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Avartan Slider is a responsive WordPress plugin to create stunning image slider and video slider for your WordPress website. It has unique features like touch and swipe navigation, drag and drop visual slider builder, multi-media content and many more.

Avartan Responsive Slider WordPress Plugin
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  • Last updated 5th October 2017
  • Version 1.7.3

Truly Responsive slider

  • This slider is very effective for Responsive WordPress themes, because it would automatically adjust to its container.
  • This would work out of box, as there is no need of JavaScript or CSS in your theme.
  • Slider takes care of handling display on all possible devices by Fully image scaling and element adjustment.
Truly Responsive slider


SEO Friendly

  • Alt and Title attributes available for all element images, slides and also for background image.
  • All Heading tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6) and paragraph (p) can be used in content element to make your content seo friendly.
  • Rel and Title attributes available for links.

Touch & Swipe Navigation

  • Avartan slider is providing touch and swipe navigation which makes your navigation function much easy.
  • Smooth finger navigation by touch on the surface of your mobile devices.
  • Experience the same navigation as mouse dragging on desktop device.
Touch and Swipe


Drag and Drop Builder

  • Avartan Slider supports an impressive number of options, even beginners will manage to create beautiful sliders.
  • User can drag and drop each and every element and create beautiful slider in minutes.
  • Developing skill is not required to build slider.

Post Slider

  • Create a Slider where the slider’s content is taken from your site’s posts.
  • Post Based Slider is a slider based on a specific category/tag (or multiple categories/tags) of your choice.
  • Choose regular Posts or one of your Custom Post Types.
  • Different types of post filters are available.
  • Added 10+ Built-in preset layouts for post slider.
Post Slider


Amazing Layers

  • One Text Element plays multiple roles like only text or custom html.
  • User can add single image each time in slide by Image Element.
  • Add Youtube, Vimeo or Self Hosted HTML5 video by Video Element.
  • Avartan supports all plugin Shortcodes by Shortcode Element.
  • Quickly make Button by Button Element.
  • Quickly add icon by Icon Element.
  • Quickly add shape by Shape Element.

Preview Slide/Slider

  • All slides are different in a slider. Why not preview slide before publishing?
  • User can preview each and every slide at the time of creation and modify it and save valuable time.
  • User can preview the slide according to slider layouts like fixed-width or full-width and Screen mode Desktop or Mobile.
  • Now, user can preview whole slider before publishing on front-end.
Preview Slide And Slider

Animation and Transition

Animation and Transition

  • Make your slider effective with animation and transition. Avartan slider provides you to create more beautiful slide by using delay, ease in/out timing.
  • 50+ Interactive Slide Animation and different types of ease in effects.
  • 15+ Animation Effects for elements and different types of easein effects.

Parallax / 3D Animation

  • Parallax effect is used to apply movement to slide elements based on mouse or scrolling events.
  • Set Animation speed when mouse hover or scroll.
  • Set Parallax effect view into a 3D world.
Parallax / 3D Animation

Ken Burns Animation

Ken Burns Animation

  • Ken Burns effect allows you to create zooming animations for background image.
  • It’s allowed Ken Burns animation to counterclockwise rotation.
  • Scale in option will increase or decrease the size of the slide background image for Ken Burns effect.

Element Design Style Options

  • Design your elements with Advanced style options.
  • You can set color, font-size, line-height, background-color, border, etc.
  • User friendly editor.
Element Design Style Options

Resizable & Rotatable

Resizable & Rotatable

  • Avartan slider provides a flexibility of Re sizable and Rotatable elements.
  • Resize and Rotate Elements as per your choice.

Video Support

  • Avartan supports Youtube, Vimeo and Self Hosted HTML5 Videos on slide.
  • Easily add youtube or vimeo video by url or video id on slide background or video as element.
  • Get the video information to display on video.
  • HTML5 video support mp4, webm and ogv type video.
Youtube-Vimeo-HTML5 Video

Video Settings

Video Settings

  • Full width video support.
  • Set/Remove Preview image for Youtube or Vimeo video.
  • You can add poster image for HTML5 video.
  • More video settings like Autoplay, Next slide on video end, Force Rewind, Mute, Loop Video, etc.

Slides Sorting

  • Sliders are commonly used on the front page of business or portfolio websites.
  • All slides are important to show. But It is much important to show slides in arrangement of your choice.
  • To fulfill this requirement, Avartan Slider allows you to rearrange your slides easily just by drag and drop functionality.

Copy & Move Slide

Copy & Move Slide

  • Enjoy to copy same slide from current Slider to another Slider by using Copy Slide Feature.
  • If you want to remove same slide from current Slider and add that slide in another Slider then use Move Slide Mechanism.

