FreeGo – Free Responsive Theme for Magento® 2

FreeGo is a fully responsive free Magento 2 theme with a clean, minimalist, and elegant design.

This eCommerce Magento 2 theme is so easy to customize, highly flexible with a powerful backend panel that helps to build a fully functional online store. It offers a powerful set of features that add usability and style to any website. This beautiful theme helps store owners to make their business highly effective and improve revenue in the short run.

It has so many features like user-friendly navigation, child theme ready, featured & new products list, brand & blog owl carousel, sold out product label. It works nice on the landscape and portrait view of the iPhone & iPad and works well with all major browsers. It has all the features of Magento, including better readability on all devices, and fast loading on all mobile devices.

These Magento 2 free theme is highly customizable and should be fit for all kinds of eCommerce businesses. Some of them might provide additional functionality and support, but only on payment. We provide tons of Magento 2 themes and extensions that can be compatible with your e-commerce store.

Free Magento 2 Theme
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Magento Version

CE 2.0.x - 2.1.x - 2.2.x - 2.3.x- 2.4.x

Last Updated

24th May 2022

Key Features covered to grow your business

FreeGo Fully Responsive
Fully Responsive

FreeGo is fully responsive on any kind of devices. FreeGo theme is designed with intelligence and good UX design for all mobile devices.

FreeGo Magento 2 Ready
Magento 2.0 Ready!

FreeGo arrived with Magento 2.0 compatibility. All extensions that comes with FreeGo theme are fully compatible with Magento 2.0 without affect Magento core files.

FreeGo Touch Optimized Slideshow
Touch Optimized Slideshow

FreeGo comes with touch optimized slideshow that look amazing and it also optimized for touch drag n drop that will be helpful for mobile and tablet users.

FreeGo Browser Compatibility
Browser Compatibility

FreeGo works perfectly with all popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome, Opera, Safari, Internet explorer (11 and later)

FreeGo Featured Products List
Featured Product List

Featured products list to showcase featured products on store with an eye-catching and attractive way.

FreeGo Sold Out Label
Sold Out Label Extension

This extension put a sold out label over the default image for all products which are out of stock.

FreeGo Off Canvas Menu
Off Canvas Menu

Super simple, easy to use off-canvas navigation menu. FreeGo comes with responsive off canvas menu. This is one of the best solutions for store on mobile today.

FreeGo Child Theme Ready
Child Theme Ready

FreeGo provides child theme for advanced customization. So update of theme will be easily managed.

FreeGo Powerful Admin Panel
Powerful Admin Panel

Lot of options neatly organized into sections that allow you to build store without any coding knowledge.

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Other Features


Advanced Blog

This extension gives you a opportunity to communicate with your regular customers and casual visitors.


Mega Menu

Mega menu is powerful tool for creating a better look and professional navigation easily without technical knowledge.


Product Zoom Pro

This will help store owner to present every detail of the texture, color and pattern of products with better visibility.


Responsive Banner Slider

This extension provides different banner slider effects and fully responsive banner slider with no jQuery conflict.


Advanced Newsletter Popup

This extension allows you to display newsletter popup on your store when customer visit your site.


Shop By Brand

Shop By Brand extension allows customers to shop by brand in your store. Assign Unlimited Products with Brand Image/Logo.


Advanced Testimonial

This extension provides rich configuration options for testimonials in your store. Customer can add testimonial from front side


Code Standard

Follows Magento 2 coding standards and pattern.


Easy Use and Easy Customize

Freego theme is easily customizable from backend and you can set all theme & design settings from backend.

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FreeGo Theme Black – Header and Slider Section
FreeGo Theme White – Header and Slider Section
FreeGo Theme – Advertisement Block
FreeGo Theme – Blog Section
FreeGo Theme – Footer Section
FreeGo Theme – Product Detail Page
FreeGo Theme – Product List Page
FreeGo Theme – Product Section at Home Page
FreeGo Theme – Testimonials and Brand Showcae

Magento 2 Free Extensions included

Create eCommerce stores Like

Mobile & Electronic Store

Create a mobile & electronics store to sell products like smartphone, TV, computers, printers and all type of accessories.

Fashion Store

Easily start your online store for ready-made clothing, footwear, lifestyle products, accessories, makeup, hairstyle, etc.

Grocery Store

Create a eCoomerce store with this magento 2 theme and start showcase of your online presence for your supermarket store.

Food Store

Allow visitors to view the availability of food items and possible offers like great discounts for free home delivery and much more.

Cake Store

Provide 100+ cake options with yummy recipies and better services showcase like free gits and other benefits for your bakery store.

Jewelry Store

Start an online diamond and jewellery store that provides certified diamond, gold and all type of jewelry items at exceptional prices.

Gift Store

Start selling gifts online for men, women, kids, wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend for Birthday, Anniversary, Marriage, etc.

Watch Store

Make an online, international and local leading luxury watch store, with over multiple international brands for women, kids and men.

Real-life Website Examples

Green Furniture
Your website can be here

Installation Services


Basic Installation

 Magento Theme install
 Inbuilt Extensions install
 Importing sample data
 Logo image upload
 Removing the footer credits
 Importing a sample navigation menu


Pro Installation

 4 hours Project Consultation, Personalize help with a WordPress expert
 Discuss Goals, Site Layout
 Site launch plans, Personalize help
 Magento Theme install
 Inbuilt Extensions install
 Importing sample data
 Logo image upload
 Removing the footer credits
 Importing a sample navigation menu


Premier Installation

 3 hours Project Consultation, Personalize help with a WordPress expert
 Magento Theme install
 Inbuilt Extensions install
 Importing sample data
 Logo image upload
 Removing the footer credits
 Importing a sample navigation menu

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User Installation Guide

Download the theme file:
  1. Download the FreeGo theme .ZIP file from using your Solwin Infotech website account.
  2. Extract the .ZIP file which contains another .ZIP files into the theme-files folder.
  3. If you have purchased the theme for the Community Edition, then you will see the theme .ZIP file for Magento 2.0.x, Magento 2.1.x, Magento 2.2.x and Magento 2.3.x version.
theme Installation:
  1. If you are using Magento 2.0.x then you need to extract file.
    If you are using Magento 2.1.x then you need to extract file.
    If you are using Magento 2.2.x then you need to extract file.
    If you are using Magento 2.3.x then you need to extract file.
  2. Copy the app and the pub folder and paste it into your magento ROOT directory.
    FTP file upload
  3. Run upgrade command as specified: php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Run deploy command as specified:

    For Magento 2.0.x and 2.1.x: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
    For Magnento 2.2.x and Magento 2.3.x: php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f

  5. Clear the cache either from the admin panel or command line php bin/magento cache:clean

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Change Log

Version 2.0.2

AddedLayout configuration in the backend.

AddedCreate an Attractive Black/White layout Header/Footer at the front side.

Version 2.0.1

AddedCompatibility for Magento 2.3

Version 2.0.0

Added New folder structure according to Magento version

Updated Installation process enhancement

Updated Admin panel menu file

Fixed Header color in the mobile view

Version 1.0.7

Fixed Small bug fixes

Version 1.0.6

Added Compatibility for Magento 2.2

Version 1.0.5

Added Compatibility support of Magento 2.1.7 support

Fixed Category view page design

Version 1.0.4

Added Compatibility support of Magento 2.1.6 support

Version 1.0.3

Added Compatibility support of Magento 2.1.6 support

Version 1.0.2

Added Compatibility support of Magento 2.1.6 support

Version 1.0.1

Added PHP 7 support

Fixed CSS Fix

Version 1.0.0

* Initial Release

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