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Customer Loyalty Program

Shop Smart with Solwin

Your every activity is appreciated and rewarded

We will add Points in your account after some activities on Solwin store like Register, Buy products, Social media share. Points earned by you are redeemable for future purchase at Solwin store. Please note that 1 Point is equal to $1.

  • $$Earn reward points with each product you purchase at Solwin store
    (Normally its $1 for spending $10)
  • $5for Registration and 1st purchase at Solwin store
  • $5for sharing on social media
    (FB / Twitter)

How it will work?

When any one purchase product of $50, he will earn 5 Points, that can be redeemable on next purchase at Solwin store. So in this case, cart value will be reduced/discounted by $5. In short the more you pay, the more you save. isn't it fantastic offer for you also!

Discount on every next purchase

You will receive discount for every next purchase made on our site. The more orders you place, the more you can save on your future purchases.

  • 5%DISCOUNT for the 2nd order
  • 10%DISCOUNT for the 3rd and every subsequent order
  • Shop Now

Discount will be auto apply based on eligibility, so you can purchase without worrying about coupon code.

Bulk Discount

Purchase any single product with 2 or more site license in single order and get the discount at the checkout.

  • 10%DISCOUNT for 2 site license
  • 15%DISCOUNT for 3-4 site license
  • 20%DISCOUNT for 5 site license

Buy more get more Discount

Purchase any 2 or more different products in single order and get the discount at the checkout.

  • 10%DISCOUNT for 2 or more different products
  • Shop Now

Note * : All above offers as custom loyalty program is only available for product purchase. These offers does not apply for customization services and installation services purchase.

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