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October 15, 2018 Sanjay Dabhoya

NoWhether small-time bloggers or entrepreneurs, everyone prefer WordPress. We can give many reasons for it like the ever-growing community, excellent WordPress themes, and innovative plugins. Also you can follow WordPress blogs for news, views, reviews, ideas, information and many more.

But then, WordPress remains one of the most vulnerable CMS platforms for cyber-attacks and it needs regular updates to cope with it. Thankfully, the WordPress platform has dedicated and talented bloggers who keep on sharing advancements and trends.

As a WordPress site owner, you should follow WordPress blogs to stay ahead of the curve by keeping an eye on the latest tips and techniques, hacks and plugins, and the like.

Here we give a detailed account of over 40+ popular WordPress blog sites to stay updated. You may find this list exhausting, but believe me, once you go through these blogs, you will get a lot of information in an interesting way. So, let’s start our journey into the world of WordPress.


1. WPLift


WPLift is full of all things WordPress! Here you find guides, tutorials, tips and techniques from some of the best bloggers. What’s more, the blog also offers some amazing deals based on coupons. Even an entry-level WordPress site owner or an enthusiast can also utilize WPLift to increase their knowledge and enhance their insight.

Visit blog: WPLift


2. WPBeginner


This is probably the best WordPress blog for beginners. But it does not mean that experienced WordPress developers do not get anything from it. There are many new things to learn in a thriving WordPress platform and this blog includes such things for all the WordPress users. Today, this blog has gained the trust of over 600,000 WordPress users globally.

Visit blog: WPBeginner


3. WP Arena


WP Arena should also be included in the list of top WordPress blogs to follow. It is a rich blog that has a rich collection of plugin reviews, and comparisons of trending WordPress plugins. It also offers guides and awesome tips about famous WordPress plugins. The readers can find useful information on the customization of their WordPress websites in WP Arena.

Visit blog: WP Arena


4. WinningWP


As the name suggests, WinningWP is about gaining an advantage of the WordPress platform. You can stay informed about the new WordPress themes and plugin reviews. Also, this great blog will teach you new skills by means of tutorials. Brin Wilson manages the WinningWP blog and makes it useful for both WordPress enthusiasts and website owners.

Visit blog: WinningWP


5. WPExplorer


If you want to start exploring the WordPress platform, WPExplorer should be your starting point. There is no exaggeration in stating that WPExplorer is one of the best WordPress blogs among all. Whether you want to learn new stuff or get an idea of the latest WordPress themes, you can get everything here.

It contains useful tutorials, detailed reviews, tips and guidelines, and all other necessary stuff to make your WordPress blog awesome. And yes, don’t forget to go through giveaways and deals to save a lot of bucks!

Visit blog: WPExplorer

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6. WP Tavern

WP Tavern

News, themes, plugins, events, and much more- this one of the most popular WordPress blog is established in 2009. You can remain updated with the latest happenings in the WordPress platform by following this blog. WP Tavern is capable of finding its place in the most popular WordPress blogs.

Visit blog: WP Tavern


7. Chris Lema

Chris Lema

Chris Lema is a big name in the WordPress blogger’s community. He is a top-level WP blogger who gives insights as an advisor in WooThemes, iThemes, WP101, etc. His blogs about eCommerce, freelancing, e-learning, and corporate presentation are worth reading. So, it is better to follow him for staying updated about various things along with WordPress.

Visit blog: Chris Lema




Well, the blog section of this wonderful website is the most useful resource for WordPress developers, enthusiasts, and website owners. The blog covers topics like WordPress, BuddyPress, WordPress Multisite, and other useful topics from the WordPress community. WPMU DEV claims to make the developers expert in the WordPress domain with a 30-day free trial.

Visit blog: WPMU DEV


9. ManageWP


Our list of popular WordPress blogs remains incomplete without including ManageWP blog. Basically, ManageWP is a tool that enables users to manage multiple WordPress-based websites from a single dashboard. It is useful for the owners of multiple WordPress websites. Its blog features top writers and WordPress developers including Charnita Fance, Vladimir Prevolac, etc. Useful tips, reviews, tutorials, opinions, themes, and plugins are what you get from this blog.

