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Thank you for the activation of Advanced Currency Converter Plugin. We are glad that you have chosen our plugin for your website.

Advanced Currency Converter is a WordPress plugin to create especially for display different rates in your web page. This plugin is Fully Responsive and Mobile-Friendly with Powerful backend options. Your site will get ready for set up and customize in a minute with its awesome feature.

This document is written very carefully by keeping the mind set that it should be easily understood for Beginner to Advance user or developers. We have divided this document into 3 main section.

1) Getting Started : This section will very help full for Quick start and understand how plugin works.
2) Detailed Document : This section explains every thing about Advanced Currency Converter plugin with every setting.
3) Other : This section provides information about the miscellaneous item like plugin features, FAQ, License Key etc.

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Advanced Currency Converter
  • Last Updated On: 10th Februry 2020
  • Created On: 9th August 2017
  • Created By: Solwin Team
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1. Installation Via WordPress Admin area

  1. Step 1. Log into your WordPress admin area.
  2. Step 2. Click on the left side plugin menu.
  3. Step 3. Now at the top you can see the Add New button, click the button.
  4. Step 4. Again at the top you can see/view Upload Plugin button, click the button.
  5. Step 5. Now upload the plugin zip file ( that you have downloaded from your members area at Solwin Infotech website. After upload, install the zip and click on "Activate Plugin".

Plugin Installation

Fig. 1.0 Plugins List

Plugin Upload

Fig. 1.1 Plugin Upload

Plugin Install

Fig. 1.2 Install Uploaded Plugin

Plugin Activation

Fig. 1.3 Active Installed Plugin

2. Installation Via FTP

  1. Step 1. Download Advanced Currency Converter plugin zip file ( from your members area at Solwin Infotech website.
  2. Step 2. Extract Zip file. it will create "Advanced Currency Converter" folder with all plugin files & folder inside it. (Remember extracted folder path)
  3. Step 3. Using your FTP program, upload the non-zipped plugin folder into the "/wp-content/plugins/" folder on your server.
  4. Step 4. Go to Dashboard » Plugins » Installed Plugins and find "Advanced Currency Converter" from plugin list.
  5. Step 5. Click on Activate to activate Advanced Currency Converter.
Before going to the detail document, preview the Quick Guide of the Advanced Currency Converter.

Quick Guide

Quick guide will help you to easily setup Advance Currency in 3 easy steps within 1 to 2 minutes. we have make it more easier as you can setup only in 2 Steps.

Please follow this quick steps given below.

Setting up the Plugin

Display it on Page

Please follow below steps.

ACC view

Detail Document

General Settings

Advanced Currency Converter Settings panel

Fig. 2.0 Setup Plugin


1. How Advanced Currency Converter plugin can setup?

To setup Advanced Currency Converter setup please visit this link Quick Guide, it will helps you to make setup your Advanced Currency Converter widget in your page

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