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July 19, 2021 Sanjay Dabhoya

WordPress has remained a preferred choice of thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide. WordPress powers approximately 64 million websites, and over 400 million people visit WordPress sites every month globally. In such a scenario, it is beneficial to migrate your existing website to the WordPress platform. Transferring or moving any website from one web host to another web host or transferring an existing web platform to another one is known as “Website Migration“.

Moving your website from Namecheap to Hostinger is an example of Migrating web hosts, and moving your website from one CMS (Content Management System) to another is an example of migrating web platforms. Transferring your website from Joomla to WordPress is known as the migration of web platforms.

Let’s go through the key reasons why you should opt for a WordPress migration service. But, before moving to the benefits, let’s understand about WordPress migration service.


What is WordPress Migration Service?

A provider who migrates your existing website to WordPress on your behalf is called a WordPress migration service provider. In other words, your website’s files, data, and domain are moved from one server to another during its migration to WordPress. Though it sounds simple, WordPress developers have to meet various protocols and follow the complicated processes for file configuration and redirections while migrating the website to WordPress.


8 Benefits of Using WordPress Migration Service

Here we have mentioned eight major benefits of WordPress migration for your existing individual or business website. It will help you get the answer to why you should migrate to WordPress.


1. To Avoid Downtime

Web hosting has a huge role to play in the loading speed of the website. If any website loads in 3 seconds or more, then 16% of the clients are lost. What’s more, about 40% of the visitors leave that website and switch to another site. In a way, the slow loading of the website is a major obstacle to the success of a website.

Website speed also affects SEO. Slow-loading websites are not very SEO-friendly and get less web traffic as compared to their counterparts. We can mention various reasons for the slowdown of your website. A poorly configured hosting server may be the first. The other could be shared hosting servers which lead to an overcrowded server.

This problem might be resolved to an extent by using the WordPress migration service.


2. To Overcome Technical Issues

At times, your website goes down because many visitors come to it at once. This issue indicates that your web hosting is not so active. In such a scenario, it is better to migrate your business website to an active and robust host.

technical error

Backing up data is very important. If your existing hosting provider does not offer a daily backups facility, it is time to explore the one that offers it. WordPress website migration service can assist you to resolve such technical issues.


3. To Remove Sluggishness of Dashboard

We have already discussed the impact of slow websites on customers. Similarly, it is frustrating for the owner of the website if its dashboard works at a slow speed. The slow dashboard can also waste your valuable time and you may not focus on other productive activities.

WordPress Dashboard has a robust control panel for managing a complete website. Simply put, you can opt for a migration service to WordPress to remove the sluggishness of the dashboard.


4. To Save Time and Hassle

In theory, doing a site migration yourself saves you money, time, and hassle. But, in reality, not outsourcing this task to a WordPress migration service provider means the opposite!

Imagine how many hours this would take you:

  • Search the internet for tutorials
  • Understand and learn the process
  • Migrate your website
  • Configure server settings, email, theme settings.
  • Fix problems as and when they arise

Now that your time has been spent on all those things, you have wasted money too.

Therefore, it is better to hire WordPress developers from a reputed company to get the job done in some days.

Plus, a professional WordPress website migration service works neatly and keeps your site running with little or no downtime.

Your job is to grow your business, not becoming a WordPress techie. Trying to do a site migration takes too much of your time and brings many hassles. Therefore, it is better to outsource the website migration.


5. To Prevent Data Loss

One of the biggest risks associated with the migration of your site is data loss. Losing data is a harrowing experience. The data loss is so severe that it contributes to companies filing for bankruptcy and winding up. According to FEMA, 60% of companies that lose their data shut their operations within six months.

Migration service ensures that your site is backed up before the migration process. It is not advisable to move any of your files and data without a solid, stable backup.

With this, we need to keep in mind that restoring the website is not as easy as backing up the data. If something goes wrong during the process, WordPress developers have the knowledge and tools to restore the data.

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6. To Get Support After Migration

Most migration service providers offer support to your site after migration with maintenance tasks such as malware removal, security scans, monitoring, and content changes.

WordPress maintenance support services are especially helpful when you are new to the WordPress platform or do not have a technical background.


Using a migration service gives you the perfect opportunity to outsource your WordPress maintenance, giving you more time to grow your business.


7. To Save Money

You need not find WordPress developers if any issues occur if you have assigned your website migration project to a renowned WordPress development company. It can assist you to save money and effort.

What’s more, you can get rid of unexpected downtime of your website after migration as the WordPress development service provider takes care of support and maintenance of your website.


8. To Get Expert Services

Instead of hiring WordPress developers randomly, it is better to assign your website migration project to a WordPress services provider. You can easily get expert services for migrating and managing your website. It gives you peace of mind. When an expert manages the entire process, you can focus on other productive tasks of your business.

Experienced WordPress developers stay updated with the latest announcements and enhancements of the platform. This is important to avoid any technical problems during and after migrating the website. Experts follow a proven process for migrating your website while you can sit back and relax.

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Concluding Lines

There can be many benefits to migrating a WordPress website to a new hosting provider. You will have a more affordable plan, better customer support, more hosting resources, and better server security.

Since there are many ways to leverage the benefits of switching your website to WordPress, you need to find the right WordPress services provider. With this, you need to consider the project needs and hire WordPress developers with good technical skills.

Solwin Infotech is a leading WordPress development company. We offer the best-in-class WordPress website migration services in line with your business needs. You can also get multipurpose WordPress themes and plugins to make your existing website more user-friendly and productive. Do you have any queries related to WordPress? Simply send us an email at info@solwininfotech.com and we will contact you soon.

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