Visit blog: ManageWP


10. Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes

If you’re in search of new WordPress plugins and themes, then this is the right WordPress blog to follow. Also, you can get wonderful tips, tutorials, and updates. A few of the well-known bloggers like Kevin Muldoon and Jacqueline Thomas are featured in this blog. You can make your existing WordPress blog elegant and appealing by following this awesome blog.

Visit blog: Elegant Themes


11. WP Mayor


The latest WordPress news, hacks, and plugin reviews are covered in this blog. You can go through good stuff written by a couple of contributors who give the content a multi-cultural touch. What is interesting here is the blog is run by a family. WP Mayor should be in your reading list especially when you are in the search of useful articles on the WordPress platform.

Visit blog: WP Mayor


12. CodeinWP


As the name shows, CodeinWP contains the best tutorials, tips, hacks, and useful tricks for taking advantage of growing WordPress platform. It offers a well-managed collection of noteworthy articles liked by Daniel Pataki, Adelina Tuca, and Karol K. All the posts are written in a way that the readers tend to avoid missing any of them.

Visit blog: CodeinWP

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13. WPEka


Attractive offers and coupons along with useful opinion posts, detailed reviews on plugins and themes, and in-depth website tutorials are the USPs of this blog. It covers digital marketing, SEO, and web development domains apart from WordPress. The blog gives useful insights frequently during the week. WPEka is a must-have blog in your top ten list of WordPress blogs.

Visit blog: WPEka




Whether you are a WordPress developer, website owner, or a WordPress enthusiast, this blog has many things to offer. You can have tutorials, guides, and plugin reviews. It provides the best deals for purchasing WordPress accessories. You can also find hosting options for your website. also shows lists of best WordPress themes and plugins and update the same on a regular basis.

Visit blog:


15. WPBlog


WPBlog is the ultimate place to get all knowledge of WordPress. You can read about WordPress trends, product research, tips, tutorials, and reviews for WordPress. If you are starting your WordPress journey from the start, it’s a site that can help you. You can get the list of experts that you need to follow for your WordPress knowledge updates. There are free Ebooks available that will help you in starting everything with the WordPress domain.

Visit blog: WPBlog


16. WPKube


Do you like how-to guides and detailed tutorials? If your answer is ‘yes’, then WPKube is a blog for you. It has a great collection of useful content written by a few WordPress enthusiasts from across the globe. The blog keeps the focus on providing actionable information to the WordPress developers. It covers almost all categories of WordPress.

Visit blog: WPKube


17. WP Superstars


Well, you may not consider it as a blog because it is more of a review site. However, WP Superstars has a great collection of WordPress tutorials and articles that are useful for both beginners and pros alike. Apart from reviews of WordPress plugins, themes, and hosting, you can get well-researched posts about WordPress in WP Superstars.

Visit blog: WP Superstars


18. Elementor


Elementor is a WordPress page builder plugin for free. But, what is more, interesting is it has a blog as well. Though it mostly includes the tips to build a WordPress website with the help of Elementor, it is useful for both site owners and WordPress enthusiasts. The Elementor blog also covers web design roundups, interviews of freelancers, and much more to remain relevant among other popular WordPress blogs.

Visit blog: Elementor


19. WPShout


David Hayes and Fred Meyer run this blog very well through including awesome stuff. The blog covers Tutorials, security guidelines, and web development tips. Reading this blog on a weekly basis can give you more insights and useful recommendations on various resources.

Visit blog: WPShout


20. Tuts+


Tuts+ is also one of the popular WordPress blogs that are useful for beginners and professionals alike. It includes all the handy stuff and updates of WordPress. We can consider it as a complete resource for the platform that covers reviews, articles, and tips about WordPress plugins and themes.

Visit blog: Tuts+

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21. ThemeShaper


Big WordPress enthusiasts like Ian Stewart, Daniel Robert, and Caroline Moore have made ThemeShaper WordPress blog awesome and appealing. Apart from attractive WordPress themes, the blog section contains a huge collection of news, tips and tricks, hacks, and detailed tutorials about the WordPress platform.

Visit blog: ThemeShaper


22. Colorlib


Colorlib is not just a list of best WordPress themes. Its blog has many things to offer if you’re a WordPress website owner. You can get useful guides on plugins, design tips and also free themes for your WordPress site.

