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September 4, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform and CMS powers 27% of all websites and dominates the CMS market with over 76% share. What makes this platform a preferred choice for hundreds of thousands of developers and entrepreneurs alike? Well, customization and flexibility are indeed two big reasons why people like WordPress for developing their business website. But, it’s not all! WordPress has thousands of plugins for exploring endless possibilities and implementing desired functionality.

It has all sorts of plugins from light to robust and free to premium. WordPress plugins can either bring a small change into your website’s functions or a complete overhaul of the look and feel of your corporate website. You can choose from thousands of free plugins and customize them as per the necessity. However, the twist is that at times, you do not find dedicated customer support or additional functionality in free plugins. There, premium WordPress plugins come into the picture.

WordPress Plugin

These days, many plugin developers have come up with premium versions of plugins that have additional features and functionality. It is better to rely on a trusted WordPress plugin developer or vendor for buying high-quality and customizable premium plugins.

Here are key benefits of premium plugins for your corporate website:-


1. Dedicated Customer Support

Customer Support

This is the biggest benefit of a premium WordPress plugin. Developers offer good customer support for their premium plugins. Dedicated support can resolve the issues in the plugin directly and swiftly. You can get answers to various questions in real-time. Premium plugins ensure the availability of a technical person on a 24/7 basis.

Free plugins may have a WordPress community or forum support where you can post problems and get solutions either quickly or after some time. These plugins have no dedicated support and if any problem occurs on the website due to free plugins, chances are high that you have to either resolve it yourself or consult a reputed WordPress web developer.

On the other hand, premium WordPress plugins provide direct access to the developers thereby saving many hours of searching and testing solutions for the issues. You can have a professional team by your side to deal with any bugs or issues.


2. Detailed Documentation

Apart from effective and swift customer support, the premium WordPress plugin offers in-depth manuals and tutorials to minimize the need for developers in the future. The documentation includes all the necessary information for customers and you can troubleshoot many issues easily through them. What’s more, developers tend to make the documentation available without purchasing the premium license for the premium plugins.

Such documentation enables the customers to make informed decisions on premium plugin integration on their websites. They can know the functionality and benefits of the premium plugins before committing to a 6-month license through thorough documentation. Though a WordPress plugin is easy-to-use for customers, the premium WordPress plugin has more advanced functionality and customizability that makes it more complicated to use, and therefore, detailed documentation can play a vital role in making it customer-friendly.

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3. Access to All Features

Let’s take an example of a free plugin Avartan Slider Lite. It is useful for creating a stunning images and video sliders for your business website. It has several useful features and excellent functionality. However, its premium version Avartan Slider plugin has many unique features like touch and swipe navigation, multimedia content, and the like as compared to its free version.

Simply put, free plugins provide more general functions. And, if your business model needs a complex functionality or your corporate website aims to offer a specific service to the niche audience. It is necessary to opt for a premium plugin that is customized for your requirements. The premium WordPress plugin is designed to provide more specific features and complex solutions for diverse needs.

What’s more, many plugins fall under the category of freemium plugins. It means that essentially they are free, but if you want to get additional functionality, then you need to pay for its full version. It is advisable to switch to a premium version if you are using a free plugin and want to update it for changing needs.


4. Regular Updates

You may argue that many free plugins are updated on a regular basis. But, here, functionality and features are still limited as compared to the premium plugins. Also, there are many alternatives available for free plugins in the market and chances are high. The plugin you have integrated into the website has a high abandonment rate due to a lack of advanced features.

Plugin and theme updates

Here, the premium plugins have an advantage of paying user base, which acts as a big motivation for developers and they keep on updating such plugins to retain the existing subscribers or users. Also, many investors and VCs (Venture Capitalists) can fund innovative premium plugins. As a result, developers strive to make the plugins up-to-date and relevant for diverse requirements and market trends. Frequent updates make such plugins more capable of providing better functionality while reducing security risks and bugs.


5. Competitive Edge

Premium WordPress plugins have superior back-end usability and more user-friendly features than free plugins. The integration of such plugins can give you an immediate edge over peers. Think it like this- if your competitor uses a premium WordPress plugin then you have to integrate the same on your website to remain competitive with enhanced functionality.

If your free plugin does not provide a specific feature or you want to add more functionality in your existing corporate website while getting real-time technical support, then the premium WordPress plugin can be your ideal choice. The premium plugins can give your website excellent flexibility and customizability it needs to stay ahead of the curve.


Concluding Lines

Many WordPress plugins are available for free, but when it comes to performance and features, premium plugins have an upper hand over their free counterparts. It is fair to mention that if you want to stay ahead of the curve with a seamless website with user-friendly features, then you should opt for premium plugins. All you can get is the advantage of superior technology and desired functionality. You can also ask for developing a premium WordPress plugin for a reputed WordPress development company.

At Solwin Infotech, we build robust WordPress plugins across free and premium categories. As a reputed and renowned WordPress web development company, we can meet your business needs effectively by building a user-friendly and seamlessly-performing website. If you want to give your business advantage of the web world in a cost-effective way, simply send us an email at Our expert consultants will get back to you soon!

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