Active/Inactive Slide

  • Now you have choice of Active or Inactive individual slide as like as WordPress Post.
  • If “Inactive”, the slide will still exist in the backend, but will be invisible when the slider is shown on the frontend of your site.
Active/Inactive Slide

Slide Background Overlay

Slide Background Overlay

  • Amazing Color Overlay for Slide using new bootstrap colorpicker with opacity.
  • Set Pattern Overlay on slide background from 35+ pattern collection.
  • Set Gradient and Gradient Overlay on slide background as per your choice.

Duplicate Element, Slide and Slider

  • Time is money. User can save time by using duplicate feature.
  • Avartan slider provides the feature to duplicate each and every elements.
  • User can create new slider within seconds by duplicating another slider. Slider also allowed to duplicate slide.
Duplicate slider

Grid & Layer Helper Support

Grid & Layer Helper Support

  • Grid Helper makes your task easy of designing slides. There are various option to see grid helper line for editor like 10 x 10, 25 x 25, etc.
  • Layer Helper makes easy to set elements design on slides.

Design Content in Multiple Screen size

  • Enjoy to design your slide for desktop/mobile view level.
  • Various style options are available to set screen size wise.
  • Even you can set the element position separately for each screen size.
Design Content in Multiple Screen size

Font Support

Font Support

  • Makes your slides text awesome by various collection of google font.
  • Use Font Awesome fonts to decorate text and button element.

Amazing Navigation Arrows

  • Enable/Disable Navigation arrows.
  • 25+ Customizable CSS3 Navigation Arrows.
  • Advance settings of arrows like position, offset.


Collection of Navigation Bullets

  • Enable/Disable Navigation bullets.
  • 20+ Customizable CSS3 Navigation bullets.
  • 5+ way to set navigation position.
  • Advance settings of bullets like offset, direction, space.

Big library set of Loaders

  • Enable/Disable Loaders
  • 15+ Default CSS3 Loaders
  • Upload your custom loader.

Mobile Visibility

Mobile Visibility

  • Now hide your slider in mobile according to define width
  • Hide All Elements under define width
  • Hide Specific Elements under define width
  • Hide Navigation Arrows under define width
  • Hide Navigation Bullets under define width

Solo Slide

  • Design your website by using Solo Slide
  • Just create one slide by avartan slider which will not show navigation and timerbar.
  • Fully responsive website block is possible by Solo Slide.
Solo Slide


Import Export Slider

  • No worry to transfer slider from one site to another site.
  • Powerfull Avartan slider provides feature to export and import slider.

Single Import/Export Slide

  • No worry to transfer single slide from one site to another site.
  • Just export your favorite single slide and import that one in your favorite slider.
Single Import Export Slide

Vertical Slider Support

Vertical Slider Support

  • Avartan Slider supports vertical slider
  • Now Advance settings of navigation bullets like direction, positions will help you to design vertical slider.

Force Full width Slider

  • Avartan Slider supports full width layout slider for more beautiful showcase
  • Now you can stretch that slider up to window width by Force full width
Force Full Width Slider

Visual Composer

Visual Composer

  • Avartan Slider is fully supported with visual composer plugin.
  • Add Slider from Visual Composer’s content options.
  • Added 8+ page builders support.

Add Favorite Slider into Post/Page

  • Easily add favorite slider by single click on Add Avartan slider button into your post or page.

Slider Widget

Avartan Slider Widget

  • Avartan Slider Widget to display your slider in any widget area. Just select your favorite slider from list and then enjoy it.

Installation Process

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  2. Click on Upload Plugin and browse and select avartanslider.zip then click on Install Now.
  3. To activate Avartan Slider, Click on Activate link.
  4. After plugin activation, move on Avartan Slider plugin page.

Change log Description

Version 1.7.3 :

Added: More 3 Default templates

Added: More google fonts

Added: Make compatible with WordPress 4.8.2

Bug Fix: Select2 third party jquery conflict

Bug Fix: Fixed single slide preview issue

Bug Fix: Fixed kenburn issue for mobile device

Version 1.7.2 :

Added: More 25+ Default templates

Added: Make compatible with WordPress 4.8

Bug Fix: Smooth vertical scroll

Version 1.7.1 :

Added: License Key support

Bug Fix: Fixed vimeo video support issue for opera and safari

Bug Fix: Update filter setting function to convert old slides to new slides

Bug Fix: Fixed non-static method issue

Bug Fix: Apply google font properly

Bug Fix: Fixed Fatal error while activating Slider

Bug Fix: Fixed warning issue at time of slider import

Version 1.7 :

Added: Force full screen of youtube and vimeo video

Added: Background Video Support

Added: Background Video settings supports

Added: Allow to upload html5 video + url

Added: Add Aspect ratio option if force full width set yes

Added: Post Slider

Added: Allow to add Gradient background color

Added: Allow to add Gradient on background overlay

Added: Allow to add avartan slider in visual composer, page origin and new compoer

