Tips to Choose Perfect Theme for Your WordPress Blog or Website
April 15, 2017 Sanjay Dabhoya

We all know that how overwhelmed and excited one is when they are looking for website or blog theme, especially if that is the first online platform for them.

WordPress is an amazing yet easy to set up platform to build up your website.

However it is not easy to choose a theme quickly because there are so many paid and free themes available on internet today. All those themes are designed with aim to fit your business category. Each theme looks better than the other. So how can you know, which theme is perfect for you? And it is really important to choose a suitable theme because it affects overall performance of your website.

From the background color, font type, font color and font size to the margin size and widget positions, your website or blog theme will determine how it will appear to visitors.

So, the first question that may come to your mind is: Should I go for free theme or paid theme?


Well, with 3000 free themes available on WordPress, anyone would lure to go for free theme. But it is rightly said “There is no such thing as free”. Free themes comes with some limitations like lack of mobile responsiveness, color customizations etc etc..

The main reason for not opting to a free theme is that lack of support.

It can be very difficult for you to get any help or support from theme creator. Hence we would always suggest you to go for a paid theme, unless you want to start a blog for your personal hobby or interest.

Every website has its own aim of being in online world. This purpose will be affected with the type of theme you choose. So these tips will help every soon-to-be website owner to choose the best WordPress theme for blog or website.

There are three main things on which your choice depends:

  • Budget: How much your pocket allows spending on theme? Paid themes are really not as costly as you think. Those premium themes are worth spending where you get good support and service.
  • Purpose: For what purpose you are building WordPress blog or website. If you just want to start it for sharing your life experiences or as a hobby you can opt for free theme.
  • Features needed: Check if the free theme is serving all the important features you needed for your blog or website. If you want awesome features like attractive landing page and pixel perfect mobile website, premium theme is your option.

What other technical aspects should checked while choosing WordPress theme:


1. An SEO-Friendly structure

Make sure that Google loves and understands the theme you are using. In short, the WordPress theme should be SEO friendly to sustain in Search engine rankings.

2. Compatibility with every browser

Since your website is globally visible to all the visitors from all the corner of the world, you never know what browser they use. So check if your theme is supported by all browsers.

3. Customizable design

In nearly, all cases of themes, you will definitely tweak some of the default features to suit your personal choice of business. Check if the theme provides at least basic custom options.

4. Plugins

Choosing a theme that supports almost all major plugins to provide enhance features and functionality can prevent you from getting trap in theme.

5. Multilingual

If you are dealing with customers, suppliers and other businesses irrespective of their country, you have to make sure that your theme supports multi language. You need every single user to see your blog or website in their native language.

6. Support

Double check if the company is offering extensive support for any issues regarding theme. Main advantage of premium theme is  certainly offer the best support, usually through a combination of a public forum, live chat and an email ticketing system.

7. Ratings

If the theme has a loophole then there will be lot of reviews placed by customers. However, the company might have overcome the issues raised by customers, you can get an idea of a theme’s overall quality while reading reviews.

Make sure you pay attention to these recommendations and get the best theme for your website or blog.

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You can hire us to install or customize a WordPress blog theme for you. You’re just going to love it!

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