Out of Stock Notification - Magento Extension

Out of Stock Notification - Magento Extension

Getting Started

A setup guide and general information to help you

This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this extension and provide answers and solutions to common problems and issues. We encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.


This extension allows customers to subscribe to alerts once out of stock products are back in stock. This extension facility to subscribe for product stock notification when product is available. When a product is out of stock that time customer can see stock alert subscribe box on product view / list page with options like display in the popup / display on page. The customer can subscribe out of stock product by entering their email and when the product will be available, the customer receives an email that inform him/her for product is ready to purchase. The admin can see the list of subscribers from backend under Stock Alert -> Manage Stock Alert menu.


You can find these features below:

  • Allow the customer to subscribe for out of stock product.
  • Notify customers by email when product is back in stock.
  • Admin can see the list of subscribers.
  • Change/ Customize email template from admin.
  • Display stock alert in popup or on page.
  • Display in product list / view page.

How To Use

In frontend, Customers can see the 'Product Stock Alert' link on product list page when product is out of stock.


By clicking on 'Product Stock Alert' link will display popup for out of stock alert.


Customers can see the 'Product Stock Alert' link on product view page also when product is out of stock. And by clicking on 'Product Stock Alert' link will display popup for out of stock alert.


If Stock Alert Display Option is On page then it will directly display product stock alert on product view page.


How To Configure

In Backend, There is a 'Stock Alert' menu with two options 'Manage Stock Alert' & 'Settings'.
Click on 'Manage Stock Alert' will display the Subscribed customer's list. Once the product is back in stock than extension will send automatically in stock alert email to subscribed customers and remove customer from stock alert subscriber list.



In the Settings tab, Go to 'System > Configuration > Solwin -> Stock Alert' and select Enabled to yes for display stock alert link on front side.

There are so many configuration options in system tab. Let's discuss all in more details.


  • Enable: Yes | No
  • Show in product list: Yes | No
  • Stock Alert Display Option: In Popup | On Page
  • Stock Alert Heading: Heading for stock alert.
  • Stock Alert Note: Note for stock alert.
  • Button Text: Text for stock alert button.
  • Email Template: Set email template for stock alert email


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at support@solwininfotech.com. We are very happy to assist you!

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