Added: Resizable element

Added: Rotatable element

Added: Change position of element by arrow keys

Added: Vertical and Horizontal alignment of element

Added: Implement Snap to

Added: Implement Align to

Added: Add Default Templates

Added: Directly save slide name

Added: Slide action simple link + jump to slide + scroll below slider

Added: Element action simple link + jump to slide + scroll below slider

Added: Slide Attributes

Added: Slide Description

Added: Show element on particular device choice

Added: New user friendly editor

Added: Slider/Slide Preview in two device

Added: Post Slider Preset

Added: Full Width and Full height of element

Added: Parallax & 3D animation

Added: Huge bunch of Slide Animation + Easing

Added: Huge bunch of Element Animation + Easing

Enhancement: Update code for full screen option in youtube, vimeo and html5 video

Enhancement: Full screen video will be closes once next slide on end video call or video end

Enhancement: Give search bar in font family

Enhancement: Display update history on dashboard

Enhancement: Delete element on del key press

Enhancement: Allow to drag element out of parent

Enhancement: Update whole admin panel designs

Bug Fix: Fixed Youtube Video 2nd time slide focus issue

Bug Fix: Fixed vimeo poster image issue at load time

Bug Fix: Allow to upload html5 video + url

Bug Fix: Change label full width to full screen to video element

Bug Fix: Fixed Vimeo slider preview issue at admin panel

Bug Fix: Slider was not stop while video playing

Bug Fix: Undefined and loader 404 error at admin panel

Bug Fix: Check gradient color support in duplicate slide

Bug Fix: Vimeo slider preview issue at admin panel

Bug Fix: Video Loop reset if Next Slide at End is set!

Bug Fix: Inner html bug fixing

Bug Fix: Check text element with html, br or extra tag


Version 1.6 :

Added: Shape Element (New Element introduce)

Added: Vertical slider support

Added: Force full width slider option

Added: 20+ customizable CSS3 loaders

Added: 25+ customizable CSS3 navigation arrows

Added: Advance settings for arrows like left/right position, offset etc

Added: 20+ customizable CSS3 navigation bullets

Added: Advance settings for bullets like direction, space, etc

Added: New callback beforeSliderResize

Added: Play button on Youtube, vimeo and HTML5 if poster image will not set

Enhancement: Update Admin UI, make it compatible for WordPress 4.6

Enhancement: Confirmation question before delete single element or all element

Enhancement: Update save button position to save scroll time and more readable format

Enhancement: Preview live video in single slide preview

Enhancement: Compress required CSS and JS files

Enhancement: Remove all default arrows, bullets and loaders images

Enhancement: Remove all deprecated javascript events from JS

Bug Fix: Mobile compatibility design tweaks

Bug Fix: Issue with single slide preview

Bug Fix: Elements actions selection bar

Bug Fix: Default font-family font selection for old sliders

Bug Fix: Set the priority of custom background/background-color

Bug Fix: Duplicate text-element content issue

Bug Fix: Image element media selection issue

Bug Fix: Google font loading issue after refreshing tab

Bug Fix: Plugin activation issue if Avartan slider lite already activated

Bug Fix: Full width slider issue for display in tab design

Bug Fix: Full width slider resize issue in expandable vertical menu


Version 1.5 :

Added: Mobile View Custom Grid Size

Added: Icon Element

Added: Support of Icon element in Text Element

Added: Support of Icon element in Button Element

Added: Google Font Support

Added: Helper Grid will help you to design slides

Added: Style options in Button Element like Font Family, Font Size, line height, padding, etc.

Added: Set Left/Top Position for All Layer in multiple screen sizes(Desktop/Mobile).

Added: Design content for multiple screen sizes(Desktop/Mobile).

Added: Preview Slide in Multiple Screen Sizes(Desktop/Mobile)

Enhancement: Export Slider and Single slide with images

Enhancement: Import Slider and Single slide with images

Enhancement: Update Font Awesome fonts

Enhancement: Update Admin UI

Bug Fix: White space wrap issue for elements

Bug Fix: Height and width issue for Text, Button and Shortcode Element

Bug Fix: Full width image size issue with Chrome

Bug Fix: Slide Delete Issue

Bug Fix: Slider height and width issue for Tab utility

Bug Fix: Drag/swipe on anchor tag

Bug Fix: Space issue in Slider alias

Bug Fix: Update Slide Position issue

Bug Fix: Editor Width and Height issue to design slide

Bug Fix: Z-index update to editor in Element Timing Block

Bug Fix: Get image alt text from media

Bug Fix: Shadow hide when slider hide


Version 1.4 :

Added: Allow option to disable loader

Added: Make Sole Slide(only one slide) without navigation and timerbar

Added: Can change Slider Alias

Added: Allow to hide Slider under specific width

Added: Allow to hide define Elements under specific width

Added: Allow to hide All Elements under specific width

Added: Allow to hide Navigation Controls under specific width

Added:Allow to hide Navigation Bullets under specific width

Added:Design Text Element style options like font-color, font-size, background-color, etc.

