the video, just need to navigate Appearance >> Customize. And, click on Widgets.
  • If you’ve multiple sidebar areas then just find out the sidebar where you want to showcase the video and click on the Add Widget.
  • From the search box, search for the video widget and click on it. Click on the Add Video button and paste the Video URL into the box. And after that, you’ll be able to see the preview of the video.
  • Click on the Add to Widget button and don’t forget to click to save. And publish it.


Videos always create a great website experience. According to recent statistics, 87% of video marketers confirm that adding video on the website increases the traffic by 34%.

By creating a gallery on a WordPress site of your own YouTube channels, you certainly get good lead generation as well as traffic.

To embed videos more than one is not an easy task. But no issue. WordPress has plenty of WordPress video plugins available that help to embed the video and create a fascinating gallery.

Portfolio Designer - Video Settings

You can try the Portfolio Designer plugin. It is a complete solution to build a portfolio, showcase, galleries, and so on. The plugin has in-built the 4 most famous layout styles to build a stunning portfolio. By adding this plugin, you can quickly create a video gallery on your own. You just need to create a new post and go to the portfolio designer options:

  • Choose the thumbnail type: audio/video.
  • Video type: Choose from the list that wants to embed the videos.
  • And Add the Video ID.

Using this plugin, you can easily create stunning video galleries. To get the detailed information about the plugin, check the demo page.


7. Adding YouTube Videos Feed to WordPress

If you want to embed the latest and popular video feed on your website and don’t have any coding knowledge then you can hire an expert WordPress developer.

If you are willing to do it on your own, no worries! Here is an alternative.

WordPress has many social media feed plugins that help to create beautiful feeds on your online site.

YouTube Stream Settings

Social Stream Designer plugin allows embedding social media posts on WordPress sites. This plugin has tons of customization options that create a social media feed more appealing. The plugin supports 14 popular social media networks which include YouTube. Moreover, it has API based connection, so your social media feed gets automatically updated on your site.

Also, this plugin has in-depth detailed documentation that you can use for installing the plugin. Once you installed the social stream designer plugin, you just need to add a YouTube API key.

Using this plugin, you can embed the YouTube channel, YouTube playlist, and also your search list. It is very easy to set up YouTube videos on your website. Moreover, you can choose the default layout and various customization settings that make your social media feed attractive. The plugin includes other functionalities such as layout, media, pagination, share icon, popup settings, and so on.

YouTube Feed Showcase

After that, just save all the settings, preview them and publish.

To get a detailed view and demo, you can check the social stream designer YouTube Demo.

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That’s it!

Now, you know how you can easily embed YouTube videos on your online WordPress website. And, with the help of the Social Stream Designer WordPress plugin, you can get all the control over how to showcase the videos on your website and how to present them beautifully.

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