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All in One Reservation WordPress Plugin is a simple and powerful plugin for reservation management system. It allows you to setup any reservations easily, quickly and pleasantly. It also has all the necessary features and functions needed for a reservation management plugin.

All in One Reservation - Premium WordPress Plugin
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All in One Reservation WordPress Plugin is simple but versatile WordPress plugin, for reservation management. It is having lots of features like create and manage reservation, reservation in advance, reservation status for specific dates, email systems and much more etc. Using All in One Reservation Plugin you can easily create reservation systems for your website.

Key Features

Installation Process

Step 1: Go to Plugins > Add New.
Step 2: Click on Upload plugin and browse now select then click on Install now.
Step 3: Alternately, upload all-in-one-reservationfolder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory via FTP.
Step 4: To activate All in One Reservation, Click on Activate link.
Step 5: After plugin activation, move on All in One Reservation plugin page.

Change log Description

Version 1.0.1 :

Enhancement: Admin UI changes to make compatible with WordPress 4.6

Bug Fix: Solve data structure issue, reservation start & end time was not considered in calculation

Bug Fix: Booking cancel, reconfirmation has wired issue with seat allocation

Bug Fix: Single booking delete not working

Bug Fix: Input validation in admin side, cursor set to invalid input field instead of just showing validation message


Version 1.0 :

– Initial Release


1. How to display reservation form in frontside ? OR Where is reservation form page ?
The reservation form can be displaying in page name ‘Reservation Form’ which was automatically created when All in One Reservation plugin was activated. Although you can create your own page with inserting [reservation_booking] shortcode in your page content area and this page can display reservation form in frontend.


2. How guest and site admin can be confirmed with reservation? OR How guest and administrator can know the status about reservation?
The All in One Reservation system automatically inform to guest the status about there reservation by sending email on there entered/registered email id. The mail would be sent while guest request for reservation, while site admin would confirm the reservation request and while if guest cancelled there reservation. The site administrator also notified about new reservation if he/she enabled Admin Email Notification option.


3. How to disable guest to make reservation on week day or on holiday?
Site administrator can set week day off by check on ‘is Closed’ option in front of particular day. The holiday can be set by adding holiday date range in holiday setting section.


4. I am not able to reconfirmed all number of guest of particular reservation after period of time, which was cancelled. How can I notify that?
While the particular reservation is cancelled the allocated seats (number of guest) for it is de-allocated and can be available for other to make reservation in same day and same time slot. So, there may be possibility that the other guest can made reservation in same time slot, its resulting the cancelled reservation of same time slot can not be reconfirmed with same seats.


5. How guest/customer can cancel there reservation?
When plugin is activated there is a page name ‘Reservation Cancel’ is created automatically which having [reservation_cancel] shortcode in its page content area. This page can access by guest to cancel there reservation. The link of page Reservation Cancel can be sent to guest by adding ‘{cancel_link}’ email shortcode tag in guest request email body.

All in One Reservation – Add New Reservation (Frontend Form)

All in One Reservation – Add New Reservation (Frontend Form)

All in One Reservation – Add New Reservation (Backend Form)

All in One Reservation – Add New Reservation (Backend Form)

All in One Reservation – All Reservation Table List

All in One Reservation – All Reservation Table List

All in One Reservation – General Settings

All in One Reservation – General Settings

All in One Reservation – Security Settings

All in One Reservation – Security Settings


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