Visit blog: Colorlib


23. WooCommerce


If you have an eCommerce website or you want to develop one for your business, you have certainly heard the name of the WooCommerce plugin. If you want to make a website based on WooCommerce, then this is right blog for you. It includes guides, tips and tricks, and tutorials along with the latest developments in the WooCommerce domain. You will also get access to a number of downloadable plugins through this blog.

Visit blog: WooCommerce


24. DigitalGYD

DigitalGYD- Award Winning Blog on Growing a Profitable Blogging Business

DigitalGYD is an award-winning blog that helps people start their blogs on WordPress and grow them into profitable websites. It offers reviews of WordPress tools like hosting, plugins and themes to educate its audience about the best WordPress usage. The blog is single-handedly managed by Swadhin Agrawal who also shares his blogging insights with the readers. If you’re running a blog on WordPress then you will find this DigitalGYD’s content helpful.

Visit blog: DigitalGYD


25. Solwin Infotech Blog

Solwin Blog

We publish WordPress tips and tutorials on a regular basis on our blog. The WordPress blog section is a huge archive of best WordPress plugins, themes, tips & tricks, news and in-depth tutorials for beginner to an advanced WordPress user. Our experienced WordPress developers have created excellent WordPress themes and plugins to improve the functionality of your existing WordPress website. Contact us to know more about our services and readymade plugins for WordPress.

Visit blog: Solwin Infotech Blog


26. WP Newsify

WP Newsify

Are you WordPress enthusiastic and having a need to learn about WordPress? WP Newsify is standout amongst the best websites where you can find bunches of tutorials, articles, plugin guides, theme roundups and so on. You can likewise find elite deals information for WordPress products. This site also publishes guest posts and user-submitted stories to inspire new bloggers. WP Newsify’s highly dedicated team always ready to inform the latest news about WordPress with quality and valuable content.

Visit blog: WP Newsify


27. LearnWoo


LearnWoo is a robust website with all the acquaintance about WordPress and especially about WooCommerce. Here you can find tons of knowledge about WooCommerce from basic to the advanced level. You can also find a detailed review of different WooCommerce products to get accurate information about the particular product. The most significant thing for WordPress beginners that this site has a series of ebooks to get in-depth knowledge about WordPress. Moreover, LearnWoo also features guest posts and exclusive deals.

Visit blog: LearnWoo


28. WP Blog Designer

WP Blog Designer

Are you a newbie or an excellent blogger? Blog Designer is the most reliable site where you get ample of information about blogging. It has great stuff about blogging and WordPress topics. Here, you will find various blog design page ideas as well as helps to design your WordPress blog eye-catchy.

If you are worried to set up a new WordPress blog, Explore Blog Designer site now. Get detailed knowledge about how to set up new blogs, its design as well as how you can promote it throughout the world. It covers almost all the knowledge about blogging, or you can directly use the Blog Designer WordPress plugin to customize the blog quickly.

Visit blog: WP Blog Designer


29. Bob WP

bob wp

BobWP is the blog run by the most popular WordPress expert Bob Dunn. He is a dedicated blogger and podcaster. He likes to share his knowledge and help people by blogging, workshops, one-on-one training, digital marketing stuff, and conference presentations. They are targeting now WooCommerce. He has worked with WordPress for over a decade and designing numerous websites and training hundreds of people in WordPress over the years.

Visit blog: Bob WP


30. SitePoint


If you are a developer, then Sitepoint is the website for you. It helps every type of web developers and web designers to build high-quality websites. They provide informative knowledge about WordPress tutorials and tips, HTML, CSS, mobile, design and UX, PHP, and JavaScript. The content on their blog is created and updated by the experienced team of writers and developers. Also, they offer fantastic books and courses to helps you with the development journey.

Visit blog: SitePoint


31. catswhocode


CatsWhoCode is the place for every type of web developers, web designers, and webmasters. They provide high-quality resources and useful tutorials to their readers. The website founder Jean is working to make the developer’s life easier since June 2008. He is writing articles on popular blogs such as Smashing Magazine, WPHacks, and Pro Blog Design. You can find WordPress related content like WordPress tips, hacks, and WordPress coding tutorials.

Visit blog: catswhocode


32. Kinsta


Kinsta is the most popular hosting platform. The Kinsta was founded by the WordPress developers who want to provide reliable hosting services with a focus on speed, security, and stability. You can learn about plugins, security, business tips, blogging, and more. They believe that they’ve made the highest quality WordPress hosting-solution on the market.

