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February 24, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

Do you want a well-optimized WooCommerce store? Are you looking for a fast loading WooCommerce store that helps to generate the maximum ROI?

Every eCommerce website owner wants to have a website that converts well and helps them generate the maximum ROI. Successful online stores usually have a user-friendly design, easy navigation, excellent customer support, easy checkout option, competitive prices, and a lot more unique features. Slow-loading websites or sites with a lengthy and tedious checkout may not lure the users.

According to statistics: 60% of Online users abandon their carts because of extra shipping or billing costs.

Shipping Extra

If you own a WooCommerce website, you should look for ways to optimize the pages and checkout process. Even if you want to build a new WooCommerce store from scratch, it is important to pay attention to WooCommerce checkout optimization. Look for the best WooCommerce development agency to help you get the most amazing web store that helps you achieve your business objectives.

Let’s discuss some of the best ways for WooCommerce checkout optimization.


1. Hide unnecessary fields

Hide Un-necessary checkout field

Users would not like to spend time or effort to fill up unnecessary fields during the checkout process. Most of the online shoppers abandon their carts if they come across a lengthy checkout process. Instead of making the shoppers frustrated, you should try to provide a short and simple checkout option that helps them save a lot of time.

A huge amount of form fields may increase the abandoned carts on your site. Make sure that only mandatory information is compulsory to be filled in by the users. While considering WooCommerce checkout optimization, reduce the number of fields in the form as this would increase the chances of conversion.

Expert tips to reduce the number of fields:

  • WooCommerce offers ‘Company Name’ by default. You can hide this if you are targeting B2C customers as it would not be applicable to them.
  • Some users may not prefer to add their phone numbers while placing an online order. Privacy may be a top concern for most people. Avoid making the field of phone number compulsory to increase the conversions.
  • Hide the second street address field.


2. Provide an option to use Shipping address as Billing address

Sometimes, the users may not like to add the billing and shipping address differently at two places if both the addresses are the same. As most of the users have the same billing and shipping address, you should provide an option to use the same addresses by default.


3. Single page checkout

Single Checkout Page
Did you know that you can improve the conversion rate of your WooCommerce store by providing a single page checkout option on your eCommerce website? This would reduce a lot of complications and increase the chances of sales.

With the growing usage of mobile devices, you can entice mobile users and compel them to purchase products from your store when you have a single checkout option. A multi-page checkout feature may be required for complex purchases.


4. Get rid of any page distractions

What is the major goal of your checkout page? More conversions mean more customers. Avoid placing too many clickable elements on the checkout page as it can distract the users and they may leave the page without making a purchase.

It can be a good idea to remove the header and footer from the checkout page when it comes to WooCommerce optimization.

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5. Auto-detect users’ countries

Your user may come from any country and so, the currency, payment options, and shipping options may be changed depending on their location. If you do not ship orders to a particular country, then there is no point in making the users go through the entire process and then make them feel shocked with a message – Sorry, we do not ship to your country.

Using the auto-detection of the IP address can help to provide the right information to the users. Online shoppers would be able to save time and effort when they are notified that the product cannot be shipped to their country.


6. Offer multiple payment options


In today’s world of digitalization, consumers demand multiple payment options when they shop online. Both offline and online users want to get more choices for payments. Make sure that your WooCommerce website has a lot of payment options. Users should be able to use all the credit or debit cards for placing the orders.

You can also add other options such as PayPal to make it easier for the users to make a purchase online. WooCommerce Authorize.net or WooCommerce Stripe plugin are the two popular payment gateways that can provide a seamless checkout experience.


7. Security of the transactions

Privacy of the users’ confidential information and bank information is a crucial factor. Some online shoppers may be worried about the security and trust of the online store. Make your customers feel secure by adding trust seals. WooCommerce website owners should ensure that their website is SSL encrypted.


8. Attract more users with Customer Reviews

Testimonials And Reviews

A lot of online shoppers prefer to read the client testimonials before making a purchase. If you want to reduce the bounce rate from the checkout page, you should post customer reviews on the checkout page prominently so that the users are tempted to place orders. You can place customer testimonials on all the major pages of your site.


9. Send abandon cart emails

Abandon Cart Emails

According to recent research, email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective methods for reducing abandoned carts. If a user had added products in the cart and left your website without completing the order, sending out automated emails to them may compel them to complete their purchase.

You can look for the abandoned cart plugin for WooCommerce checkout optimization. One can also integrate it with other tools to run email marketing campaigns efficiently.


10. No hidden costs

Online shoppers hate hidden costs at the time of checkout. Make sure that you are transparent about the pricing, shipping charges, taxes, and other costs. Mysterious charges at the checkout page can turn off the visitors and they may never come back to your website. They may also feel cheated.

Hence, make the pricing as transparent as possible and avoid any extra charges at the last step of the purchase.

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11. Guest checkout option

Guest Checkout Page

32% of the online shoppers drop out because the websites have a compulsory account creation option. To avoid this, you can provide an option of guest checkout so that users can complete their purchase without creating an account. It would be faster for online shoppers to complete their orders easily without any hassle.

You can also provide an option to login via Facebook or Google and ask the users to fill in the missing information.


To Sum Up

Shopping cart abandonment is a worry for most of the eCommerce website owners. Look for the best WooCommerce checkout optimization ideas and implement them to stay ahead of your competitors. All users want to buy quickly without being cheated or paying any additional costs. Try out different WooCommerce checkout optimization tips and tricks to skyrocket your sales.

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