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June 22, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Due to the enhancement of technology the competition has increased in the online market especially in the digitization world.

There was a time when the company used to get articles published in different domains. Moreover, one of the best trustful lead generation strategies to boost website traffic as well as sales.

However, since then marketing has been a change.

Over 75 million websites run on WordPress over the globe.

There have been 2.5 billion posts written on WordPress since 2003.

Most importantly creating a quality website has become the headmost priority for the user who wishes to give strong reasons to their visitors to re-visit their website. In addition to this, even small business owners decide while creating a website for their forthcoming brand. Then, they also have to figure out the budget that requires investing in website development.

It is a little bit difficult to calculate but it is manageable. You have to thanks to popular CMS platforms such as WordPress.

However, if you create a website on WordPress using various plugins and themes, then also you need to think about enhancing lead generation strategies to boost sales.

So just for you, we have many ways to enhance lead generation strategies for your WordPress website which will help you to uplift your business.


Powerful Tips to Help Your WordPress Website Improve Lead Generation


1. Select Simple Clean User-Friendly Themes

Perhaps a clean theme may enhance the lead generation of your WordPress website. There are a plethora of WordPress plugins available that help company owners select relevant WordPress themes into their website. Many themes are more simple, however many others are more elegant and stylish.

Choose Theme

Here we give you a piece of advice that you can go with a theme that permits users to navigate smoothly on your WordPress website.

An important reason for telling this is because themes play a most important role in generating more traffic and creating leads for a WordPress website.

There are two ways to do it.

First of all, the web page of your website can be navigated easily. For users, it will become more comfortable to use your web page so people are going to stay for a long period of time on your website.

Second of all, when users love what they watch and enjoy the content posted on your website, they are likely to recommend and share the pages with others, and that will again lead to new leads for your WordPress website.


2. Create An Attractive Landing Page

Nowadays most companies use landing pages for lead-generation WordPress websites. A landing page is an effective marketing strategy to demonstrate the website in the best possible way.

There are two views behind it. Firstly, you can use primarily to create leads. Secondly, you can attract users by engaging them as well as tell them what you can do for them.

  • Below is the classic characteristic of great landing pages.
  • Use high resolution and put appealing images.
  • A catchy informative line which you can use as a heading.
  • Invites can respond due to the unique offer.

A wonderful landing page views amazing with the proper information on the webpage.


3. Leading SEO Practices

Using SEO strategy you can improve your WordPress website on various search engines. You will be able to get more traffic to your websites with great SEO practices. Your website demands greater visibility for it to attract and target the right crowd. Moreover, the most important way of doing this is to improve visibility on leading search engines.

In addition to this, On-page SEO optimization grants you to optimize your website using high-quality keywords, meta titles, meta description, the perfect keyword density as well as URL structures.


Moreover, Off-page SEO optimization will help you to boost leads on your website by link building activities. It is done using press releases, guest posts, related high-quality blogs, and many more. But, you have to be sure that content is informative to the target audience.

You can also add an SEO plugin for your website. It will be used to improve your WordPress website for greater visibility in the World Wide Web.

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4. Create an XML Sitemap

Search engines require you to index your blog to rank your website. The important way that you can do by looking at your sitemap means a list of all the pages on your site.

WordPress will automatically generate a sitemap for you, though it did mean it is optimized. You can smoothly and quickly optimize your sitemap using a plugin such as Google XML Sitemap Generator. When you post a new blog and might create changes, for instance, Google will notify you to re-drag your website, thus website rankings increase in search engines.


5. Create Live Chat to immediately Communicate With Visitors

Live chat is a preferable lead generation strategy for your WordPress website. If you generate a live chat on your WordPress website then your company gets to chat instantaneously with your users and solve queries right away.

The way you respond with users will help you to boost a sale for your brand or products without difficulties. Including a WordPress live chat plugin is a good thing to not only be friendly but also market your products effectively.

Adding live chat to WordPress due to it has a number of advantages!


6. Promote Your Content Across All Web Channels

For your WordPress website lead generation campaign it is essential that you have to implement fascinating and high-quality content. Fascinating content will bring in more traffic to your website. High-quality content generates an eminent brand image.

Use social media in a good way.

Social Media

You have to design and execute a high-performing content marketing strategy and follow it. The strategy must be more concentrated on generating valuable insights around your product on trusted websites and social media websites.

You have to make sure that your content is trending, fresh, user-friendly, and to the purpose.


7. Use Inspiring Long and Short Image

Use words such as Limited Offer to attract users to enhance Lead Generation.

How you schema, structure, and words of your content create all the variation. Forms are the best way of creating leads for your WordPress web page and addressing the right people towards it. Moreover, it is user friendly and more language options that inspire users to fill forms and buy your services.

This lead generating strategy is best to boost your sales all over the globe.

Do not use words like ‘submit’ as it is common to use by many individuals. Make your form look exciting. Use powerful phrases such as Exclusive, Limited Offer, Grab, Hurry, Free etc.

Moreover, another important tip for you is to stay with your brand image and use appropriate colors and fonts that coordinate with your brand image that you want to showcase on your website.

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8. Escalate Your WordPress Website Speed

The worst thing online users can experience is a web page that takes a long time to load, and it might quite often. However, individuals want faster access to information.

Moreover, most people will not wait for longer than a few seconds for a website to load. If your site takes a long time then they will search for another website.

Website Speed and UI

If you want to improve lead generation then work on that speed of your website and check your server speed as well. Use smaller size images. Also, it will boost the search engine ranking of your web pages.


To Sum up

To improve the lead generation of your website will take some time and practice. Moreover, the magnificent features of your WordPress website will not just produce interest though it also brings the purchaser of your product.

If you want any kind of help or create a website then contact us.

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