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August 3, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

If you want to create a new WordPress website, then you have to make a choice when it will come to themes. First of all, you have to decide whether to select a multi-purpose WordPress themes or a niche theme. Whatever theme option you go with has significant impacts on your website’s design as well as functionality, thus it is important to make a correct decision that does not limit your website growth in all ways.

Generally, both the multipurpose and niche themes are helpful for some types of projects. For instance, if you need to set up a particular type of a niche website, starting with a theme designed for that particular purpose can be useful. On the other side, for larger projects and most common types of websites, it normally makes more sense to go with a multipurpose theme.

So in this particular article, we are going to demonstrate some reasons why it is generally smart to go for a multipurpose theme.

Before Start, we would like to explain what exactly the multipurpose theme is?


What Exactly a MultiPurpose WordPress Theme is?

The MultiPurpose theme undoubtedly defines itself. These kinds of themes can be fit for all types of websites. Moreover, these themes have a flexible framework that will modify anything that the web developer needed for. For example, these types of themes are generally chosen for new websites, blogs, business websites, eCommerce shops, portfolios, and various others.

In addition to this, multipurpose themes can be divided into 2 subsections. Firstly it is a simple one-page WordPress theme and secondly, themes come with the freedom of functionality. The one Page Multipurpose theme is a flexible one-page theme for creating wonderful websites. These types of themes come with dynamic features that can help you to build websites for any kind of niche.

The eminent multipurpose WordPress themes fit the next category such as Biznetic, Kosmic, and various others who work on a complex web of functionality that relies on multiple sliders, drag, and drop page builders and grouped premium plugins.

Most importantly, these themes always have amazing features that web development favors. However, another important thing is that you have to care for it, the website can be recognizable with a number of other websites applying the exact theme.

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Difference Between Multipurpose and Niche WordPress Themes

niche vs multipurpose themes

WordPress Themes are a group of files that change your website’s look, layout, as well as functionality. There are a plethora of WordPress themes available in the market with a unique style. By selecting the correct one, you will be able to develop just about any appearance you need on your website, without needing to touch HTML and CSS files.

The Niche themes – These themes are designed for a particular type of website. For instance, you can find themes for blogs or online stores, as well as for more specific niches such as podcasting and real estate sites.

The Multipurpose themes – Using these types of themes, you normally get a numerous range of options to get with. Moreover, it enables you to use a single theme across multiple projects as well as to customize it more fully to suit a proper website’s needs.

Generally, there are a number of situations where using niche themes really makes sense. Furthermore, it also tends to be smoother, to begin with, after all, it often doesn’t contain as many features. However, in most situations, a multipurpose theme will suit your website’s needs more efficiently.

Now, let’s talk about the reasons you should consider using a Multipurpose WordPress theme.


Why Do You Select a Multipurpose Theme?

If you are looking for the short and sweet answer to why we love multipurpose themes, we can sum it up in one word that is flexibility. Undoubtedly, there are a number of more benefits than that. So, in the below section we will explain why multipurpose type of theme is generally the best choice for your WordPress website.


1. You learn just one WordPress system – economies of scale

In microeconomics, this means decreasing the proportion of fixed costs relative to the total. The fixed cost is learning the system of your WordPress theme. The variable cost is the time you spent on developing your website.

If you use one multipurpose WordPress theme for all your projects, then you do not need to learn a new system each time. Thus, your fixed time spent learning is decreasing to the limit near to zero. Because you know the particular WordPress theme, So it will take a short time to build the various web pages. Moreover, it also decreases variable costs of time per web page. And you have become more efficient overall.

Furthermore, you need to just remember how much time you have been looking for to alter the menu color of the last theme.


2. You will get quality support

Customer Support

If the theme is sold sufficiently, there is a great chance that it will also have amazing support and documentation. That is why you won’t get stuck with trivial trouble for a few days. Moreover, you will get the answer really quick and you will not be frustrated.

Furthermore, it will permit you to deliver wonderful quality web pages with a more accurate date. In addition to this, quality support to help solve your problems.


3. Your WordPress theme will work for long-lasting

You will create a website on an unknown theme, a new WordPress update will be released, and your whole website will be broken out. Then, you spend hours and hours fixing the theme or insisting developers to solve errors. If this happens to your client and he can not run his business calmly, then he will surely hate you.

All this is an important amount of time you can save if you use a multipurpose WordPress theme for your project or website. There is an amazing chance that the client’s issue an updated template that fixes all the critical bugs.

The most remarkable benefit is zero or minimal additional costs after creating your website using a multipurpose WordPress theme.


4. The WordPress theme is further developed

You need to choose a well-sold WordPress theme. Whenever sold, the company logically requires to expand its online business. And so they, not just fix bugs, but also they add various enhancements.

For instance, we try to insert new demo content every week. However. we mainly create the whole system to move forward with the latest technology as well as remain competitive.

Furthermore, You can do more things with the new features. As well as spent minimum time on learning because you are all familiar with it.


5. You Generally Get Access to More Features

Customizable Extensions and Features

One of the main benefits of selecting a multipurpose theme is that they tend to pack in as many many features as possible. Take the Kosmic- multipurpose theme as an example. This theme is suitable for almost any type of website. Moreover, you can build a customized design by using the custom widgets as well as give a unique style to your WordPress website.

At first look, multipurpose themes can appear unfocused. But, the goal is to provide you with flexibility, so you do not need to link to one style or set of features. In addition to this, the top WordPress themes in the market are generally with multipurpose options due to user’s love having access to as many features as possible for their website.

Moreover, this also means that mostly the multipurpose themes are with premium options. They support a plethora of more advantages compared to the average free theme, so the price tag begins to make sense once you take a look at all the options you are getting on your website.

All in all, the more features you have at your disposal, the more choices you get when it comes to developing and designing new WordPress websites.


6. You Can Reuse One Theme for Multiple Projects

If you are looking to develop more than one website, or get inserted in web development, then using a single flexible WordPress theme for all your projects or websites you can save a lot of time. By not changing themes, you skip the learning period to understand the theme.

But, this only works if you select a multipurpose theme that allows you to create different types of websites. At first look, you would not believe that the same theme is used for both of these websites. And actually, that is one of the important selling points of multipurpose themes.

If you pick an option that comes with a number of features and a webpage builder, you can build almost any kind of website you require with it.

For websites that need very specific functionality then a multipurpose theme might not be a great option. However, if you are looking to create websites in multiple niches or businesses, then a quality multipurpose theme will generally do the trick.

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Final Thought!

In today’s digital era, technology is moving incredibly fast forward. There is a plethora of premium as well as free WordPress themes available in the market. If you want to be a professional who creates a website, you have to be effective. Else you will lose competitive benefits. One great way to achieve efficiency is by selecting the WordPress multi-purpose theme for your projects or business. Moreover, you can develop wonderful websites with minimal cost as well as effort.

If you still have any questions about why you should select a multipurpose theme for your website?, then, Let’s talk about it in the comments section or let us know about it.

We are always happy to help you!

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