Wix vs WordPress: which one is the best
January 8, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

The advent of the Content Management System (CMS) has brought a radical change in the way of developing business websites. On one hand, it has made the web developer’s life easy, and on the other hand, it has opened the doors of customization for entrepreneurs. Today, thanks to advancing technology, we have different CMS platforms available to make an impressive business website in a cost-effective way. Wix, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, are some of the most popular CMS platforms.

Out of these platforms, we are going to compare Wix vs. WordPress. Here it is fair to mention that both tools are quite different but they have a common goal of building user-friendly and feature-rich websites in a short time. It’s interesting to see how both of these platforms perform against each other in five different categories. In the end, we’ll have only one winner. Sounds interesting? Okay. Let’s start the competition.

Wix vs.WordPress

1. Usability


Wix has a simple and straightforward process to get started. After signing up, the tool will ask you about the type of website you want to create. As per your choice, it will take you straight to its templates collection to select the right one.

After selecting a template of your choice, Wix enables you to begin the process with its colorful drag-and-drop editor. You can simply create new pages by using a drop-down menu while remaining in the editor, and also switch between pages in a few seconds.

Wix - Usability


WordPress, on the other hand, has somewhat ‘scary’ beginning! As a robust CMS tool, it has many features, templates or themes, and styles to offer that makes the web development process a little complex. Though you can get assistance from either an active WordPress community or hundreds of thousands of articles, videos, and tutorials for every single step, WordPress is a bit more complicated platform than Wix.

WordPress - Usability

You need some time to understand the ins and outs of this platform. Whether it is about creating new pages or choosing the right theme for your website, it can take a while.

Simply put, the first round of our competition goes in favor of Wix, which has a simple interface and easy-to-use format.

Result: WordPress: 0 | Wix: 1


2. Customization

This is an important phase because you may need to customize your business website regularly to keep pace with changing user expectations and market trends.

We will take two aspects in the account for this round- one is design customization and the second is the ability to implement advanced features.


It offers tens of hundreds of templates to the users. All of them are fully responsive and support the drag-and-drop editor to enable us to add a personal touch on the website. So, we’re good to go!

When it comes to feature implementation on the website, Wix offers a catalog of around eighty apps that can be readily added to the website. These apps are useful for various features ranging from creating reservation systems to building pricing tables and forums.

Wix - Customization


It offers 4000+ free themes on its site. Free themes have limited features whereas premium themes give lots of customization & functionalities. There are many third-party websites like ThemeForest, Elegant Themes, and Solwin Infotech have a huge collection of thousands of WordPress themes with standardized features. What’s more, you can get a premium theme for your corporate website from a reputed WordPress web development company.

Choose Theme

Similarly, when it comes to plugins for integrating a desired feature, WordPress knows no boundary. WordPress.org houses more than 46000 plugins, and the community keeps on increasing the number. There is no exaggeration in mentioning that whatever you imagine or wish to add on your website, you can certainly get a plugin for it.

A reliable WordPress development company also offers readymade or customized plugins to keep your website fully functional.

When it comes to customization, WordPress is second to none! So, the second round goes in favor of WordPress.

Result:  WordPress: 1  |  Wix: 0


3. Website security


Here, Wix and WordPress both have completely different approaches. On one hand, Wix tends to keep it entirely in its arm- apart from the basic features like choosing a strong password and using two-way authentication. Wix handles the website security on its own. You just sign up and pay, the rest will be taken care of by Wix professionals.

WordPress, on the other hand, passes the headache of website security to the users. If you own a WordPress website, you need to stay on top of it by installing core updates regularly, checking errors, and selecting the right host for the website. In brief, you handle almost everything necessary for safeguarding your website.

Though some people find it cumbersome, we can mention that you can make and keep your WordPress site as secure as you want by keeping it updated!

Also, you can rely on various plugins dedicated to ensuring the safety of your WordPress website. One of such plugins is User Blocker that enables the site owner to block the suspicious users in no time.

So, the third round also goes in favor of WordPress. Securing your WordPress business website is not much challenging if you spare a little time regularly. If you can take care of the aspects we have mentioned above, your WordPress site will not be compromised. Also, you can count on security plugins to give additional protection to your website.

Result: WordPress: 1 | Wix: 0

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4. Support


It offers support through a robust knowledge base and a callback (telephone) option. However, the tool usually shows the template messages as support. It is possible that you need to write to them several times to fix your issues. It is a bit complex and time-taking process, however, you can get their response in less than 24 hours.


WordPress does not offer any official or specialized support apart from its knowledge base. But, entire libraries of WordPress are filled with a lot of articles that have troubleshooting tips. Chances are quite high that you can find a solution to your problem from these articles. WordPress is a free and open-source platform. So, it has a huge community of active developers. This community support on a 24/7 basis is a big plus point for support and problem fixing.

Also, if you have bought plugins and themes for your website, you can get support from third-party developers. You can get the answers to your development-related questions from them as well.

Well, we can consider this round as a tie. When it comes to Wix, you may need to wait for less than a day and when it comes to WordPress, you need to google for support.

Result: WordPress: 1 | Wix: 0


5. SEO



Until 2012, Wix had no support or friendliness for SEO. It was because, at that time, Wix was a Flash-based website builder. In 2012, the Wix developers have switched to a completely new platform based on HTML5 and added all SEO options including page titles, customizable URLs, and descriptions. They also added 301 redirects and canonical URL addition functionality in the web pages. Today, Wix also builds SEO-friendly websites. Here is a complete list of SEO features in Wix.

Though Wix has included SEO features, the platform still lagged in the loading speed of the website. It is an area with a scope of improvement for Wix. Though the developers have improved the tool by adding advanced features like page caching and improved image compression, still the users have to rely upon the Wix editor.


It enables you to do whatever you want when it comes to SEO. If you install the right plugin on the website, you will get unlimited SEO options for it. Yoast is one of the excellent plugins that open the doors of many possibilities to make your website SEO and user-friendly.

Talking about the loading speed, the WordPress platform offers better options in terms of selecting a host and adding necessary plugins.

That’s it! The fifth and final round also goes in favor of WordPress. Though Wix offers sufficient SEO options, they are more useful to beginners. You need WordPress if you want to stay ahead of the curve through SEO campaigns for your business websites. This platform offers a full arsenal of tools for SEO.

Result: WordPress: 1 | Wix: 0


Wix vs. WordPress- Which one should you choose?

WordPress appears as a clear winner in our discussion and comparison between Wix vs. WordPress.Here are the key advantages of WordPress for your website.

  • It enables you to customize every aspect of your business website
  • It provides various tools and plugins to ensure the security of your website
  • They offer a lot of articles and visual content for dealing with any issues
  • It has a rich library of articles that cover every aspect of web development

But, we would like to mention that Wix is capable of impressing us by the simplicity of the platform and ample of options for development. It is also a good choice for developing an up and running website in a short time. Selecting the right platform for building your website is quite a task because we have several options available. Though every platform has its own pros and cons, you can always assign your web development project to an experienced web development company that has a team of expert and certified web developers.

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Concluding Remarks

Which one do you like more – Wix or WordPress? Do share your thoughts with us or send your web project requirements at info@solwininfotech.com. We will get back to you soon!

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