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April 13, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

In today’s world, WordPress can confuse users especially the beginners due to the plethora of Themes options provided on the Internet. Most users spend endless time hovering over the marketplace with a number of premium and free themes.

Users open a number of tabs, analyze the theme web pages, test appropriate demo websites and ultimately end with the compromise.

On the other hand, if a user knows a little bit about the type of themes in advance which are available in the glob, the process will become smoother. So, one of the important categorizations between themes is Multi-purpose and Niche.


Presently in this post, we will clarify this thing and also try to answer the question of which is best for your project, a niche or a multipurpose theme?

If you want to create magnificent websites you must examine the given things.


First of all Niche WordPress Themes

As the name suggests, Niche themes have been carefully built for a specific website type. This means it developed with a particular purpose in mind. This type of theme might not have bulk pre-built pages as well as users can hardly come upon with the great number of contained plugins in the theme. But, it sports a niche-oriented structure and may contain tools appropriate to the user’s business.

Additionally, there are various niche themes for charity projects, universities, schools, Personal blogging, events, restaurants, and many others. These themes ship with features that are useful mostly for their respective kind of projects. All an all, a niche theme should be used mostly for a specific purpose. Not more, not less.


Second of all Multi-Purpose Themes

The Multi-Purpose Themes clearly define themselves. These themes can be fit for every type of website. These themes have a flexible framework that modifies anything that the developer wants to wish for. For instance, this type of theme is mostly chosen for new websites, blogs, business websites, eCommerce shops, portfolios, and many others.

The themes can be divided into two subsections. The first is a simple one-page WordPress theme and second themes come with the freedom of functionality. One Page Multipurpose is a flexible one-page theme for developing attractive websites. This theme comes with dynamic features that can help users to create websites for any type of niche.

The popular WordPress themes fit the next category like Kosmic, Biznetic, and many others who employ a complex web of functionality that depends on multiple sliders, drag and drop page builder as well as grouped premium plugins.

In short, these themes always have powerful features that web development favors. But one essential thing users have to care for, the website can be recognizable with lots of other websites applying the same theme.

Which one is the finest theme to choose for your project? Niche or multipurpose WordPress themes.

I believe that you all get a better understanding of what the differences are between niche and multipurpose themes. Now, look into which one is an excellent theme for your project.

First of all, I don’t like answers that begin with ‘it depends on’, however in this case, the major role plays by context and the purpose of the website. I think you guessed it, I don’t have a common solution for this puzzle! Still, here are some tips to prefer the proper theme depending on the following criteria.


1. The Main Objective


You have a clear idea of what you are gonna do. If you plan to design your website with a specific purpose like a coffee shop, vegetable store, Education management site, then select the appropriate niche theme which best suits your website.

However, you are better than a WordPress beginner, as well as you want to build a complex site that is good enough with almost all popular types as a portfolio, an online shop, and many others. Then it is time to choose a multi-purpose theme.

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2. The Design


The design will be an important aspect of choosing a theme. You can prefer one design over another simply due to a specific theme layout or color scheme.

Multipurpose themes generally aim to carry a neutral, corporate design. As they claim to various businesses. In general cases, the theme features allow to customize it smoothly. Multipurpose themes are a combination of existing layouts and elements.

For example, you can establish a theme with distinct header and footer layouts as well as various designs for the home page. Let me give you an example, the Kosmic WordPress theme features 9 home page layout designs.

Niche themes are apt to place a special emphasis on brand design and identity, as they deliver special value to the buyer in a way and peak their brand uniqueness. In many cases, the theme designer believes in the layout of the theme.


3. Functionality

Focusing on the technical feature, the set of tools and plugins in a theme is important. If the design view is great and you are about to set the theme, but, it is good to have a closure view at the technical stuff.

Generally, multi-purpose themes have a number of different tools in them so people can easily be confused. Finally, you will be used to the plugins and tools, however, your website should not suffer meanwhile.

On the other side, the studying object in a niche theme is relatively shorter. Niche themes are user-friendly and the fewer tools they have are enough to develop an awesome website.

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4. Speed

A common problem associated with multipurpose themes is speed. Large themes tend to load steadily till a large number of database queries a theme dispatches to the server. The theme options, plugins, styles as well as other components take the time to load. So sometimes it can be truly annoying to users.

To a large extent, the Speed problem is solvable in multi-purpose themes.

Move to the other type, niche themes load faster compared to mega themes. But, if you want to employ them to their total potential, a committed server would fit them better, with a supplying CDN as well as a plugin.


5. The Time Invested Into the Pre-launch Phase

Pre launch preparation

Another most essential factor that takes into account the puzzle of niche vs. multipurpose is the investment itself.

Setting a WordPress website is a crucial task, and it calls for a proper time investment. Even the experienced WordPress users invest their time to check each and every feature of a theme before launching it on the World Wide Web.

Normally, a niche theme has fewer options, and it involves a short time period invested in the customization work. Niche themes also have very fewer sales than multipurpose themes, so there is a very low risk of looking similar to other websites.

A multipurpose theme wants more work to set it up, as there are a number of features. Furthermore, the risk factor of looking similar to other websites is high compared to niche themes.


To Sum up

I give you the advice to read the blog post carefully, and get all the tips into consideration, and think about what kind of website you would like to launch? what kind of resources do you want to use? and many other factors that affect your website. Once you are clear with it and then decide which one is best for your project niche WordPress themes or multi-purpose WordPress themes.

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