Create Your First Blog Layout With Blog Designer PRO Plugin

Thank you for using Blog Designer PRO plugin with your WordPress website.!!

You just activated plugin and looking for the next step?
Read this small guide to create your first blog page layout easily in no time!


We look inside Blog Designer PRO current version 1.4 and thought about the user experience. Let’s forget about all, and start from the scratch to make it more clear for the users about Blog Designer PRO plugin.


There are lots of features added in current version 1.4. But those are only related to adding new blog templates and specially post slider templates.
And for the next version 1.5, we were focusing on every single feature and it’s use case. And the first idea sparks in our mind.

Why not create very first blog layout with just a single click?

Yes, the same as WordPress theme one click auto install data!


Blog Layouts - Create New Blog Layout

Blog Layouts – Create New Blog Layout


The plugin development team has been designed this feature and implent it in the next version update. You just need to go through above step and wait for a while.


Blog Layouts - View Blog Page

Blog Layouts – View Blog Page


As you can see in above picture, all things are ready now. New sample layout, new sample page is created and assigned that page to newly created layout. You just need to click on view link. Your first blog layout is set without disturbing your current blog page. So, you can play with it now.


Once it meets your requirements, than after select your original blog page with the page selection dropdown.


Don’t you think it’s too easy process to create first blog layout with Blog Designer PRO?

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