Employee’s Speaks April 5, 2014 Sanjay Dabhoya

The breadth of solwin infotech’s offerings sets the company apart and makes it an environment favoured by all sorts of smart, career-savvy people. So why is Solwin Infotech such a great place to work? See what employees are saying about the organization and our corporate culture in their own words:

In Solwin Infotech I have been working since last 22 months. Its a great place to work because its infrastructure is really good and atmosphere is friendly. I have learn so many new things here from my colleagues as here all people are like family members. Solwin Infotech is a perfect platform for your professional as well as personal growth.


A person’s mind works best when it is in an appropriate environment. The Solwin’s environment grooms the staff technically and improves the inter-personal skills in their own unique ways. The most admired thing about Solwin is the vision to continuously introduce value added products to keep ahead of competition. I am proud to be associated with Solwin and would like to be there many years. I am thankful for all my seniors and organization to nurture me into a strong tree having branches of knowledge and roots experience.


I personally feel that this is an amazing company to work for. I am very impressed with the people I met during the interview process. Here, we go above and beyond to make this an enjoyable work environment for the employees. I am very grateful to be part of Solwin Team, it’s more than a company to me. It is enriched with great developers, each one is not only dedicated to their project, but also give their helping hands to others. My journey with Solwin Infotech has been awesome; full of learnings, professional growth, joyous moments and friends.For me, this is the best workplace to satisfy my professional quest. Leading New Heights.


I have learned many things, including communication with other employees in the projects. It’s a pleasure to be working with them all. I have always had an enjoyable time working with my both my superiors and co-workers. Employees are pretty professional and do interface to make others learn more & more regarding their work. Management of the company is very supportive. Environment of the company is very enjoyable to work. Solwin Infotech is a great place to apply for young and creative minds to develop their skills and knowledge.


I have started my career as a fresher in Solwin Infotech. I have been able to develop myself both ‘personally and professionally’. It’s my pleasure to be a part of Solwin Infotech. I can definitely say that Solwin is a better platform to work. My journey with Solwin Infotech is awesome, with full of learnings, professional growth and joyous moments with friends.


I have started my career as a fresher in Solwin Infotech. Here, I got thorough technical knowledge from experienced colleagues. Here, atmosphere is live and no one is like seniors-juniors. Also, management is very helpful and I really enjoyed each and every events celebrated over here.


There are many reasons why I am proud to work at Solwininfotech. I have learned and grown personally and professionally by working for solwininfotech whose employees have a diverse background of culture and knowledge. It is the type of company I aspired to work for. My career is a testament to the dedication and focus solwininfotech places on the development of employees.


It is stimulating to come to the Solwin Infotech as a fresher where views, ideas and suggestions are appreciated. It is exciting and rewarding to work for a company that is growing at a very high rate and i take pride in making a positive contribution towards that growth.