WooCommerce Product Display Plugins
October 18, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

The presentation of the online product is an essential thing to attract visitors. Everyone follows that “the first impression is the last impression.” It is also applicable in the online business. Therefore, display your products with an alluring design with WooCommerce product display plugins. It helps to add a proper description that definitely drives the user’s attention & helps to increase the conversion.

WordPress is currently sharing a 50-60% market share of the global CMS market, and it becomes the most popular CMS in the 7th year in a row. WordPress has 11000+ themes on ThemeForest and 50000+ plugins available in the office directory.

It has a good amount of product showcase plugins that can help to transform your sales page or blog page into an eye-catchy catalog. Yes, WordPress has a default plugin of WooCommerce that has product showcase options. But you can use a product display WordPress plugins that give added value to your products.

We have assembled some most useful WooCommerce product grid plugins that can enhance your website sales. This plugin gives you an additional way to display your products on the homepage, blog page, portfolio, category page also. Let’s explore these essential lists of product display plugins and improve your user’s experience & conversion rate.

Blog Designer Pro 4.6 / 5 6000+
WP Timeline Designer Pro 4 / 5 250+
Portfolio Designer 5 / 5 300+
WOO Product Grid/List Design 4.3 / 5 695+
Advanced Woo Search 5 / 5 60,000+
WP Product Gallery 5 / 5 360+
WooCasePro 4.4 / 5 160+
Catalog Mode For WooCommerce 4.4 / 5 540+
WooCommerce Products Layouts 1 / 5 400+
WooCommerce Product Bundle – / 5 130+
Ultimate Product Catalog – / 5
WooCommerce Extra Product Options 4.9 / 5 27600+
PickPlugins – / 5 20000+
Variation Swatches – / 5 200000+
WooCommerce Customizer – / 5 50000+
Product Feed PRO – / 5 60000+
eCommerce Product Catalog 4.7 / 5 10000+
WOOF – Products Filter For WooCommerce 4.5 / 5 100,000+


1. Blog Designer Pro

Blog Designer Pro WordPress Plugin

Blog Designer, as its name, suggests the plugin is useful to design blogs. Not only blog page or post, but blog designer also helps to design your single page, author page, achieve the page, search page, and many more. It comes with high-defined 50 blog page layouts in 8 different categories.

Blog Designer is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin as well as comes with exceptional WooCommerce blog layouts.

There are many layouts to showcase your products with price details such as:

1. WooCommerce Grid
2. WooCommerce Horizontal Timeline
3. WooCommerce List
4. WooCommerce Magazine
5. WooCommerce Slider Layout
6. WooCommerce Vertical Timeline
7. WooCommerce Masonry layout

Using these layouts, you can easily display your online product on your blog page with a detailed description of the products. You can also quickly convert your visitors into customers by showcasing the products on a blog page.

You can also modify various settings from the admin side. This WooCommerce product page layout plugin comes with lots of features and functionality that make your product page eye-catchy. A must-have plugin for a blogging website!

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2. WP Timeline Designer Pro

WP Timeline designer - woocommerce

WP Timeline Designer Pro is a fantastic timeline plugin to showcase your story, company details, summary, milestones, blogging, author biography, etc in an attractive way.

This advanced timeline plugin contains 20+ ready-made demo layouts including beautiful WooCommerce layouts. Using the WooCommerce layouts, the website owner can showcase the products in a timeline format. It showcases posts in a vertical and horizontal chronological order with lots of functionalities. It includes various features such as social media share, pagination, media option, post options, etc.

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3. Portfolio Designer

Portfolio Designer WordPress Plugin

Are you thinking, why portfolio plugin add to this list?

Portfolio Designer helps to create a portfolio in various styles such as Grid, Masonry, Carousel, WooCommerce (Product catalog), single slide, slide show, etc. You can also create custom post types with audio, video, and image thumbnails. This plugin has 50+ predefined effects and animation available that helps to design your portfolio or gallery outstanding. It is a multipurpose plugin that helps to showcase your products or portfolio elegantly. Moreover, you can easily sell your stuff on the portfolio page with this impressive WooCommerce product layout plugin. Where you can also showcase the products with the add-to-cart functionality and price detail and in-depth description.

