Chanakya Niti – iPhone App December 24, 2015 Sanjay Dabhoya
Chanakya was an Indian teacher, philosopher and royal advisor. Originally a professor of economics and political science at the ancient Takshashila University, Chanakya managed the first Maurya emperor Chandragupta's rise to power at a young age. This iPhone app is meant only to show out the power of the thoughts, How a man can change his life by changing his thoughts. Here is the app with quality quotes from the great guru "Chanakya" in the form of "Chanakya Niti from A to Z". This application is a great source of inspiration for all the peoples around the world. Chanakya is traditionally identified as Kautilya or Vishnu Gupta, who authored the ancient Indian political treatise called Artha??stra. As such, he is considered as the pioneer of the field of economics and political science in India, and his work is thought of as an important precursor to Classical Economics. Chanakya is often called the "Indian Machiavelli", although his works predate Machiavelli's by about 1,800 years. His works were lost near the end of the Gupta dynasty and not rediscovered until 1915.   key highlights of the app: - About Chanakya - Adhayay - Chanakya Quotes - Add to favorite. - Quotes available in Hindi & English. - Supported for all iOS( iPhone + iPad ) and watch OS devices. So, get ready to inspire and put your life to new level with such a great motivational app.