What To Monitor in WordPress Activity Logs
October 18, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

The upkeep of a WordPress website is not a simple task. If you administer several sites, in particular, you’ll need access to activity management as well as logging-in history.

Concerns are growing as a result of the rising number of security breaches. Every 39 seconds, a security breach occurs.

You don’t want to be a victim of a cyber assault at this pace. As a result, you should check into the maintenance areas as well as website security to handle WordPress security.


Recognizing User Activity Logs Or WordPress Activity Logs

WordPress does not have the capability of analyzing the different actions that take place on it, such as post uploading, editing, adding pictures, visitor comments, and so on.

As a result, keeping track of any such modifications on the WordPress website is time-consuming.

As the website is accessible to a large number of customers along with close acquaintances, it is essential to take precautions to protect it from hackers.

There is a specific, well-qualified WordPress activity log plugin for auditing logging operations as well as tracking even the tiniest changes.

The following are some of the modifications that can be traced down with the assistance of a plugin:

  • Changes to the theme, posts, pages, and comments
  • Widgets, menus, settings, tags categories, and other modifications
  • Core update, plugins, custom posts, media, along with export changes
  • Categories, taxonomies terms along with user changes

Email alerts for user logins as well as modifications to the WordPress site provide another degree of protection.


Why Should You Keep Track Of Your WordPress Activities?

It’s crucial to monitor WordPress activity. You must already be aware of what monitoring WordPress activity logs entail. There are a variety of factors to consider:

Multiple User Access

There may be a lack of coordination if the website is managed by several administrators. As a result, the website may undergo significant modifications.

The installation or removal of certain helpful plugins may change the appearance of the website. It’s essential to keep track of who made the modifications, when they happened, and how they happened.

Technical Assistance

The website is regularly updated by a team of technical professionals to ensure seamless operation.

A website may suddenly cease functioning as well as become unresponsive. Nobody knows what occurs, but if you keep an activity user record, you may be able to figure out what occurred.

High Level Of Security For The Website

Hacking and cyber assaults have become commonplace in recent years. One can appreciate the vulnerability when 43 percent of attacks are launched on small company websites. As a result, keeping track of user actions is critical.

A rapid shift in a user’s or administrator’s authority suggests a cyber assault gone wrong. Install a user activity monitoring plugin to prevent yourself from a bad scenario.

If you own a WordPress website and are the only one who manages it, don’t allow anybody else accesses to the login page. Even if you have complete faith in someone, you should nonetheless monitor their activities.

Users may commit unintentional errors that can cause the website to crash. With the assistance of activity tracking data, you can quickly detect changes as well as resolve problems.


What Should You Keep An Eye On?

1. Changes In The WordPress Plugin

You should be aware that the WordPress community has over 50,000 plugins accessible to fulfill extra functions.

Also, you may be dissatisfied with the number of plugins you have as a developer. Too many plugins may put you at risk of developing functional impairments.

As a result, try to limit the number of plugins you install and focus on the quality of the ones you do. One of the best options to install is the WordPress activity log plugin.

2. Keeping Track Of The Website’s Modifications

This is, without a doubt, the most important parameter to examine while auditing your WordPress installation. You’d want to be notified whenever there’s a change in a file or DNS record.

3. Keeping Track Of Modifications To Blog Postings

Any future adjustments or revisions, as well as any corrections, should be reported promptly. Leaving a blog post unattended may be a major turnoff.

Always double-check that the information you’ve released is completely relevant to the goal. You must get email alerts for this area of technological changes.

4. Keeping Track Of WordPress Theme Updates

Activating several themes on your WordPress website may seem strange, but it may lead to some strange circumstances.

You’ll need several themes if you’re working on numerous sites. In this situation, it’s critical to keep an eye on the theme’s plugin. Whenever you make changes to the following procedures connected to themes, make sure you get an email notification right away.

If you’re satisfied with the choices you’ve made for your website, please remove anyone’s ability to modify it.
All you have to do is add a line to your WordPress theme’s settings file. Also, be cautious while making this modification since hackers may take advantage of the circumstance.

5. Maintaining A Record Of Changes In Core Settings

Any modifications to WordPress’ fundamental functioning, whether little or major, maybe concerning. If haven’t done the modifications, it’s time to keep track of what’s going on with your website.