If you are an artist or designer and want to sell your creativity on your website then, it is a perfect solution for you.

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4. WOO Product Grid/List Design

Woo Product Grid List Design WordPress Plugin

Woo Product Grid or List Design is an innovative WooCommerce plugin to showcase your products in the most engaging way. As the name suggests, it supports two layouts: grid and list layouts. It includes a lightbox effect to also display your product with astonishing effects to attract users. This plugin includes a 30+ grid and 10+ list layouts. You can display products associated with certain custom fields which can be either single or multiple. Also, there are eight ribbon templates that you can add to the product to showcase content.

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Advanced Woo Search

Advanced Woo Search is another plugin that helps to showcase the products in a better way. This plugin supports Ajax search and search results page display. It enables searching functionality across all the WooCommerce products on your online store. The plugin supports other features such as plurals, synonyms, WooCommerce multilingual, google analytics, and so on. The search results show the product image and price. It is recently updated and 60000+ users are actively using this plugin. The plugin is also available with the Pro version.

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WP Product Gallery WordPress Plugin

WP Product Gallery WordPress plugin showcase your product in an engaging way that peoples love to buy it. This plugin has a grid, masonry, carousel, frame, and slider layouts. There are many functionalities like 8+ ribbon templates with different positions, 5 product filters design, showcasing page numbers, and many more. There are different formats for pagination like the number, load more, or infinite scroll. Now, you can also show products based on search keywords. There is also one amazing feature is that now you can sort retrieved products from order and order by parameters. You can also test the details before going live. Try Now!

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7. WooCasePro

WooCasePro WordPress Plugin

WooCase Pro is another fantastic plugin to showcase your WooCommerce products in a modern way. This plugin comes with 30+ design variations to display your products on your online website. There has 13 slider versions, many grid and masonry layouts available with various options. These attractive layouts surely give your user a fantastic view of your website products. Furthermore, there has an unlimited way to show your products in any place, any page in every possible way.

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8. Catalog Mode for WooCommerce

Catalog Mode for WooCommerce Plugin

It is another WordPress plugin that helps to turn your shop products on catalog mode. Catalog Mode for WooCommerce plugin hides price and cart functionality with just one click. You can enable or disable catalog mode for a particular product or particular categories also. This plugin provides 7 astonishing beautiful button skins. So, you can choose the one as per your site requirement. You can also add your own button CSS. It is compatible with the WPML plugin, that you can easily translate it into multiple languages. You can add a button that helps to redirect to another page link. Try Now!

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9. WooCommerce Products Layouts

WooCommerce Products Layouts WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce Product layouts is another powerful WordPress plugin that helps to extend the product’s layouts. This plugin presents a novel way to showcase your online shop’s products in the most assuring way. It is combined with 16 layouts that include Tab, Slide, Masonry, and list layouts. It is working well with Visual Composer and WordPress Classic Editor that adds more functionality to your site. This WordPress plugin is also integrated with an action tooltip for alluring hover style and, disable the action button for modifying every product quickly.

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10. WooCommerce Product Bundle

WooCommerce Product Bundle WordPress Plugin

WPA WooCommerce Custom Product List Bundle WordPress plugin helps to showcase the bundle of products that customers generally buy together. This way, it helps to increase your conversion rate. It is one of the best plugins for recommending the products that customers really want to buy together. This plugin has 3 flexible layouts i.e., below product summary, above product tab, below product tab. You can easily configure it with a display discount as percent or amount. It also helps to set a discount for bundles based on the total number of products customers going to purchase. A useful WordPress plugin for the WooCommerce store!

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11. Ultimate Product Catalog

Ultimate Product Catalog WordPress Plugin

A great way to organize your eCommerce products for mobile and desktop sites with this Ultimate Product Catalog WordPress plugin. It gives a perfect and user-friendly experience. This plugin is easy to set up and customize. You will get many options to customize the functionality and looks for the product catalog. Now, you can also add your own custom CSS. It is easy to purchase and checkout because of WooCommerce compatibility. There are also lots of benefits of having a premium version of this plugin are custom fields, a product comparison page, and many more.

