WordPress vs Webflow
December 7, 2020 Sanjay Dabhoya

WordPress and Webflow is the most eminent website builder platform that allows you to create a stunning website. However, both the platforms have benefits and drawbacks that you need to compare before developing your website.

Are you curious to know which platform is better for you, WordPress or Webflow?

In this article, we will drive you through the comparison between WordPress and Webflow platforms to figure out which one is a better choice for you. Before that, you will also get the basic idea about both the website building platforms.

Let’s start without any further ado.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a most eminent website builder that uses developers, designers, bloggers, and markets. This platform is powering 35% of the web, according to WordPress. In addition to this, WordPress is a free and open-source platform, so you can use it to create your online store, blog, or business.

To start your WordPress website, you are required to have a domain name and hosting accounts. There are several web hosting WordPress providers available that provide easy installation and set up packages for your online business.

What is Webflow?

Webflow is easy to use and cloud-based website builder that provides a visual website design tool. Moreover, it is hosted software that means you can use the platform as a service. This platform is free to sign up for Webflow and develop your website, but you need to sign up for a premium plan if you want to publish your website on the World Wide Web.

Furthermore, you can make a Webflow account and connect it to your domain name. Rather than that, you can download your website and host it on another hosting platform.

WordPress Vs Webflow Comparison

1. Open Source Platform

WordPress – Open Source Platform: WordPress is an open-source platform that means you have the freedom to use, change, and redistribute it according to your requirement. Moreover, users can access community study and make suggestions for alteration.

Webflow – Open Source Platform: On the other side, Webflow is a website platform that manages to host solutions, and users have to pay for using its premium features that are free on WordPress.

Which Platform is Better?

Ultimately, WordPress is an open-source platform that provides an opportunity to create a website without any cost, but Webflow fails to supply. So, the WordPress platform is a better choice.

2. Easy To Use

WordPress – Easy To Use: WordPress is an easy to use platform that has millions of users from the world with distinct skill levels. First of all, beginners will need to familiarize themselves with the WordPress platform and concepts like themes, plugins, the difference between categories and tags, posts and pages, and so on. This platform comes with a great visual editor option called the block editor. You get to make your web pages as well as customize content using blocks without any hurdle.

Furthermore, this platform permits you to create an eye-catching layout without writing a single line of code. Apart from this, the platform provides drag and drop page builders that you can use instead. This page builder is available as a plugin that you can install on your website.

Webflow – Easy To Use: Webflow provides an easy to use the dashboard to manage your website. In addition to this, it comes with a visual interface to design your website content. You can create your content and design the layout with a live preview. This platform supports different templates that you can use for your website and modify them with the use of an inbuilt visual editor.

The Webflow visual editor has a plethora of features, so beginners may find it hard to find their way. Let me give you an example: you can point and click on a particular element to change its properties. Moreover, you can also insert new elements with the use of the add new element button from the left side panel. Apart from this, if you use the Webflow platform and you are a content publisher, then you may miss some of the features that are common on other CMS platforms, such as post types, discussion, and comments, categories, and tags, and so on.

Which Platform is Better?

Both the Webflow and WordPress platforms provide a nifty editor to develop a great website. Ready to use layouts and templates.

Moreover, the CMS capabilities of the Webflow platform are not the same as WordPress. There are very few options to insert categories and tags to your content types, no native comments feature, and various other things. And this will make it a bit troublesome to use for content publishers. That is the reason the WordPress platform is better at this point.

3. Total Cost


WordPress – Total Cost: WordPress is free to use the platform, but you will be required to pay for the domain name and hosting server for your website. In addition to this, you have to also pay for any premium themes, plugins, or third-party service you are using for your online business.

Luckily, there are a plethora of hosting providers available in the market, such as Hostinger, Bluehost, SiteGround, A2 Hosting, and many more. Generally, a domain name cost is around $10 to $15 annually. The website hosting packages start from $3 to $5 per month for a Shared web host and $20 to $30 for VPS web hosting.

The biggest advantage of WordPress is that the platform supports more than 5,000 free themes and 50,000+ free plugins to select from. These things will keep your costs decrease as you develop your website using free plugins or themes. Moreover, most of the premium WordPress plugins and themes provide free versions that you can use without paying money.

Webflow – Total Cost: The Webflow platform provides a limited free version that permits you to create your website as well as host it with a subdomain using Webflow branding. They support two types of paid plans, the first is Site Plans, and the second is Account Plans. In addition to this, the Site Plans are priced per website depending on the type of website you need to develop.

Furthermore, Site Plans has an additional category of Ecommerce Plans that allow you to develop online stores. The basic Site plans start from $12 per month, and business plans start from $36 per month.

On the other hand, the Account Plans allow you to handle multiple websites that you can host with Webflow. The starter Account plan is free for building a website. But, the lite Account plans start from $16 per month, and the Pro plan worth $35.

Which Platform is Better?

Compared to Webflow, WordPress has almost all the features at lower costs. You can even create an online store without additional costs. Thus, the WordPress platform is a better choice at this point.

4. Design and Templates

WordPress – Design and Templates: WordPress provides thousands of WordPress themes from which you can select the best one for your website. Many of them are free to use, and most of them are fully responsive and SEO-friendly.

For your website, you can change your theme at any time and switch to another theme. You can also customize them within WordPress using a live customizer. WordPress makes sure the design is consistent throughout the website and keeps your design elements separate from content.

