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April 22, 2019 Sanjay Dabhoya

Many corporate WordPress themes are available in free and premium categories. The blog includes a few noteworthy WordPress themes for entrepreneurs in 2019.

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular platforms for aspiring bloggers, startups, and newcomers in the online retail sector alike. The platform is gained ground for having characteristics like flexibility, easy customization, and straightforward web development.

Along with these reasons, WordPress themes and WordPress plugins are also considered as major reasons for the platform’s growing popularity. Here we will go through a few noteworthy WordPress themes for entrepreneurs.

We will understand how these themes help them meet specific requirements. But before that, let’s start with the basics. Here is a brief definition of a WordPress theme.

WordPress Themes – Brief Introduction

A WordPress theme contains all the style and structure-related elements for the business website or a blog.

In other words, the WordPress theme is a building block for your website.

WordPress platform is one of the richest CMS frameworks that have hundreds of thousands of themes available across free and premium categories. It makes the choice of the most suitable theme difficult. Here we mention a few top corporate WordPress themes that can help you out in selecting the right theme.

Though you can have some free themes available on WordPress, you just cannot afford to take the chance of developing your business website using the free theme in a highly competitive scenario. You need to select one of the high-quality WordPress themes for entrepreneurs. Though these themes are somewhat costly, it can be proven as the best investment as you can get a higher ROI and increased sales on the basis of such website over the period.

Now, let’s go through the difference between free and premium themes. Here it is fair to mention that you need not spend a small fortune for the premium theme as you can get your business website using the premium theme for around $150. It can give you more returns as compared to other business-related investments.


Difference between Free and Premium Themes


Startups and newcomers find free WordPress themes very fascinating as they do not require money. However, in most of the cases, entrepreneurs have to switch to premium themes over the period for their business websites. The reason is simple- the free theme has no technical support. With the growing requirements, chances are high that the code becomes buggy and obsolete in the website based on a free theme.

Both WordPress developers and entrepreneurs need to spend their valuable time in keeping the free theme up-to-date. In such a scenario, premium WordPress themes for entrepreneurs are always preferable for any size business. If you want to start a blog for a hobby, free themes are okay initially, but, if you want to grow your business with the help of a dedicated WordPress website, it is beneficial to invest money in purchasing a premium theme.

What a premium WordPress theme offers?

As the premium WordPress theme needs you to spend money, it offers the following benefits.

Technical assistance – You can get 24/7 support through forums, developer community, and emails. It can make the maintenance and customization of the website easier.

Updates – Premium themes are updated regularly to address vulnerability and fix bugs. All you get is an improved version of the theme periodically.

Robust plugins – Many premium themes provide useful plugins to enhance the performance of your business website.


Recommended WordPress themes for entrepreneurs

Your website is an online representative of your business. Therefore, it should be unique just like your business. You should select the right from premium corporate WordPress themes.

Here are three top WordPress themes for your business website. All these themes have the necessary flexibility and support to build sophisticated and feature-rich business websites.


1. Biznetic


It is a robust and premium WordPress theme for building business websites. Biznetic theme is a very clean and professional theme designed to serve multiple objectives. It is a responsive theme that looks awesome across various devices of different screen sizes. Biznetic provides many styling options and user-friendly features to facilitate website modification and customization.

Why we should use Biznetic?

Biznetic includes Avartan Slider and Blog designer plugin to create amazing image slider and appealing blog respectively. The excellent color combination and a plethora of features make this theme a preferable one among other WordPress themes for entrepreneurs. Easy website development and customization are two major benefits of Biznetic.

Why do we recommend Biznetic?

Apart from useful plugins, Biznetic offers the following features with excellent functionality.

  • It has an advanced theme options panel with many customizing and styling options
  • One-click install package for making a demo site
  • Make an awesome one-page business website
  • Five in-built custom widgets
  • It offers unlimited colors to choose as per your business model
  • Clean blog design

Also, Biznetic theme is designed by keeping the requirements of localization in mind. It offers multilingual support and enables the developers to make a mobile-ready website. Experienced web developers can help you leverage the user-friendly and enterprise-focused features of this wonderful theme.

What’s the cost?

Biznetic has many features and excellent functionality at a reasonable rate of $59. Solwin Infotech, the makers of Biztnetic, provides 24/7 technical support and keeps the theme updated on a regular basis.

More Details


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2. X-Theme


It is also a drag-and-drop builder like Divi, however, X-Theme is a little more complex. Also, it has no option to save many pages to repurpose on other web pages. But then, X-Theme is a premium and well-built theme that assists WordPress developers to build a customized business website.

Why we recommend X-Theme?

The development team of X-Theme offers excellent support and gives answers to questions in a short time. Also, a closed Facebook group consists of the developer’s community is helpful to leverage the benefits of X-Theme. What’s more, X-Theme brings over 20 plugins that can facilitate the developers to customize the business website.

What’s the cost?

The license fee is $64 per license, but you have to buy a new license for every new website. In a way, this is a bit costlier theme. However, if you want a theme for your single business website, X-Theme is also a considerable option.

More Details


3. Divi

Divi WordPress Theme

It is one of the most popular WordPress themes among developers and business persons. Divi can make the web development process easy and you can build a business website with a little knowledge of coding and other technical web development aspects using Divi.

Divi is a drag-and-drop type of website builder. It enables the developers to move every part of the website with ease while making website pages. Divi also allows drag-and-drop functionality in the front-end web development, which makes the theme easier and more user-friendly than other available themes.

Why we recommend Divi?

When a powerful and consistent web design is necessary, the tools and functionality of the theme can make it happen. It is easy to set up the website, create a customized design, and address the marketing goals with the help of Divi. You can readily grow your business online through a WordPress website with Divi theme and modify it as and when necessary. Here are a few aspects that set Divi apart from other corporate WordPress themes.

  • Easy Development Process
  • Offers drag-and-drop features and functionality
  • Easy to copy/paste various sections between web pages
  • Offers active and real-time support through Elegant Themes (Makers of Divi)
  • Large community on Facebook

Divi users have designed an ecosystem of plugins and tutorials. You can integrate other themes and plugins from 87 themes and 6 plugins.

What is the cost?

The license fee is $69/year. If you want to buy all six plugins, you need to pay $89/year. The good thing is you can use the license across all your websites. If you have a plan to launch new websites in the future, you can readily use the Divi theme. In a way, this is a generous licensing option that assists you to get rid of paying every time for buying a new license.

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Another popular platform of WordPress themes for entrepreneurs is Themeforest. It is basically a marketplace for web designers and developers. Here, you can find the theme as per your business model and budget. The themes have different price tags from $50 to $100.

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Parting Shots

A WordPress website with rich user experience and useful features is capable of taking your business to the next level while promoting transformation in the business processes. All you need is a premium WordPress theme for entrepreneurs and a reliable web development services provider.

Whether you own a startup or an SME, we can help you come up with a seamlessly running business website. Our experienced WordPress web developers can assist you to find the right theme in line with your business model, and you can stay ahead of the curve. If you have any queries or requirements, just contact us at info@solwininfotech.com. Our professionals will get back to you soon.

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