Top 7 Post Timeline WordPress Plugins
June 21, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

Want to feature a brand history or storyline on a WordPress website with post timeline designs? If yes, then read this blog thoroughly.

Many of your website visitors want to know about your brand history or the achievements of your past. For that, a timeline layout is a good solution. Showcase the story of your company or brand in chronological order with the dazzling post timeline posts. WordPress has several themes that have default horizontal timeline formats. But, to get a fully functional & beautifully designed timeline WordPress has plenty of resources of timeline plugins.

No concerns! We have assembled the best post timeline WordPress plugins. Each set of plugins have different functionalities and customization settings. Get the best one and create a timeline with the best one!


1. WP Timeline Designer Pro

WP Timeline Designer is a feature-rich plugin that provides vertical and horizontal timeline templates with lots of advanced functionalities. While showcasing a story or company history with the beautiful chart or design then timeline layout helps to easily understand and attract the readers as well. A great way to tell a story or create a post then the timeline plugin helps to create an attractive timeline.

Timeline Designer – Free

Timeline Designer – a free plugin recently launched on the WordPress repository platform. The free plugin contains in-built 6 existing customizable layouts with other customization options. Using this WordPress plugin, a user can match the look & feel of your WordPress site.


  • Supports custom post type.
  • Provides the customization of background color, show/hide timeline icon, template layout color, and basic animations.
  • Style the post with the stunning content box.
  • With the Horizontal timeline layout, a user gets the navigation option such as auto slide, number of slides, scrolling speed, etc.
  • The plugin has Shortcode functionality with which a user can showcase timeline posts anywhere on the website.
WP Timeline Designer Pro – Premium

WP Timeline Designer Pro is an elegant and fantastic plugin with responsive timeline layouts. In the pro version, the plugin contains 15+ timeline templates with lots of options and tools to style and design the posts. It has in-built 20+ core demos available with which a user can showcase life story, event summary, author biography, achievements, company history, hiring process, etc in an eye-catchy timeline design.

WPTimeline Designer


  • 12+ post animation effects on scrolling.
  • Advanced filter post with the date, time period, author, post category, post status, etc.
  • 10+ social sharing icons available and available in the library to change the icon settings anytime.
  • The plugin allows you to add different types of pagination options such as load more buttons, pagination on scroll, etc.
  • The premium plugin contains several media options for timeline posts such as hover effect on images, adjust image size, or text. link on media, custom image size, etc.

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2. Post Timeline

Post Timeline plugin allows creating a timeline on 100% of the page. It allows the creation of unlimited vertical and horizontal timelines. To create a simple and single timeline, a user can use shortcode functionality.

Post Timeline – Free

The Post Timeline Free plugin allows you to create a timeline on the vertical layout. A user can also assign the category and tags.


  • Smooth Animation & Slide Navigation is available.
  • The plugin helps to create a tag-based and year-based timeline with parameters.
  • The free plugin has customization offers such as color, assign different icons, etc.
Post Timeline – Premium

The pro version of the Post Timeline WordPress plugin has both vertical and horizontal timeline layouts. The plugin has inbuilt 23 timeline templates and all the timelines layout can be chosen by the admin for each timeline.

Post Timeline


  • The plugin has CSS3 animation + JS animation to make the timeline post prettier.
  • Post Timeline comes with the backend template manager. It allows a user to preview the timeline on the page with the required content.
  • 5 navigation options available.

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3. Cool Timeline

Cool Timeline, as its name suggests, creates a complete timeline layout for the WordPress website. It is an HTML and CSS timeline plugin that helps to build awesome horizontal and vertical layouts. The new version of the plugin is very well compatible with Gutenberg.

Cool Timeline: Free

The Cool Timeline with the free version has 5 vertical and one horizontal timeline design. Also, the plugin allows users to showcase the stories in ascending & descending orders based on the year and date.


  • It is a Gutenberg-friendly WordPress plugin with which a user can add shortcodes on any page using the Gutenberg block.
  • A user can showcase the timeline images in the pop-up and link them to read a full story.
  • Using this plugin, you can create a timeline both-sided as well as one-sided.
Cool Timeline: Premium

Cool Timeline Pro plugin has an advanced admin panel that helps to manage the timeline visibility details & other customization factors very smoothly. The premium plugin comes with 4 timeline layouts with 40+ several timeline designs.

Cool Timeline


  • It provides a custom text and custom story order in/place of date and time in a timeline layout.
  • Create multiple timelines in one website with the different categories
  • The plugin comes with the proper navigation options, so a user can quickly navigate to a particular story.