Enhancement: Single Export Slide

Enhancement: Single Import Slide in particular slider

Enhancement: Add more Advanced Video Settings like Allow Fullscreen, Show Poster on Pause

Enhancement: Update core of All Videos(Youtube, Vimeo, HTML5)

Enhancement: Update Admin UI

Bug Fix: Load video related JS file when it require

Bug Fix: Remove Youtube API Key which is unnecessary

Bug Fix: Reset Random Slide option in Reset Settings block

Bug Fix: Fixed few bugs in slide general settings

Bug Fix: Remove AS3 youtube version from Video Element

Bug Fix: Remove Videojs due to flash file


Version 1.3 :

Added: Introduce New 5th Element : Button Layer

Added: Active/Inactive Slide with Slider

Added: Added new Random Slide Option

Added: Copy Slide (Copy Slide to another Slider)

Added: Move Slide (Move current slide to another Slider)

Added: Secure license version with Licence Key (PRO Users)

Added: Added Auto Update Support

Added: Allow to add Slide name

Enhancement: Update WPColorPicker with Opacity

Enhancement: Added more security with files

Bug Fix: Background Image Update with Live Slide Preview

Bug Fix: Background Image Position issue with X and Y axis

Bug Fix: Resolved Custom Loader upload issue

Bug Fix: Fixed default width issue in Drag and Drop Builder


Version 1.2 :

Added: Hide Video Player Controls Setting in Youtube and HTML5 Video

Added: Color Overlay for Slide background

Added: Pattern Overlay for Slide background (35+ Patterns)

Enhancement: Bootstrap color picker with opacity instead of separate background color opacity

Enhancement: Slide Background settings updated with more options

Bug Fix: Pause on hover issue at auto slide time

Bug Fix: Improve Slide Preview according slider layout


Version 1.1 :

Added: New 4th Element : Shortcode Element

Enhancement: Automatic Avartan Slider Plugin Update Notification

Bug Fix: Video Settings improvements for iPad and Mobile view

Bug Fix: Slide pause while Video playing for iPad and Mobile View

Bug Fix: Improve GUI of Backend Panel


Version 1.0 :

– Initial Release


Is plugin support shortcode feature as I can display particular slider in any widget area?
Yes, Avartan Slider provides shortcode feature as well as PHP function feature. You can write it in content area and you can see your favorite slider on your website.


Can I change my navigation buttons?
Yes, there is inbuilt library of navigation buttons so you can choose navigation button of your choice from Navigation button Library from admin side.


How do I change the loader?
Avaratan Slider provides 15+ default loaders under “Loader” Panel. And you can also upload your loaders.


For which purposes, can I use Avartan Slider?
Avartan Slider is a multipurpose responsive slider as you can use it for any WordPress website to display your message to website visitor using content slider, animated slider, video slider, form slider, catalog or combination of all.


Can I duplicate my slider elements and sliders?
You can duplicate your slider elements and slider.


Can I add “Call to action” functionality with slider elements?
Yes, you can reach with this functionality via adding a links on slider elements.

Avartan Premium Slider Plugin – Powerful Admin Panel

Avartan Premium Slider Plugin – Powerful Admin Panel

Avartan Slider – Edit slides

Avartan Slider – Edit slides

Avartan Slider – Edit Text Element

Avartan Slider – Edit Text Element

Avartan Slider – Edit Video Element

Avartan Slider – Edit Video Element

Avartan Slider – Edit Buttin Element

Avartan Slider – Edit Buttin Element

Avartan Slider – Post Slider

Avartan Slider – Post Slider

8 reviews for Avartan Slider – WordPress Plugin

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    After having scrutinized the market for layer sliders I decided for Avartan Pro for reasons of versatility without being overloaded, superb documentation, easy straight forward handling and a reasonable price. Any queries were attended to within 24 hours. My best recommendations.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    The support team is perfect. I recommend 🙂

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Comodo e completo.

  4. Rated 5 out of 5

    Simple, straight forward slider plugin. I can achieve simple homepage slider very fast. After testing Light version, I bought Pro.

  5. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great plugin, simple and powerful.
    Excellent support

    Thank you!

  6. Rated 5 out of 5

    A simple and straight forward element slider plugin. I can use it for presentations as well as publicize my business deals on home page at the same time.

    Very useful!

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Hi,This is really amazing slider plugin in WordPress. That definitely useful as compare to other WordPress slider plugins.

    Many Thanks to Solwin Infotech…

  8. Rated 5 out of 5

    Yeah! I purchased it and doing the same… very interesting slider plugin. Love it.

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