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12. WooCommerce Extra Product Options

WooCommerce Product Extra Options

WooCommerce extra product options give 5 extra product options. It has a vast variety of features that create extra fields for the products. This plugin has shown or hides options based on other useful variations. It also manages every aspect of the plugin with an extensive settings panel that leads you to display the products in an attractive way.

It is an extremely simple and intuitive plugin that saves countless hours of tedious work.

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13. PickPlugins


Pick plugin WordPress plugin allows a user to build a carousel slider for WooCommerce products. It creates an unlimited product slider and you can showcase it anywhere on the website using shortcodes. Moreover, the plugin contains many options to manage slider functionality to navigations, control slide speed, display, etc. For building a custom layout, the plugin allows you to add several elements to the layout.

Additionally, it has infinite features like layout elements, slider dots, advanced meta fields queries, and many more.

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14. Variation Swatches

Variation Swatches

Variation Swatches is a stunning plugin that very well compatible with WooCommerce. It offers various attributes of variation products. Moreover, it allows adding attributes like color, image, label, etc. The plugin leads to add to the single WooCommerce product and enables a quick view. Additionally, the plugin also changes the shape styles to round and circle.

This variation swatches plugin also allows you to attractive tooltips on variation switch hover. A great plugin for swatches!

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15. WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce Customizer

WooCommerce customizer leads a user to modify labels, text, and tons of filters. For that, you just need to write the PHP code for it. Moreover, It has a setting page where a user can add the customizations & save the changes. The plugin contains several customization buttons like sales badge text, submits order button, tax label text, coupon or login text, etc.

You can easily make changes while going to WooCommerce > Settings & view the customizer tab. It is easy to use the plugin.

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16. Product Feed PRO

Product Feed Pro

Product Feed Pro is an amazing plugin to manage product feeds. With this Product Feed Pro plugin, a user can create all product feeds for every marketing channel like Google Shopping, Facebook Remarketing, Bing Ads, and many more. Moreover, it is an absolute plugin that provides support for a numerous number of products and feeds.

It comprises several functionalities such as category- & field-mapping and advanced, rule-based, and filtering and product variables. Also, the plugin has free and advanced visceral options.

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17. eCommerce Product Catalog

eCommerce product catalog

This eCommerce product catalog plugin is another incredible tool that improves the product details on the WooCommerce site. This free plugin allows a user to add the products wherever they want with a request for a quote functionality.

Additionally, a user can manage the products into tags, multi-level categories, and catalogs. Moreover, the plugin has a searching feature, so you can search the product & get the product details effortlessly. With the filtration feature, shopping becomes easier for the customer, and that you can easily do it using this plugin. A wonderful free WordPress plugin for the online store!

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18. WOOF – Products Filter For WooCommerce

Woof - Product Filter

WOOF is a product search plugin that allows your website visitor to filter the online products by categories, product tags, attributes, price range, and so on. It is a must-have plugin for every eCommerce store cause it facilitates reaching out to the products that your website shoppers need to shop. Moreover, it has shortcode options, with that you can showcase it on a single page or any other website pages. The free plugin already has 100000+ installs in the WordPress repository.

Moreover, the plugin available in the Pro Version with premium features that create a user-friendly site.

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19. Product Reviews For WooCommerce Pro

Product Reviews For WooCommerce Pro is a premium plugin that allows users to review and rate products on your eCommerce store. It increases your conversion rate and helps your customers make informed decisions by adding professional product reviews to your WooCommerce shop. This plugin displays the review stars and the number of reviews with the current average rating right beside each product or service on any WooCommerce page.

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Wrap Up!

In the online business, product description & presentation performs a significant role. As you have gone through these handy and effective WooCommerce product display plugins that showcase the product in an astonishing layout. These plugins surely display the products appealingly that boost your website leads. Therefore, pick the suitable one for your eCommerce website and enhance your sales.

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