December 10, 2020 khushbu padalia

WordPress Page Not Updating [How To Fix]

WordPress page not updating

Until recently, you have been enjoying being on the WordPress platform. You have customized it to just the way you want it using the plugins and themes available. Your website visitors have been having an excellent experience due to fast loading pages and easy navigation of the pages. But suddenly, you realize something a bit

March 12, 2020 khushbu padalia

3 Easy Ways To Install WordPress Theme

easy ways to install WordPress theme

WordPress continues to be a very popular content management system for self-hosting websites. The first version came out in 2003, and it is currently home to 35% of existing sites. Install the WordPress theme and translates to 62% of the market share of content management systems, and the numbers are still growing. What makes it

February 28, 2020 khushbu padalia

10 Best WordPress Plugins for Content Marketers

Best Content Marketing Plugins For WordPress Website

Content marketers are masters of many disciplines. Their main job is planning, creating, and sharing valuable content to attract & convert visitors. Consider building your website, to be a professional content marketer. As WordPress powers 30% of websites, it is the most popular platform to build a website. You need to include specific plugins or

April 18, 2020 khushbu padalia

WooCommerce Checkout Optimization [Striking Ideas]

WooCommerce checkout optimization

Do you want a well-optimized WooCommerce store? Are you looking for a fast loading WooCommerce store that helps to generate the maximum ROI? Every eCommerce website owner wants to have a website that converts well and helps them generate the maximum ROI. Successful online stores usually have a user-friendly design, easy navigation, excellent customer support,

February 20, 2020 khushbu padalia

Simple Steps To Create WordPress Site [For Beginners]

simple steps to create WordPress site

More than 34% of the sites on the internet have WordPress to thank for their existence. Research also indicates that it is so popular that daily it has more than 616 new users coming on board. If you want to set up a website on WordPress, our article below will give you some fantastic insights. You

January 20, 2021 khushbu padalia

10+ Best WordPress Business Themes [Generate Leads Online]

Best WordPress Business Themes

Each and every customer looks for their desired products online at the time of purchase. If you are running an online business, then an effective website must be your priority now. All business owners wish to provide an awesome shopping experience to their customers. If you fail to do so, you will be thrown outside

February 10, 2020 khushbu padalia

Weebly vs WordPress: Choose The Correct One!

Weebly vs WordPress comparison

One of the questions asked most by people looking for a robust website builder would be, which is better? WordPress or Weebly? Let’s know the main differences between Weebly vs WordPress. Both have quite a reputation and their share of happy clients. is arguably the most preferred site builder online, powering around 34.5% of