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4. WP Timeline

WP Timeline provides an elegant vertical and horizontal timeline layout. The plugin can create a timeline of a story, history, roadmap of any type of activity, and many more. Also, it has a stunning and user-friendly interface with which a user can build a website effortlessly.

WP Timeline – Premium

WP Timeline is developed by EXThemes and it comes with plenty of functionalities to build an interactive timeline design. The plugin has in-built 45+ beautiful layouts and 40+ animation designs that help to beautify the post.

WP Timeline


  • The plugin allows the build of unlimited timelines with dark/Light Format.
  • It has a date picker and custom data field that allows a user to mention anything in the field anything.
  • The plugin has various customization offers such as set custom color, ajax filtration, change font & feature label, lightbox functionality, and so on.

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5. Everest Timeline

Another excellent plugin that leads to building an attractive timeline is called Everest Timeline. It is a responsive timeline plugin and compatible with all devices. The plugin also contains plenty of customization support that helps to build an eye-catchy timeline.

Everest Timeline – Free

A Lite version of the Everest Timeline plugin contains 4 predesigned templates and various styling and customization options. Additionally, it is shortcode ready plugin and helps to create an unlimited event or post timeline for WordPress site.


  • Widget Integration is available
  • Easily manage the number of posts to display on the front side.
  • A user can easily manage the metadata, i.e; tags, author, categories, comment counts, etc.
Everest Timeline – Pro

Design a creative story or timeline without hiring a designer and build a stunning layout with this plugin. The plugin has in-built 50+ templates to create a stunning and powerful design. Also, this plugin supports almost all kinds of media types.

Everest Timeline


  • This plugin has 12+ animation effects to make a beautiful timeline design.
  • The backend preview is also available to reduce the testing before going live.
  • 14 different date formats are available.

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6. Timeline Express

Timeline Express is a popular free plugin for creating alluring timeline formats. The plugin has professional code and is easy to set up on the WordPress site.

Timeline Express – Free

Timeline Express is a wonderful plugin that is definitely a good option to create a post timeline layout on WordPress for free. It is already used on more than 20000 WordPress sites. It is a free plugin but mostly covers all the major functionalities, so a newbie can create a beautiful timeline with good animations.


  • It includes beautiful CSS3 Animations.
  • The plugin is fully responsive and mobile-friendly that looks good on every device.
  • Also, the plugin allows to hide read more links, dates and allows ascending and descending orders to display content on the timeline.

Timeline Express

Timeline Express – Pro

Timeline Express has an extensive list in the pro version. Moreover, in the pro version, you can add videos in the place of standard images. Moreover, the pro plugin allows you to create a timeline using CSV.


  • The plugin contains various hooks and filters available to create custom things.
  • It has built-in caching mechanisms that do not affect the website loading.
  • The plugin also allows to convert existing timelines in a horizontal layout and also scroll between events.

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7. Blog Designer Pro

Blog Designer is the ultimate plugin to design the blog page, post as per user needs. Now there is no need to go ahead with just one layout that comes with the theme, install the blog designer plugin and customize the look of your blog page.

Blog Designer – Free

Blog Designer free plugin has 10 in-built blog templates that include sliders, timeline, grid, masonry layouts. It is a user-friendly WordPress plugin that a newbie can modify the look of the blog page or post very easily.

Blog Designer Lite


  • Unlimited color options to customize the post title, post content, and read more text.
  • 30+ customizing setting options to make the blog in a beautiful and awesome style to attract the readers.
  • The plugin has shortcodes support and page selection options that allow displaying of the blog post on any website page.
  • Modify the background color of the post alternatively.
  • Social media share buttons available in Square and Circle designs.
Blog Designer Pro – Premium

Blog Designer Pro, a premium plugin offers extended features and flexibility to the user for creating an awesome blog. The plugin has 50+ unique in-built blog templates with lots more customization functionalities. Also, it is compatible with WooCommerce and provides a beautiful WooCommerce layout to display the products on the blog page with eye-catchy layouts.

Blog Designer PRO WordPress Plugin


  • Post categories and tags filtration available, and a user can show it in a customizable design.
  • The plugin also allows you to design single pages, author pages, archive pages, search pages, related post pages, and many more.
  • 10+ social media share icons are available in different designs.
  • The plugin has 5+ date formats that a user can select to display on the timeline posts.
  • Live preview is enabled before any modification or creation of any new blog layouts.

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Wrapping up!

Here completes our best post timeline WordPress plugins list. We have aggregated the free and premium version details about the plugins that help to make the decision easier. You can add one of the plugins to your WordPress site and create your timeline.

Hence, the above list of plugins is created to give excellent usability and user experience to your online site. Besides, to pick the ideal one for your site, we have mentioned each plugin’s demo or details link for further information. Kindly check it and make the right decision.

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