Apart from this, you can also create landing pages with the use of a theme and page builder plugin. Additionally, these page builders also come with professionally developed templates that you can use for your WordPress website.

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Webflow- Design and Templates: Webflow supports several free and paid templates that are mobile responsive. Mostly they are multi-purpose, so you can use them for different types of websites. You can select a template while developing your website. But once you select a template, you cannot change it in the future. If you want to select a different template, then create a new project for that.

In the Webflow platform, you can edit your templates without any hurdle. It is a visual design tool and comes with a stunning visual editor to change any element like header, footer, and navigation on any web page of your site.

Which Platform is Better?

WordPress is better at this point because it provides more number of themes and has easy to use web page builders to edit your website appearance. WordPress can offer a lot more flexibility than Webflow by keeping your website content and functionality away from the design.

5. Plugins and Integrations

WordPress – Plugins and Integrations: Plugin is an important element of the WordPress website, so the true power comes from plugins. You can install WordPress plugins to add new features and functionality to your website. Importantly, there are more than 57,000 free and paid WordPress plugins available. They cover several features like develop contact forms, add SEO features, collect backups, enhance website security, etc.

Furthermore, WordPress also works great with all eminent third-party services as well as tools that you may require to enhance your online business. Even if you are searching for an email marketing service, help desk support, or live chat software for your website, then WordPress works impeccably with every prominent provider.

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Webflow – Plugins and Integrations: Webflow supports a less number of integrations with third-party services. Some of the integrations work amazing, but for most integrations, you will need to learn about how to connect it with your Webflow website.

If you move your website to a different hosting service, then some of the integrations may break. Let me give you an example, you change your hosting provider, and your contact forms may not work properly on your website, so you have to find ways to get them to fix that problem.

Which Platform is Better?

Ultimately, WordPress is a better platform to select from because it supports thousands of free and premium plugins, third-party services, and tools.

6. Control and Customization Option

WordPress – Control and Customization Option: The WordPress platform provides you with almost full customization options for your website. You can also easily manage your content because you manipulate any file according to your needs.

WordPress is easy to customize with easy to navigate and modify any part of your website with few clicks. Generally, many themes provide well-created documents, video tutorials, as well as powerful customization support.

Webflow – Control and Customization Option: Webflow is also easy to manage website builder platform. The site designer application translates your drag and drop inputs into code by adjusting the current layout of your website.

The important controls and the customization options are similar to the WordPress platform. You can easily customize your website appearance with the Webflow platform.

Which Platform is Better?

It’s a tie among both platforms because they provide powerful control and customization options.

7. ECommerce Platform

eCommerce Business

WordPress – ECommerce Platform: WordPress uses a great ECommerce development platform – WooCommerce that supports the best WooCommerce plugins for any type of online store. It also offers WooCommerce themes to design your ECommerce website.

Furthermore, WooCommerce also provides various payment options like Paypal, Dozens, Stripe, Authorize.Net, etc. Apart from this, you can also use the shopping cart plugin for your online store.

If you want to make an eCommerce website, then use our WordPress ECommerce development service that can help you to sell your products on your online store.

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Webflow – ECommerce Platform: Webflow offers limited functionality compared to the WordPress platform. With this platform, the number of products sold is based on the plan you have selected for your ECommerce website. This platform supports Stripe as a payment option. It also charges a 2% fee per transaction that is included in the Stripe transaction fees.

In addition to this, the platform is used for selling digital products such as ebooks, apps, software, and many more. However, it is not suitable at all for selling membership or subscription-based online products.

Which Platform is Better?

WordPress is a better option due to its providing more flexible options to sell online. Moreover, this platform provides more payment options and a WooCommerce plugin to develop a powerful online store. However, Webflow is more expensive than WordPress and has fewer features and integrations.

8. Platform Support

WordPress – Platform Support: WordPress is an open-source platform with free community support for your website. You can also learn step-by-step WordPress guide and video tutorial for more visual guidance.

You can also easily hire a WordPress developer to fix some issues for you. The WordPress website development and support services are affordable and easily available because thousands of WordPress professional developers are available in the global market.

Webflow – Platform Support: Webflow platform presents a colossal library of articles and tutorials called the Webflow University. In that, you can find a step-by-step guide, video tutorials, and many topics related to Webflow.

The Webflow permits you to post your question and get help from users and experts. It also supports a chatbot, but it is not effective in real-time chat support with the users. Moreover, Webflow offers email-based support to its customers.

Which Platform is Better?

WordPress is the largest platform in the globe compared to Webflow, so it has more support options available. The platform support is available in different languages that are provided by third-party developers. In addition to this, the WordPress platform provides plenty of free support options.

On the other hand, Webflow support services are limited to email support. That is the reason WordPress is better at this point.

Final Thought!

That’s all about the WordPress VS Webflow. After reading through all the above-explained points, we can say that WordPress is a better choice compared to Webflow.

WordPress has several themes and plugin options, flexible and hosted website solutions, ECommerce options, and many more at a pocket-friendly cost. Moreover, Webflow is a great website design tool, but it has limited CMS features, flexibility, and integrations.

If you decide to create a WordPress website, then use our WordPress Customization service to create an eye-catching and unique website to generate more revenue. Apart from this, if you have a website on another platform, then Contact Us to use our WordPress Migration service.

Good Luck!

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