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Quick Link For Admin By Solwin - Magento Extension

Getting Started

A setup guide and general information to help you

This document covers the installation, set up, and use of this extension and provide answers and solutions to common problems and issues. We encourage you to read this document thoroughly if you are experiencing any difficulties.


This Magento extension helps to manage Quick Link in back-end user. It will manage per admin user. This extension will provide you direct access to any page from admin. Admin can enable or disable this extension at any time from back-end. Admin can enable Quick Link dropdown inside admin header. Admin user can add any page to Quick Link in one click. Admin can also enable Quick link access to Dashboard. Ability to create Group for quick link.


You can find these features below:

  • Easy to install and manage.
  • Helps to add quick link access.
  • Ability to manage quick links per admin user.
  • Ability to create Group for quick link.
  • Add any page to Quick Link in one click.
  • Enable Quick Link dropdown inside admin header.
  • Enable Quick link access to Dashboard.
  • Provide quick access to any page.
  • Easy to manage quick links.
  • Add Quick link using ajax.
  • Can be managed from Quicklinks > Manage Quicklinks.
  • Can set sort order for each group’s quicklink.

How To Use

In Backend, This extension will provide direct access to any page to admin users. It will help to save time. Admin users can navigate to specific pages with one click. It enables admin users, even the new ones, to quickly master the effective store management.

1. Quick Links on Dashboard

Demo Screen 1

2. Quick Links on Header

Demo Screen 1

How To Configure

In backend, the admin users can manage quick links. If you are an admin then follow below steps.

1. Go to Quicklinks > Manage Quicklinks

Demo Screen 1

2. Click on Add New Item Button and It will open add/edit quick link page

Demo Screen 1

3. Save quick link details and check at dashboard.

4. Add links from header - select to 'add this page to Quicklink' from dropdown

Demo Screen 1


In the Settings tab, our extension allows you to enable or disable the module in your store and provide you more configuration options to enable quick links

There are so many configuration options in system tab. Lets discuss all in more details.

Demo Screen 1

  • Enable: Yes | No
  • Show in Header: Yes | No - Display Quick link dropdown in admin header area
  • Show in Dashboard: Yes | No - Display Quick link section on admin dashboard
  • Group: Enter multiple group names with comma(,) separated


If you have any questions or requests, please contact us at support@solwininfotech.com. We are very happy to assist you!

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