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May 18, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

CNN to Facebook and eBay to Sony- All major media companies count upon WordPress as their default publishing tool. WordPress has evolved as a robust CMS from a blogging platform over the period. Forbes has appreciated WordPress as the “promised land” and a standard, multimedia-friendly, and easy-to-use platform for media companies and other enterprises. Today, WordPress powers around 35.2% of the web globally. This blog talks about the top benefits of WordPress enterprise CMS.

Here we discuss the top reasons why WordPress can be the right choice for your enterprise. Also, we will bust some myths and highlight the importance of WordPress for enterprise content management.

Let’s start with the role of WordPress in modern enterprises.


WordPress for Enterprises- Scope and Importance

When it comes to enterprises, they want value in every tool and technology, and the CMS (Content Management System) is no exception! WordPress can fit all their complex needs in a cost-effective way. Though most entrepreneurs have heard of WordPress, they have not much idea about WordPress enterprise CMS. A reputed WordPress development company can give them proper advice regarding the role and benefits of WordPress in their business systems.

Here, it is fair to mention that though WordPress has evolved a lot in recent years, it has to do more to get rid of its perception of a blogging platform from the mind of entrepreneurs.

After knowing the role of WordPress in enterprises, we are going to discuss some common myths about this robust platform. These myths prevent WordPress from getting mainstreamed as an enterprise CMS. Simply put, these myths ruin the reputation of WordPress as an enterprise-grade CMS.


Prevalent Myths around WordPress

Mostly, WordPress-related myths are based on its older versions. Today, WordPress has evolved to offer many enterprise-friendly and user-oriented features.

Let’s go through these myths and bust them one by one.

Myth 1. WordPress is only a blogging platform

Yes, it started as a blogging platform, but today, blogging is just one of the features of this robust platform. WordPress for an enterprise can offer many features and functionality to meet complex content management needs.



Myth 2. WordPress lacks in security

Yes, ten years back, this was the major issue. WordPress had a poor track record in security. However, in recent years, the platform has taken many steps to strengthen security, and a dedicated WordPress Security Team of 25 experts strives for maintaining the utmost security standards for the platform. This team gives priority to security releases and brings new updates or patches speedily than ever.

Third-party WordPress themes and plugins are also now safer than before in line with a more secure platform.


Myth 3. Open-source nature is risky

When we think of WordPress for enterprise, this myth always comes as a hurdle. A large chunk of the corporate world is still skeptical about the reliability of the open-source software in enterprises. Think of Google and Facebook, both these and many other open-source platforms work wonders in the enterprise, and entrepreneurs willingly store their confidential corporate data in them.

Linux has also started gaining ground swiftly in the corporate sector. Similarly, WordPress, as an open-source project committed to the GPL can be highly beneficial for enterprises. It can give a solid base to hundreds of thousands of businesses irrespective of their scale and size.


Why Should We Use WordPress for Enterprise?

After busting myths, it’s time to go through some technical benefits that make WordPress an excellent choice for enterprises.


1. Flexibility and Affordability

Greater Flexibility

WordPress plugins have given extensibility and flexibility to this platform. Be it a startup or an established company, dedicated third-party WordPress plugins can address the corporate client’s demands effectively. Also, open-source nature makes WordPress an affordable platform to build enterprise-grade websites.

While offering complete flexibility, WordPress also provides complete control over customization to the administrators. WordPress web developers can also create a custom code to meet the client’s business needs.


2. Responsiveness

In today’s mobile-driven world, no enterprise affords to keep its website unfriendly for smartphones and tablets. WordPress offers native support for responsive web design, which is a huge plus for enterprises. Default themes of WordPress are responsive by nature, and web developers can come up with a mobile-friendly website by choosing any of these themes.

Google emphasizes responsive websites and WordPress-based websites can have better chances to get a higher ranking because of their mobile-friendliness. As a result, enterprise clients can get more visibility for their websites on Google SERPs (Search Engine Ranking Pages).

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3. Scalability

Scalability is another USP (Unique Selling Point) for WordPress. As one of the most reliable CMS platforms, WordPress is based on core web technologies with a proven track record for scalability. Be it a web server optimization or caching strategies, WordPress has everything set in an easy-to-understand manner. It enables web developers to get rid of reinventing the process from scratch while developing an enterprise website.

The scalability of the WordPress platform has made companies like Automattic and Incsub successful. For any enterprise, the flexibility and scalability of the CMS platform is the key to success.


4. SEO-friendliness


SEO-friendliness is one of the biggest benefits of the WordPress platform. Enterprises can get an edge over competitor websites through an SEO-friendly WordPress website. Also, plugins like Yoast SEO plugin and All-In-One SEO Pack plugin can enhance the SEO-friendliness and enable the users to improve their website’s performance. Enterprise websites are content-rich, and therefore, SEO-friendliness of the website can make all the difference.

WordPress supports all efforts to boost the SEO campaign, and enterprises can get a higher ranking on search engines with ease with the help of this characteristic.


5. Regular Updates

Plugin and theme updates

WordPress has an upper hand over other popular CMS when it comes to frequent updates. The platform comes with regular updates for performance improvements, bug fixing, and security patches. These updates can help entrepreneurs keep their websites secure and trustworthy. The corporate website deals with a lot of personal and general data. An up-to-date website can keep storing and sharing of such data safe for the company management and employees alike.

WordPress has a huge community of active developers, which is also a great advantage of having a WordPress website. Your company’s IT team can also manage simple bug fixing and other minor customization with the help of a thriving WordPress community.


6. REST API for Customizations

The platform offers the WordPress REST API to change the look and feel of the corporate website. It aims to present new and powerful interfaces by utilizing the theme and plugin. The REST API is designed to manage and publish the website content in a new way. Developers can create a customized plugin to provide a new, interactive, front-end experience with the help of the REST API. What’s more, entrepreneurs can also bring the existing WordPress content into separate applications using the REST API.

Simply put, the WordPress REST API is a strong step toward establishing an application framework for enterprise users. It has opened the doors of new opportunities for boosting business through seamlessly-performing applications.


7. User-friendliness

Last but not the least benefit is- the WordPress enterprise CMS is user-friendly. The platform also supports multilingual solutions. Entrepreneurs can convey their message or promote their products/services in the language understood by their target audience. Also, WordPress supports multiple sites, which means that enterprise users can meet their complex business requirements of multiple websites through a single WordPress installation. It can also assist entrepreneurs to save big on time and resources.

The admin interface is friendly as well, and even the non-technical users can also navigate through the backend. Enterprise clients with little or no coding knowledge can also manage the platform with ease. In a way, user-friendliness makes WordPress a preferred choice.

What’s more, WordPress enables the admin to set various access levels for users through user roles and capabilities system. The company’s IT team can make the most of the predefined roles of the WordPress platform for many use cases. These predefined roles are extensible and the team can utilize them to address changing requirements. Altogether, it is fair to mention that WordPress enterprise CMS is capable of taking your company to a new level.

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Concluding Lines

As a robust and feature-rich CMS, WordPress enables companies to come up with innovative and user-friendly websites. Highly flexible and extensible nature makes WordPress a preferred choice of many enterprises worldwide. Excellent customizability and scalability to meet the diverse requirements of modern companies are some of the major reasons why you should choose WordPress for enterprise content management.

Solwin Infotech is a leading WordPress and Magento development company. Our in-house team of WordPress professionals has made some enterprise-grade themes and plugins. If you want to give your existing WordPress website an excellent look and feel or build a corporate website from scratch, our experienced web developers are happy to help. Just send us an email at info@solwininfotech.com
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