Enable email notifications for any upgrades to WordPress versions or changes to directory permissions.

Any tinkering with WordPress may lead to incompatibility with the plugins you’ve installed on your site. If you operate an e-commerce website, you’ll need to prepare ahead to prevent any potential risks.

6. Keeping Track Of Changes In User Login Behaviour

We think that this is a vital action that you should monitor frequently. Any suspicious login activity on your website must be addressed right away. By default, WordPress enables users to create an unlimited number of logins.

Invaders use this functionality to launch an unwanted network assault. Reduce the number of login attempts by utilizing a specific plugin or a firewall to provide additional protection to your website.

7. Keeping Track Of Security Updates

If you are a frequent visitor to the website and there is a lot of activity there, you should think about security measures. It’s OK if you’re utilizing a sophisticated website security solution, but if you’re not, your chances of having your website hijacked are much greater.

Several sophisticated plugins may be used to detect any security updates.


How Should You Monitor?

WordPress cannot monitor any website activity by default. To monitor user activity, you’ll require plugins. The monitoring of the site will begin immediately once you install a plugin.

You may either see the changes in the admin area or get email alerts whenever the administrator’s email address changes.

Best WordPress Activity Log Plugin To Know About

Check for the following requirements in a WordPress activity log plugin before using it to navigate user activity in WordPress:

  • Verify that the plugin fully supports the administrator.
  • The plugin should be capable of delivering enhanced security services.
  • The user activity plugin should make debugging easier.
  • The plugin should not tamper with the integrity of the content.
1. User Activity Log Pro – WordPress Activity Tracking Plugin
User Activity Log Pro - WordPress Plugin

User Activity Log Pro – WordPress Plugin

Solwin Infotech’s User Activity Log Pro is a WordPress activity log plugin that allows you to track and monitor user activity on the admin side. It keeps you up to date on WordPress core changes, post updates, user activity, and so on.

Is there a large number of users on your website that are responsible for different administrative tasks?

Have you had trouble tracking the activities of your freelancers, developers, or website users on the admin side of your website? Do you wish to keep an eye on your site by keeping track of all user actions?

Do you want to be alerted whenever a certain user logs in? User Activity Log Pro WordPress plugin is the easiest way to keep track of your WordPress site activity. This is a must-have WordPress plugin for everyone, particularly website owners.

2. Easy-To-Use History Plugin

It’s a basic plugin that keeps track of website updates. Also, it’s easy to use and view the analytics.
The Simple history plugin generates a report on the following changes: Pages, entries, comments, widgets, plug-ins, users, attachments, session length, gravity forms, and much more are all available.

These are the standard features that offer a basic history, such as modifying post pages, recording activity, uploading media, and so on. It’s possible to expand the functionality by adding certain configuration options.

3. Stream Plugin

The Stream plugin, like simple history, is a very easy-to-use WordPress monitoring plugin. Themes, users, plugins, categories, tags, menus, comments, widgets, theme editing, as well as updates, are all tracked by default.

Jetpack, BuddyPress, gravity forms, advanced custom fields, Woocommerce, and other features may be added, and the following changes can be tracked.

The fact that this plugin is free to use is a bonus. The free version may save A 30-day history. The premium version would provide you access to any day’s activity history.

4. Activity Log

We think the Activity Log plugin is also a popular WordPress user activity tracking software based on these factors. The plugin monitors the following activities/changes on your website:

Core updates, pages, post kinds, tanks, categories, comments, taxonomy, media uploads, user profile updates, registered users, topics, plugins, widgets, menus, settings, links, options, exports, and much more.

Any modifications made will be notified to you through email. This plugin saves data quickly, including the date and time of activity, the IP address from which the modifications were made, as well as the user profile of the person who performed the changes.


Final Thoughts

We’ve gone through the WordPress Activity Logs that you should carefully monitor in this post. These are some simple as well as to-the-point actions that occur often on your website. You must control the security and upkeep of your site to prevent any mishaps of hacking or theft.

Not only that, but we have also spoken about how to keep track of things using the finest plugins: User Activity Log Pro, Activity logs, Simple history, and Stream. You may depend on these plugins to keep track of changes in WordPress activity.

The plugins effectively monitor the website, immediately alerting any hacking circumstances, as well as safeguarding against undesirable activity.

We hope you like this article and that you make the most out of it.

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