Recipes in Gujarati – iPhone App December 29, 2015 Sanjay Dabhoya
No matter, weather you are a good cook or don't know anything about cooking or weather you are a Female or Male 'Recipes in Gujarati' is the feature rich iPhone app which help you to master your cooking skill with more than 150+ delicious items from various categories. Categories belongs to Panjabi, Chat, Soup, Pickle Recipes. All recipes are hand-selected, delicious and easy to prepare at your home. Cool feature list: 1. Categories based devision of recipes. 2. Each categories has vast collection of recipes in it. 3. Recipes has full descriptive information on how to prepare it and 4. Recipes has realistic photograph to get better idea about the item. 5. Images displayed with the parallax effects for feel it better. Don't wait, 100% FREE Download it now and start using it right away.