Visit blog: Kinsta


33. Cloudways


Cloudways provides managed cloud hosting solutions. They’re also a offers theme reviews, website setup guides, and tons of business tips that you’ll want to add to your reading list. They help you to build better digital experiences, scale your business faster, and maximize growth potential. Cloudways featured on most popular publications like Forbes, Venturebeat, PC magazine, TechRadar, etc.

Visit blog: Cloudways


34. MonsterPost


Template Monster is the biggest collection of website templates online. There are 30,000 different themes on their website. The blog of it known as MonsterPost. It contains articles related to design skills, website optimization, hosting, etc. You will get the Ebooks for updating your knowledge about development. They are providing free webinars to grow your website to an ultimate level.

Visit blog: MonsterPost


35. Torque


How can we forget this platform while making a list of best WordPress blogs? Torque is made and managed by the guys who have developed WPEngine, a managed WordPress hosting. Torque brings the latest updates, news, and happenings in the WordPress domain. The blog has other useful categories including community, development, and business. Experts like John Stewart and Josh Pollock are among the top contributors to this blog.

Visit blog: Torque


36. Tidy Repo


Among tens of thousands of free WordPress plugins you can easily activate on your website, it is hard to choose the ones you really need. Also, it is hard to distinguish good plugins from the bad ones. That’s where you will want to visit TidyRepo – a website fully dedicated to WordPress plugins. Read reviews and check statistics about the best plugins out there before you install them on your blog.

Visit blog: Tidy Repo


37. Carrie Dils>

Carrie Dils

This website is handled by Carrie Dils. She is a WordPress expert. She likes to share her knowledge about WordPress. You can find articles related to WordPress, Genesis, WooCommerce, etc. She offers an awesome podcast, blog, and courses on her child websites.

Visit blog: Carrie Dils


38. Media Temple


Media Temple is another awesome blog for helping agencies, designers, web developers, run, and scale their business. You can learn about various topics related to customer spotlights, hosting optimization tips, image editors, WordPress tutorials, etc. They provide educational, insightful, valuable content about design, WordPress, web development, and more.

Visit blog: Media Temple


39. Anariel Design


Anariel Design runs by WordPress developer Ana Segota. You can get the WordPress interviews, helpful guides, learn new SEO tips, theme release articles, web design tips, and more. Here you will get the beautiful premium WordPress themes for various categories.

Visit blog: Anariel Design


40. Rich Tabor Blog


The blog is a startup of Rich Tabor. He is a WordPress developer by profession. Currently, he is a senior product manager of WordPress experience at GoDaddy. You can the different articles related to Gutenberg guides, WordPress tips, WordPress themes, WordPress blocks, Photoshop resources, WordCamp highlight, and many more.

Visit blog: Rich Tabor Blog


41. MyWPtips

My WP Tips

MyWPtips is a news blog that covers everything related to WordPress and technology. Learn what’s new in the world of WordPress, read about new plugins & themes and don’t forget to read about SEO, eCommerce and making money with your blog.

Visit blog: MyWPtips


42. Yoast SEO


Well, you may find this name a bit odd in this list, but it is one of the best blogs of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips for your WordPress website. From onsite SEO to WordPress SEO tactics, Yoast SEO has it all! What’s more, you can get tips for social media optimization.

Visit blog: Yoast SEO




Finally, we include the WordPress platform’s own news blog on this list. It covers core updates, enhancements, happenings, community activities, developers’ views, and other stuff. It is fair to mention that if you have a WordPress website, you just cannot avoid going through this blog regularly to stay updated.

Visit blog:

Here we come to an end of this mega list of best WordPress blog to follow in 2019 (and beyond)! You can also make your list of favorite blogs after going through all these websites.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is an ever-evolving platform. It’s developer community increases by leaps and bounds globally. In such a scenario, this comprehensive list of top WordPress blogs to follow in 2019 and beyond can help you stand ahead of the curve. These blog platforms enable you to know the latest news and reviews about WordPress. We are sure that the names mentioned here will remain useful for you for years to come!

With this, let us know in the comment box if we have missed any of your favorite WordPress blogs. We are eager to know your suggestions and thoughts.

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