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October 7, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you know it is possible to write a blog post in 30 minutes?  If you are a beginner, it may sound really strange, but those with experience will tell you that it is absolutely possible. You may worry that you will make numerous mistakes due to the time limit. But with practice and the right technique, you can refine your writing to a level that allows you to produce great content in minimal time.

Let us explore this topic in detail; we will share with you tips to be able to improve your productivity when writing.


1. Do You Have the Necessary Tools in Place

We all have certain tools that we need to be productive and to start the creative juices flowing. For some, it could be the programs they will use to write. For others, it is finding the right music. Other people cannot, for example, work without a cup of coffee on standby, among others.

The whole idea is to simplify the process when you start writing. You do not want to deal with any distractions that may require you to stop writing for some time. Many people waste a lot of time trying to organize themselves once they start writing, which disrupts the whole thought process.


2. Are You in the Right Environment

Right Environment

The right environment is a subjective aspect. Some people prefer dead silence, while others are more comfortable working in a noisy environment. It is not uncommon to hear some of the great writers say they are going to a remote location to write. It is also not strange to see someone in the park happily writing away.


3. Do You Have a Good Grasp of the Topic

There is nothing that will waste your time when writing as not having a good grasp of your topic. The advantage of blogs is that they are usually an area of interest, and you may not have such a challenge. It, however, requires that if you need to do any research, you do it well beforehand.

The advantage of doing this is that once you start writing, you will know exactly where to get any material you may need. You can bookmark the websites you want to use, or copy and paste the content that you would want to refer to.


4. Is the Topic Relevant To the Audience

Target Audience

While a blog may be an excellent outlet for you, ultimately you are writing for the end-consumer. If you, for example, have a business website and use the blocks to push content, then it is essential to have information that your audience needs.

If you have been running the blog post for some time, you may have the advantage of knowing what it is your audience is looking for. It could come from paying careful attention to the feedback you receive. There are specific questions you realize keep coming up, meaning that your audience would like you to focus on that particular topic.

The other option is to engage with your audience actively, to know what they would like to read on your blog page.  Social media has made it easy to interact with people actively. You also have the option of using emails to reach your readers.

Once you have come up with a proper list of potential questions, you need to formulate the answers. It is also at this point that you will do your research if there is anything outside your area of knowledge or expertise. The best way to ruin your credibility is by giving incorrect information in your article.

You then have the option of responding to the questions in article form, or a Q&A manner. The advantage with the latter is you get to answer as many questions as you possibly can. The use of an article will allow you to give more in-depth information, and you will have more material, which you can schedule over a longer time.


5. How Do You Want To Share the Information

Share Information

Think about the format you will use to share the information on your blog page. We have already touched on this above where you have the option of an article or a Q&A format. The format to use will depend on the content you have. You can, for example, use stories, numbered lists, pictures, and graphical representations, among others.

You are the one who understands what your audience responds well to. The most important thing to keep in mind is that your presentation should be inviting. It should be scannable so that anyone who does not have enough time to read the whole article can get critical points. It is a great idea to have headings and subheadings to breakdown the article.

A hairstyling tutorial, for example, will work better with pictures than with text. There are so many themes and templates you can find online to help you with the whole presentation aspect.

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6. Your Opening Paragraph Is Important

If you’re opening paragraph does not have a catch, then no one will want to stick around to read the rest of the article. Anyone using the online platform has so much choice, and so it is tough to keep their attention. How can you hook them when your opening paragraph is boring, and the title is even worse?

Depending on the kind of article you are writing, you can hook people in by starting with a story. The other option is to use statistics which would show that you know what you’re talking about. You can also directly reference other people who have shared their testimonials in an exciting way.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes, and see how you can inject some life into your blog post. It would not hurt to troll some of the more established bloggers to see what they have on their pages.


7. What Is It That You Want To Communicate

You should not start to write your blog post without having some idea of what you want the audience to leave with. Be clear on the key message or takeaway. Having a general idea of what you want to communicate will make it very easy for you to write the blog post. It will help with the flow of ideas because you already know what the goal is.

Forget about being complicated; you do not want to confuse the readers; neither do you want to confuse yourself. Let your message be clear and most importantly, add value to the end reader.


8. Do Not Get Lost In the Editing

Get Lost in Editing

One of the things that will slow down anyone’s writing his when you spend too much time doing the editing, as opposed to the writing. It is a problem that many newbies suffer from because they feel that they need to churn out ready contents immediately. The result is that you over-think everything you are writing, you spend hours rewriting sentences or paragraphs.

You will find that you are hitting the delete button more than you are writing. Ask any writer, and they will tell you in the initial stages, getting to the second paragraph was a considerable challenge.

Writing can be a daunting task because you have your reputation on the line. You have to convince the readers that you have the necessary skill and knowledge. Your personality has to shine through so that you can maintain and increase the number of visitors to your website or blog page. Our advice to you is to write the article first, and then do the editing later. Yes, you can do the small grammatical changes, but do not get lost in the task.

Note that, once you finish writing and editing, it is a fantastic idea to get someone to read through the article. The more you write and read something, the more likely you are to suffer from mental fatigue. Some obvious mistakes will, therefore, slip through the cracks because your eyes are starting to see what they want to. Getting someone else to look at what you have written is a sound idea.


9. Narrow the Area of Focus

When you have too many points you want to cover, you can spend hours on an article. However, when you are clear from the get-go that you want to focus on a particular area, you can organize your thoughts better. Again it comes down to having a good grasp of the topic and breaking it down into bite-size chunks that you can tackle at different times.

The best way to narrow the area of focus is to draft an outline. Think about your framework, like a shopping list, and stick to it. Not only do you get structure, but you will be able to write even faster because you have clarity of mind.


10. What Are Your Research Resources

Not deciding on the best research resource is another mistake many writers make. It is therefore not uncommon to find so many tabs open on the desktop. It would be interesting to see how much information you can get from 5-6 open resources. You will spend substantial time trying to go through the information, while not getting what you want.

Here is an excellent tip to follow; there are specific resources that collect information and use it for articles. Such include educative websites, health websites, and reputable magazines like Forbes, among others. Make such websites your go-to resources for information.


11. Forget About Selling, Think About Persuading

Any astute marketer will tell you that it can be very challenging to write marketing content. The whole idea is to try and sell a product without making the end-user feel like you are forcing them to buy. You need to do the following:

  • Forget about the hard-sell language that advertisers use.
  • Eliminate fluff and go straight to the point without coming across as curt or cold.
  • Be careful that you maintain a balance to ensure that you come across as likable so that you build that emotional connection.
  • Be credible, and that is why it is essential to do your research thoroughly.
  • Create that sense of urgency by for example asking for feedback on the article they have just read
  • Become an authority in whatever you are writing by giving unique insights and supporting it with the relevant data.


Achieving the Perfect Blog in 30 Minutes Or Less

We have shared with you fantastic things to keep in mind when sitting down to write your article.  Now that you are ready to go, this is how you should allocate your time:

  • 0 – 8 Minutes – think about the article in its totality, It is at this stage that you will think about the topic, the resources, what images you want to use, any citations, optimizing for SEO, among others. You should also have a proper outline so that your work flows well
  • 8 – 20 Minutes – your fingers need to be flying over the keyboard as you put down your content. With mental clarity and a good outline, you will not have a challenge fleshing it out. Remember not to focus on editing. Any research you do must be on the go, abandon what is not working, and do not under any condition let anything or anyone distracts you.
  • 20-24 Minutes – write your intro and Call-to-Action.  you will need at least two minutes in each section because this will decide whether or not someone reads your content
  • 24- 30 Minutes – edit your work, add in images, include a Meta description, put in appropriate headings, and double-check the titles among others.


Final Thoughts

The length of time it takes to write a blog article will typically depend on the number of words and any other special requirement. However, with the right technique, you should be able to generate excellent content within a matter of minutes. Use our tips above and see yourself become a writing master.

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